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nutcutlet wrote (see)

All I needed was a bit of sun and a day in the Crystal Palace (GH) and the glass of wine of course.

 Although it would be tea for me nutcutlet as I don't partake of alcohol!

Brum-weather turned a bit cloudy and cold again this afternoon so didn't too much apart from watching the G.National (won money!) but nice now. Went a good walk earlier (- will hopefully get up some hills this summer) and measured up to see what I need for fence in front garden before I put a hedge in. I did a lot yesterday swapping things in pots etc and planted the bergenias I'd rescued from the bunnies at old house  -pesky critters. Thinking of going to nursery tomorrow but I know it'll be fatal! If only I'd backed Harvey and his wife's horse I'd have more to spend! 

Just looking at the daffs I picked yesterday and they look very springlike- makes me feel optimistic 

Hi guys, been a lovely day here on the Wirral, just feels like hopefully that cold spell is finally on its way out. A bit of a nip in the air tonight but fingers crossed our weather is on the up. Haven't been around for a little while hope you all had a good Easter, x Barbara

Such a lovely day - can't stop smiling

And now for wine .....

It has been roasting here today....sheltered from light easterly winds.
Clearly everyone's been enjoying it.
No wine for me tho. Dove gave me her lurgy ...she's ok, now of course!....and I've been drinking lucozade all day.
It may not be hot next week but it is getting warmer and down here we want a little rain.....sorry....I'll get my coat


Highland Jeannie

B***dy weather!!

Yesterday was GLORIOUS  & we had to be somewhere indoors but today when we had all day free it started cloudy which turned to heavy rain this pm (& now snow!!)

We got 2 bits of trellis attached to the fence then gave up.

I think we got too used to the sun; was expecting more of the same!

Beth Greenfingers!!

Good evening everyone, im new to this and have really enjoyed reading all of your gardening tips and friendly banter!!!!

Warming up nicely in Northumberland, a lovely sunny day, if the weather is like this tomorrow i might attempt to put some onion sets in the veggie patch although my optimism will await with the changeable weather!!!


Just looked at the 5 day forecast 12 degrees on Wednesday, raining but never mind. Might be completely different by the time we get there.

I thought scots lassies were all,well spoken highland Jennie.
I am shocked by your verbosity..... .ha ha
Don't worry it's all improving now but it has been frustrating weather
Welcome to the forum Beth. This is a new thread meant to be welcoming, friendly and spontaneous. Two similar threads...morning FORKERS and now evening FORKERS.
Ask anything you like and somebody will provide a solution. If you want to ask something you can go to "post new thread" and write in your question....easy peasy!
Beth Greenfingers!!

Thanks Verdun, finally i have found a site, which is easy to use and there appears to be alot of expertise around, (much needed!)

I have loads of questions popping up, and family dont quite get my garden enthusiaism.... im the 1 having to give them my (limited) advice

So its great that now i can pop onto here and ask away!!

Thanks for your welcome!!!!

Highland Jeannie

I think the frustration's caused by having 2-3 weeks of sunny days, (tho' sometimes very frosty overnight) & yesterday had been so warm.

It will probably be lovely tomorrow too, as I've got to go out in the afternoon!! (Can I say "bu**er" Verdun if that's the case??)


Welcome Beth.  I can't tell you anything as I'm a useless gardener.  All hit and miss where I'm concerned, but there's lots of knowledgable folk that are only too pleased to help and threads to read to get info.

When is it payday Verdun.


Welcome Beth hope you enjoy posting!

Verdun- us Scots ladies are very well spoken- the 'Glesgae banter's' famous don't you know!

Brum - I backed the horse that was 3rd -a fiver each way at 10/1!

I got my new laptop today but I need a teenage daughter to help me with it I think and they're at their Dad's now 


Gardening Grandma

I've been catching up after a day out. Had a couple of good laughs at last night's posts and enjoyed the friendly banter, too. Welcome, Beth. There are some lovely people here - even the person who thought that I was running in the Grand National (GG, get it?). They've obviously met me...

Tina, don't put yourself down! I'll bet you know quite a lot, really, even if (like me) you are a learner. I hope to go on learning until the day I finally keel over. Such fun!

Sorry brumbull.....the beer took over! Well at the moment I have my veg in the greenhouse. So carrots in containers. Modules of cabbage, seed onions, leeks, kale, beetroot. Also have veronica corriander parsley......and a few ovetwintered plants in pots. So busy in there! Its a good size for the garden 6??8 put it up on my own which was an experience! My plan for this summers is tomatoes sweet peppers and chillies. .....What's everyone else growing?

Evening all  

It's been a glorious day today but unfortunately no gardening for me instead we've been stuck indoors  for last few days decorating. Hopefully get it finished tomorrow. 

Anyone back the winner in the National? OH & I were only saying today that the whole event has been scaled down over the years. We're not too far from Aintree and I remember the Red Arrows used to fly over as did Concord on Grand National day

I'd better really introduce myself really! Not posted much gardening and this will be my second summer in my garden, Its getting there with a bit of trial and error but thats how we learn. Love the sight and picked up some great tips. Thanks everyone for sharing your knowledge