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Hurray, the tinterweb is back.


Mine is still intermittent  Have worked out if I go to followed threads and go to last post then hit refresh it seems to work.

hope we all had a good day and are enjoying a rest this evening  


Hmm yes, does seem to need refreshing - but then don't we all ..... from time to time 

23 more working days 

I managed to spend an hour in the garden when I got home this evening.  I'd popped in to the GC just to pick up some compost and a few more half seed trays - but they'd got a sale of veg and flower seeds on so I grabbed some Cosmos Antiquity looks gorgeous, and some sweet peas Sweet Chariot, and then couldn't walk past the trays of the sweetest little Violas, Sorbet Yellow Frost 

Totally irresistable - 6 for £3.49 

I've put some in three little pots in a tray to go on the table on the terrace now, and three more I've potted into an alpine pot and cut hard back so they should form stocky plants for later in the winter. 



Ah, so you lot were just hiding last night then! Lazt post visible when I posted above was adchie at 19.03. Off to morning thread, oh no im not - look at the time....morning all...


anyone there ??? mass  alien abduction of  gardeners . oh your here  unlock me shed then  and put grandpas  tin hat  away morning all


Forum hardly working at all - just hot threads used with refresh.  Nothing else operates here..


Hello all, this is probably not the right time to be here, but want to see if it's working. Haven't posted much recently, hectic social life.


Seemed to work, will it be here when I switch off and come back. I never actally logout.

Stacey Docherty

See the sites playing up still..... Evening formers if u can see this....

Proof autumn is here if we need it!! 


Crikey, that's very autumnal! Lovely oranges in the trees.

Evening Forkers! 

Refresh, refresh, refresh! This is my new mantra 

Pleased as punch that my 100 free alliums arrived today. This takes my bulb count up to 283, and I feel I need more daffs if I want to do the down the path idea of Mrs G's 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Much too warm for A*****... late summer mist, that's all. Shirtsleeve order in friends' garden this afternoon. 


evening all  hellooooooooooo great sunny day here and warm  in work 10 -6  though



Pressed Ctrl and F5 and the latest posts appeared. Daniel Haynes, the editor told me that. I am having trouble with my messages and clicking on my avator pic too. It shows Wyre Forest, you have to click on Forum posts to get me.

Saw the autumn trees, none here in Dordogne yet, not usually until November.

Woodgreen wonderboy

BIZLIZ, how can there be any A***** trees? It's not November yet. None in the New Forest either and I am well north of you.


Try again here ?????