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Looks like it might be your turn  for a better day tomorrow Dove.


That'd be good - need it to warm up for my toms.


Going to snooze now - see you in the morning - sleep tight everyone 


Quiet tonight. Sitting room 15°, put heating back on and lit woodburner. Poured. Didn't watch The Apprentice as OH didn't go to choir, watched Midsomer Murders.

Busy lizzie

Dont worry....the hot weather is coming.  Wouldn't want to live in Midsomer....


No, Verdun, The series will end one day because everyone will have been killed. But now it's morning, so over to the other channel!


Love watching Midsomer, especially as most of it is filmed around me in the Chilterns, and I try and identify where they are this time. Luckily, the Chilterns are the exact opposite of the show - very quiet and very little crime ( I'm touching wood now! ).

Vicar of Dibley was filmed in the village up the road, and unlike Midsomer, a lot of the stories and characters are not too far removed from real life!


Evening all, been ironing and weeding this afternoon, depending on raining or not.

Loved Vicar of Dibley. Glad Dawn French has found a nice man to love.


Turned out a nice day, but big chunk spent in hairdressers. Abandoned idea of tea out, got scruffs on, topped up spuds, bit of pruning, potted some donated Hostas and a bit more weeding. Those who were toughening up got put back inside when rain & thunder at 6pm. Short lived thankfully.

Decided on stuff crust pizza from freezer & salad something easy. Don't often have pizza. After few bites OH stated that he'd leave the crust it was a bit thick..please no comments ...

As Peter Kay says"big shop" tomorrow, I so love food shopping, so off to bed early and off to do the deed first thing..might then get in garden. Got few more chapters of my book to read, before laying in bed wondering what that plant / tree is that looks like it has pods hanging on it, sure most have seen it on the recent post, really interested to hear what it turns out to be.

Enjoy your evening whatever you do.


Hello folks  Home from work, supper eaten and a large G&T at my side 

It's been dry all day and seems a fraction warmer - at least the wind has dropped -  I've had a wander  around the garden, things are beginning to look really lush 

KEF, my money's on a catalpa - has Nutcutlet had a look at that thread?

Evening folks.  

Just been plantIng tender perennials and lilies.......I grow several wallflowers (I know they are annuals/biennials and I said I donf like annuals!!) and,these are now coming out and perennials going in.

Agastaches, salvias, dahlias, echinaceas, and some verbena bonariensis planted today as well as the last of my illumination Pink foxgloves.

 It's been quite a nice day...few showers but some sunshine too.  

Forecast says cold....not happy about that.

Hope everybody is fit


Dove, enjoy well earned G&T. I think it's a Carob tree, seen many a weird shaped pod on them in S.E .Crete..just before goat got them, green or ripe it wasn't bothered.

The potty gardener

Well I am really sorry for those who didn't have good weather. It was warm sunny and no wind here today. I sat out sunbathing and am sore this evening. I potted up my £1 dahlia from GC yesterday and a fuchsia from my sister.I also sorted a gerbera to put by the front door.




mixed day here . sun .showers. cloudy . thunder and hale this evening . skys blue black. .here comes summer


Right, I see that Nutcutlet has said it's not  a catalpa - as she has one in her garden she ought to know - so  I've lost my bet 


Evening all - been outside all day in the lovely weather moving plants, repotting stuff, tidying up phormiums and potting on lettuce, rocket and spinach. Dug a large hole to put clematis on fence- took out two large breeze blocks and a brick plus a load of hard core and stones. What fun! Needed to make sure I had plenty of decent stuff in the hole for it as I'd rescued it from a bit of fence where it was in a swamp. It's made good progres so hopefully will be ok.

Hope everyone has had a good day.

Good luck to 'Mrs Andy' for show tomorrow!! 



Hello folks  You all on your lonesome Fairygirl?  Glad you've had some good weather - hasn't got above 12C or stopped raining all day here  


Hi gels. Had a strange day.  Did housework.  Was going out at about 6 to sift a bit of earth but granddaughter turned up so it didn't get done. Not been that good today being overcast and threatening rain. It is really cold again tonight. 

I'm glad you had some good weather today FG and were able to get things done.  How did you get on with B&Q and delivery charges. 

Do you think Verdun might be having dinner with Queenie.  He's been very quiet today.

Hi Fairygirl & Dove passed on your message Fairygirl to the wife said thanks on the table to my right is Dumpling, Banana loaf,Cup cakes,Shortbread ,Highlander shortbread,Double meringues,Empire biscuits,Egg sponge,Sultana cake,Apple tart,Oven scones,Pancakes, Jar tomato chutney,Jar lemon curd plus 2 of my plants an Azalea and a senetti plus there's a lot in the handcraft section also shes been a busy woman as normal plus being a midwife. 

Just come in from the garden gone a bit chilly here in south wales. been a lovely day here. Been out for a ride on my horse this afternoon. Amazed how green everything has got in a few days. Back in the garden this evening i have rescued most of the tulips which have had a battering with the wind and rain i have little cane supports everywhere! most have survived but had to bring a few in to put in vase. Greenhouse had a bit of a tidy and turned the heater down to just frost protection setting. it is looking a bit of a jungle but hopefully I can get some plants out in the garden over weekend. i think i need better shelving in there for next year prehaps 2 tiers. It is only a 6ft hexagonal greenhouse but i have filled it to bursting point this year.Anybody know where i can get stuff to fit hexangonal gh


Andy- can I come round and just check she's done them properly....especially empire biscuits and shortbread...

Double meringues-they sound like my kind of meringue!

We did the rosettes for the show so hope she wins plenty!!

Not been to B&Q yet Tina as it was too nice  a day! May go tomorrow as it's to be a bit hit and miss but better day for digging post holes!

Housework you say....hmmmm may try that some time 

Evening Dove- we've had a weather swap I think- it won't last!