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I've a confession to make Dove-don't like steak...and I don't drink....

I know....I'm a Scot...we're supposed to be all lagered up of a weekend...

Chicken sounds damn fine though!

Got any cake left?....and a cup of tea...


Thank you Verdun, I hope i can make it interesting, got to do better than the neighbours, they say nothing grows! but they are further down the hill and I made sure to get a bit higher so i should have decent drainage.  

I'm hoping I can absorb plenty of knowledge from here and the gardening programs. 

Gargengirl, please post pictures of your agapanthus in their raised bed. I have tried to grow these lovely plants in the border but they don't seem to like it. Perhaps a raised bed is the answer.
Woodgreen wonderboy

I grow mine in large glazed blue pots, about 7 plants per pot, and up to 40-50 flowers all at once. Beautiful. As GW showed tonight they don't like heavy soils/too much wet.

Well been sowing some more seeds already some Pansy, Grass and Verbena B

Will post more pictures of the agapanthus - they do like to be pot bound if in pots, will make sure raised bed has good drainage stones in bottom bit area


The potty gardener

Evening. Wonderful day here. I've finished up giving pots BFB and then mulched. I had to water as everything was getting too dry.

Kept the Sweet Peas to plant tommorow and hope to start doing the new watering system.

Had to pop to GC for more manure and it was full of people- many buying loads of bedding plants, had a feeling that lots were to be planted straight out.

Noticed a couple of tulips growing in bay, don't remember seeing them before, that is one of the joys of gardening- the surprises



Did the housework this morning and shopping (Farm Shop and Garden Centre - spent more in the GC than I did on food) then this afternoon I've been digging over the area under one of the big ash trees where the conifers used to be - digging out surface roots - to prepare it for putting in the lamiums, some of the hellebores an erythronium, some primroses and violets and whatever else I can find that I think will grow there with the foxgloves ferns and periwinkles that I put in last year.

I also checked on the hedgehog houses - sadly one had the remains of a smallish hedgehog that hadn't survived the winter - however, the same house had also very obviously also been the winter home of another  hedgehog who has survived and left the house this spring.  It must've been a bit cramped in  there.  The other hedgehog house had also every sign of having been recently occupied 

I've emptied both houses out and gave them an airing in the sunshine - tomorrow I'll give them a bit of a scrub, dry them off and put them back in their quiet corners with some soft hay, in case they're needed as a maternity ward  this summer 


We have a hedgehog shortage here, I'd love to see them back.


Norwich seems to have quite a few - I remember a few years ago being out late one evening at the bottom of Gas Hill which is not far from a Kentucky - there's a piece of wasteland there and cars pull up and the passengers eat their chicken and throw the boxes and bones out - we saw no end of hedgehogs scurrying around with their heads inside Kentucky boxes 


There were a few hedgehogs around here 20 years ago but not in the number I'd been used to in my previous garden. We're very wildlife friendly but the surrounding farmland is about as unfriendly as they come.

Evening All

Been doing a bit more digging, was nice weather outside today to do that.

Then went on a trip to the GC nice lot of plants there, brought a few bits.

Later on as my parcel arrived - so potted on plants in the new gro - tray windowsill propagator from Marshalls, should keep the slugs of the plants till they get larger - nicely put out into the plastic green house.

felling a bit rough now


good evening gardeners had lovely day sunny and warm first a trip to the garden center gave credit card a bashing (yippee) bought 8 montana ruebins to cover the new fence to stop my nieghbor bogging in.and four shrubs,up against the fence to make sure all i can see is her dogs poo everywhere yuk and then sorted out my pegola with climing rose started at ten finished at five am cream crackered now glass of wine and an early night .



Spent morning in GH and veggie garden, sowed seeds, put lots of snapdragons and nasturtiums in cold frames to harden off. This afternoon planted, weeded and moved heleniums and a tall pink campanula that were in the wrong places.

Gardening Grandma

Good evening, forkers. Sitting here looking at the rain and dreaming about what I'm going to do when the rain stops.


Did some more grass removing, digging and manuring of my new bed this afternoon, but we went out to tea with friends so not as much progress made as I would have liked.


been over allotment put in potatoes,beetroot and onions trying the seed tape,never used it befor then pulled loads of rhubarb to freeze for making jam,good day overall.

Good evening FORKERS
A little bit of drizzle lunchtime but nice now.
Didn't do any gardening today...other things to do but will this week