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Like all gardeners BB but love doing it will give 30 of the tomato plants to my gardening club to sell for funds and 20 into the staff at the school i work at. There's a gardening club at the school so will give them veg and flowers over the next 3 to 6 weeks for there garden cause i will not use them all.


In from work - now off for a walk.  Love these light evenings

Andy - 60 tomato plants is a mammoth session !  Hope the Garden Club and the school are suitably appreciative - should 1) raise some funds and 2) get some more youngsters bitten by the bug we have all caught

chicky am sure both clubs will be delighted with whatever i give them as i know the kids are really keen on gardening and look forward to it every week.

Nice Andy. Like that

evening all very windy still here, been painting a fence bought some climbers to trail up it i love the white montana so got three hope they cover the fence quick as im fed up of seeing my nieghbors junk yard of a garden,now for a glass of wine with my imagination of a lovely garden this summer


The potty gardener

Evening all. Feeling awful for last couple of days. Haven't even noticed what the weather has been doing. Will try to catch up various threads- harder as not getting notifications.Saw my first Bee in the garden on Monday, but wonder why it was on a dead camelia flower?




oh dear bev hope you feel better soon,


Hello everyone - Exhausted of Norfolk here   

After a long day at work I came home, flopped on the sofa, OH handed me a mug of hot coffee and I managed to throw it all over my arm   ouch it was hot!  Arm went into sink with cold tap on while OH performed first aid first on me then on the sofa then on me again. Supper was late this evening.  I then had to hand wash the coffee out of the embroidered cushion covers and put them on the line.  While I was out there I brought the little tomatoes in from the mini-greenhouse where they'd spent the daytime.  I also inspected the Shady Bank and found the hostas just peeking through the soil, so I mulched around them with coarse gritty sand to keep slugs at bay 

Supper has been eaten, G&T drunk and now I have my feet up and we've just been enjoying Writing the Century on BBC 4 


Bev - hope you're feeling better - Spring is  here - the hedges are greening up 


Dove - no wonder you're exhausted - I was just reading about your antics !

Bev - hope you are soon over the worst - horrible when you feel like that.

About to hit the sack .....


I've no idea how I find the time to go to work - I'll have to complain to the Boss 


Hope your arm isn't too bad Dove, Took this picture yesterday and was thinking of you

 hopefully no one saw me laughing

Evening Brumbull and All

wow I just got a notification of the forum

Evening everybody
It's been a glorious day here in west Cornwall. Sun from early this morning and still total blue sky
Got carrots eating them tomorrow
Potted on perennials ...big plants now. Large pots of cannas, grasses, lupins, delphiniums, dahlias etc.
Might be chilly tonight....talkIng about 6 degrees!

No e-mails for me. 

Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
Guess I'll go eat worms,
Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones,
Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms.

Well, that trip down the garden was a waste of time.  Heavy clay earth and torrential rain don't go together.  Had to admit defeat - just for today.

Hope your arm is OK Dove. 

What's what with the Moon Brum? 



think it will be 3 degrees at 6am but a real feel of 4 actually tomorrow is looking quite nice 12-13 but a real feel of 17

hopefully my top soil will have dried off a bit its getting like trench warfare today. Still I think i broke the back of it i might get to plant something tomorrow 

Well yesterday and today been sorting out digging up and dividing an Agapanthus

Here is some pictures of the plants and space.  Going to build a raised bed to put the plants back as found a large lot of concrete under where the plant was - so it was not in much soil but I guess they like that roots everywhere


Here's the white Agapanthus

Here's all the plants from it

This is the area now

It has been windy today but blue sky yesterday

Computer not upload prop but are there now

Tina, you sound in the dumps.
I had worms for tea and......oh no that was spaghetti
Look. Not everybody hates you must like yourself a little bit
Feel so very much sun here today that I think I may have got sunburnt but,you had rain.
Ok. Sorry Tina. We all love you on the forum....we think you are simply the best!!!
Gardengirl ??ou have been busy. I like the white agapanthus as much as the blue. Looks like you're in for good show this year.
Sorry Matty about,your loss today....loads of lovely memories though I'm sure.

Brum have you been on the tonic wine??? 

Just had dinner and watched Will and Grace.  Got very little done today apart from repotting basil cos rain comes battering down every time I think I'll get outside. Can I have your weather Verdun?

Everyone else putting me to shame!

Tina-we love you!!!!