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Woodgreen wonderboy

Thanks bizliz for exploring a good idea... who knows, on a different day, we might have gone the other way. I think it has strengthened our little group to do a bit of navel gazing, or is it soul searching.

The potty gardener

Evening everyone. Having slept most of the day now watching QVC gardening. Really tempted by Raymond Evison Clematis collection. Just wondering where I would put them.

Gardening Grandma

That's the thing about clematis, Bev. It is so beautiful and seductive that I buy and then wonder where I'll put it.

Evening folks.....even tina...feel I can joke!

Been at foodbank today.  Very very busy.  Think it's important right now

Will cut lawns "dreckly"....Cornish for soon.....and put in couple more plants.  Still some painting to do.  Weather is good albeit bit cooler than it's been lately



5th day of rain today, 10°. No gardening. Roses starting to come out, sodden.


Gardening Grandma

Hi everyone. How did you get involved with the food bank, Verdun? Excellent thing to be involved with.

BL, there was me envying you the French climate. So frustrating!


You can say what you like about me Verd. I can take it.

What are you painting?  You may have said and I've missed it.

Pretty cool here today too.  No gardening for me today.  Need to get membrane to placed around and behind my Magnolia tree to cover all the weeds. Then I am going to cover it with slate or some form of shingle with just a few groundcover evergreens or ferns.  Unless someone tells me this is not a good idea.

Never seem to have much success with clematis.  Have a dead one in a pot which I am going to return to the GC.  Bought 2 years ago, never came to much and this year, dead as a doorpost. Being as they give a 5 year guarantee with their plants and as it cost £10, think it should have done better.


Verdun is bound to tell you it's not a good idea! I think it is, I've done it and it worked, no weeding for 6 years in that bed!


BL, stupidly, I have allowed Calendine (?) to run riot.  It's all I can think of doing.  Spent most of Sunday trying to dig it up and barely made a dent in it.  Also as fast as I was carefully taking it out, all those pesky yellow seeds were dropping! So, I know that it's going to be just as bad next year if I don't do something now.  Will have to try and eradicate from under the ground cover by persistant removal.  Blooming stuff.

Yep, membrane is not the greatest idea in the world for me.

However Tina, if you don't want to plant again there membrane is fine.  I respect busy lizzie's view....and we all think differently.....but I have removed landscape fabric a few times now and it's a messy task and the soil underneath looks awful.  As a matter of absolute truth, the next day a family of worms gathered there to wave banners and cheer me.....until the birds gobbled them up.


....Ill get,my coat


Verdun, I don't want you to get the wrong idea of me. The majority of my beds are herbaceous perennial borders, manured and composted, but sometimes one has to be practical because of problems. I have arthritis in my hands now, probably from years of weeding on hands and knees with a little hand fork.


Daft as a brush.

This bit of my garden has been an absolute pain, always.  So, I thought membrane, cover, few plants either in pots, or cut the membrane to plant and, hey presto, all done.  Have tried bark before now but found the cats just love it and it seems to disappear.  There's plenty more garden for the worms.

Thanks both of you for the advice.

Hello busy lizzie

Thats fine.  I do stir a bit.....did a lot of that at the foodbank today and I know I irritated a's my way.  Not the most tactful guy in the world. Always being told of for it

Wouldnt dream of offending you. I've seen pics of your garden ....impressive to say the least and very large, isn't it?....and your posts are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I enjoy them

Im always planting, transplanting and moving plants so for me a membrane is not suitable.  However for others it is ideal.

Have a nice evening busy lizzie


Hello All,

Dry and dull day,but once again a beautiful sunny evening.Finished potting up geraniums,and started to clear pots from the patio ready to Karcher in the next few days.Not my favourite job,but am always pleased with the results when it is done.

Tomato plants growing really well,also have grown butternut squash plants from seed,not tried before,not yet decided on best way to plant them out when they are ready.

Evening all I came in earlier tonight as weather was bit cold and grey outside but no emails from forum again not fair as there have been posts.

I have just enjoyed reading all the posts.

Me done painting today as well, few more raised beds one in lavandula and just the top rims of the scaffold board raised beds in silver birch and sea grass cuprinol shades and now watching Chelsea flower show to get some good ideas and will prob end up wanting to buy more plants



lovely sunny evening here .backache  from the new project . got three trays of plants for  a pound at sainsburys should save two thirds of them .and the trays  are handy . chelsea getting  taped  up at 4-30am 


Hello Verdun, thank you for the compliments. My garden is big, over an acre, fairly high maintenance but I love it. I'm just fretting at the moment because there is so much more to do in it and we've had 5 days of relentless rain.

Did anyone watch Chelsea Flower Show tonight? I always enjoy it even the bits I don't like!

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi are the grit in their shoe....... we need more if the world is to be challenged and move on.


Evening.  This is the only thread where I have a chance of being first.

Hope everyone has had a good day. I have done nothing and it doesn't look like I will be doing anything outside over the next 2 days. Weather forecast not good.

I expect Blackest will post about the one that got away.

Horrific news tonight.  Extremely upsetting.