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Welcome Rosie to the forum.

If you have freesat you can watch or record Beachgrove on radio Scotland

Oh...good evening FORKERS.  Wet this afternoon and windy...not too cold.

Had to take my dog regardless of the weather!

Planted agastache black adder, Bowles golden grass, split and planted pulmonaria, and planted couple of dahlias, as well as couple of Voltage Yellow osteospermums.  Getting there!


Hello Rosie  and welcome - I love the little orange tips - we had one in the garden at work today - lovely.


Verdun your garden looks so good how could you only just be "getting there" ?

Welcome Rosie33

The potty gardener

EveningVerdun. Over in the south east we didn't get that terrible weather- I'm still waiting for it.

Didn't get much done- just planted a carnation I got at one of the nurseries this weekend.

Come on Matty..what you after?   Lol

Did you rest today?



Dove-it's machines made between 2007 and 2009 . The machine I have was in the house when I moved in recently but looked brand new and when the girl checked she said yes it was one of the ones with potential issues. Mine is model no. WIXL 143 and I can't remember the other model number but it's on the Watchdog website. If you have one of them, contact the indesit site and give them model number,serial number and a contact number and they'll phone you. Email:  Girl I spoke to was excellent. 


Thanks Fairygirl - think mine is in the clear - I'll let DD know tomorrow - she works late on Thursdays.  Good to hear about good Customer Service 


Yes, rested and feel better for it. Too windy and wet to even walk around the 'estate'. Had a bit of a doze as well.


Welcome Rosie. I won't be able to give you any advice about gardening but am extremely good at chatting.

Bev, I don't know where you are in the SE but it has been awful here.  Gale force winds, rain and blooming cold.  It will be even worse tomorrow as I'm having a pedicure.  Once again, going to look a rightl idiot wearing flipflops. Last time, my feet got frost bite.

Bev again.  Just looked and you are miles away from me.

Yes Tina is simply the best at chatting......I'll get my coat

The potty gardener

Tina I'm in Newhaven. On the coast between Brighton and Eastbourne. We have had bright sunshine all day. Funny how the weather is.Never mind wearing flipflops if you've got beautiful nails.

Evening all

Been a windy wet day have to rescue lots of seed trays and bits, but did dry up for a bit so decided to sort out new compost bin into area it is going as it was blowing away around the garden

Here is the compost bin the smaller bin at the front


Here is a time lapse camera picture of some birds think finches on the seed feeder dates are bit wrong as American date system

Anyone else get blown away by the weather?


It's been breezy here, but dry all day.  The wind is picking up a bit now, and there's a spit in the wind - think it's working up to it - hope so, we could do with some rain - the butts are almost dry.


Hi Rosie. What part of Scotland are you in? I'm south and west of Glasgow. Those little butterflies are lovely-loads of them on the hills when you walk in summer months.

Matty I'm ready for a doze too 

been awake since 5 and it's catching up with me now.

Verd- definitely needed 'me coat' today!


hollie hock

Evening everyone, that's it full time work is over, more time for me and doing things that make me happy. I'm not into house work at all, never have been, I find that a good dim light, makes it all go away. To celebrate my once again found freedom, curry and beers tonight

I do find all the male grooming stuff a bit odd, I'm low maintaince, don't do the eyebrow thing myself. Did have another look at the apprentice last night, lower standard this year definately.  Does any watch the after show on bbc 2 with Dara?

Weather been poor here, I'm glad I got on with things last week. The compost area looks good gardengirl, I've got one darlek at the moment Does the time lapse camera save things as mp4 files like a video?











mixed day here in north manchester . sun wind and some showers . big cover up again tonight , from possible wind chill or damage , dark cloudy sky moving east to wards the tops (pennines) 


When I had my first dalek I was so excited. Never had a compost bin before, now I have 3 and a leaf one 

And they work



Hello Everyone - and welcome Rosie.

Matty - have you got your Malvern visit planned yet ? (assuming it has not been blown away - what a nightmare for the organisers and exhibitors - as if its not stressful enough without gale force winds!)

Got home to discover my 48 "free" poppies had arrived - lots of potting up to do on Saturday ! They are fingernail size so might need my magnifying glass.  Also arrived were some plants that are new for me - Thalictrum Elin.  Spotted them in a garden magazine and am hoping they give me some height at the back of my borders.  At the moment I rely on Helianthus Lemon Queen, and I need something else to mix in. 

One more day til the weekend !!

hollie hock

Matty, got our first proper compost out of Monty (thats what it's called here) last year and it's been put to use on our first veg beds. On seeing gardengirls picture I begin to think that maybe/definately have space of another one.

That will keep you busy chicky, I bought offers like in the past and they are tiny