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mixed day in manchester. dull. sunny .warm  and a few showers. more onion plugs in raised beds . and put  sunflowers in two of the lower garden beds. water butts low .spirit is high though  


Evening Bev.  Totally agree about the shopping.  Years ago, when I was complaining about having to shop for 5, OH said, 'I thought you liked it'.  What planet was he on I wonder. 

Not even been outside today.  Wasn't a pleasant day and I had no energy anyway.  Think weatherwise it's going to get worse!  Well, was good while it lasted.

Verdun, I think the candidates on The Apprentice are the worst lot I have ever seen.  No too sure whether I will be able to watch them all shouting at each other and puffing their chests out - that's just the males.


The potty gardener

Yes Tina. As we went round- with son doing most of the choosing I remembered how I used to shop with 4 children in tow, the girls just wanting everything but the boys running amock and generally making it as unpleasant as it could be.How I was ever sane working full time bringing 4 children up I will never know. Life with just the youngest who is now 17 suddenly seems very pleasant! But I do miss the girls . One works in Quatar and the other down in Cornwall.

As to the Apprentice they get more self important every year.

Good evening one and all

Tina. I have a feeling too that this bunch of apprentices arent too hot.  I just missed the cut but would have won if Imade it cos I am the  They are all so disrespectful.

Been nice here today...just odd shower earlier. Staked my delphiniums's going to be windy and wet and dont want them battered.

Hope everyone is fit and well...ESP Matty.  Hope you are better today

Evening all, went around garden last evening watering as so hot  - but then rained a lot last night and bit today and getting a bit windy - water butt filling up a bit now which is good as getting low


Today pricking out seedlings and looking at my garden news mag more free seeds great



And I'm simply the best Verdun.   The apprentice that intrigued me the most was the one with the plucked eyebrows and ruby red lips.  Thought he looked so weird. Bunch of losers.

Bev, you are now in the same position I was in.  Fatal to go shopping with youngest son as it cost me twice as much.  He just loved spending my money.  Still does, come to think of it. 

Evening Gardengirl.



Had to go to a meeting this afternoon, M's care home and they have one every 3 months so couldn't miss. Raised some issues came home and went to sleep,

Thanks Verdun i am on the mend, still coughing and legs weak but I am getting there. Must do by weekend - can't miss Malvern Show. I have entertained myself by writing a list of things to 'look' at when there 

Hope your posts are finished gardengirl.

Still daren't go shopping with daughter, always spend too much, and not on me




Early goodnight from me. Been at Mum's cleaning her greenhouse,( hubby cleaned conserv' roof & swept all around and dug out big nasties ) Been re- potting and tending overwintering pots and getting them out so I can "fully " utilise it., as agreed, Plan on planting "her "toms at one side, so she can give away etc. ( didn't have any last year as wasn't up to it) and I will tend the lot, Mum to water alternate nights, hose rigged up ready. No lifting/stretching to do.

Now after all the graft Mum's moaning about wanting a chair in greenhouse to sit on and wanting it in her place of choice. Soz this should be on MobRant, but so wanted to let off steam.

Re-planted runners that have rotted..when got sign of spinach so sown some in a tray.

Hoping for a better day tomoz.

Rain not due till tomoz lunch, maybe a chance of a few things at home..then Supermarket for the aforementioned.

Soz to moan but well peed off. Karen

hollie hock

Evening everyone,

Gardengirl, thanks for the pic, great to see that it's come up, first time we've divided bare roots. How's the timelapse camera going?

I normally like the apprentice but wasn't at all impressed with last nights, I'm going to give it another ago to see if they settle no way would I want to be in the same room as any of them......all ego

Strange looking guy TT, surely he must either do his own plucking or waxing to get that effect? It's not a natural look........

I'm about to start, what I call semi retirement, going part time, already feel a lot more relaxed and happier


HH hope you enjoy part time, bet you end up doing lots more "work" than when you were full time. Good time of year to "get free"..Enjoy


Hi folks - I'm home, fed and watered - or rather roséd (and slightly squiffly )

I thought about going part-time rather than retiring, but reasoned that housework would just expand to fill the time that I wasn't working, and I'd still have no time to do 'my' stuff - so full on retirement it has to be - for me  

Evening Tina and everyone else

Matty2 - post what do you mean? do you mean fairygirl and here fence posts

Hollie hock need to set camera up again - here's one picture I did try to up load video of flower opening and closing but does not like mp4 player



Dove, I've just decided to ignore the housework for now, just got dimmer switches.  Quentin Crisp said dust doesn't get any worse after 7 years. Joking, honestly, only left it 6 months.

Will admit when you retire it is true that you don't know how you found time to work, I'm sure I haven't slowed down that much in 7 months. Must have.


Hollyhock, if you look carefully at 'celebs' these days, you will notice their eyebrows are like females!  Can be either plucked or waxed.  Grandson's girlfriend, on a beauty course, plucked my DIL's 13 year old son's last week.  He was well pleased, DIL was mortified!  It's a very feminine look. 

Dove, housework never expands. In fact, in my case, it gets done less often as there is always 'tomorrow'. You will love full retirement - trust me.

Kef, don't apologise for moaning.  I do it all the time. Moaner is my middle name.

Apprentice on again.  I will give it another try and see if I can stop looking at luscious lips.


Apologies - yes I did. Brain not working. 



Tina Moaner Turner doesn't sound right..thanks Tina calmer now.

Fairygirl wrote (see)

First 3 posts in!


Here's fairygirl posts from the garden gallery thread


Are you stealing my thunder Gardengirl....

Now when are you all going to learn...if you  moved to Scotland you could have been watching 'Hebrides' instead of the freak show that is 'The Apprentice'....and I'm only talking about Sir Alan...

Been busy working out how many more posts I need.....a small forest's worth I think

Rain went off but was too knackered to do anything much outside.

Sorry fairygirl some getting confused it was me and posts earlier - so tried to clear it up