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Gardening Grandma

Evening all! It seems to be my job to trawl through the lists, find this thread and bring it to the first page!

Hasn't rained yet and I didn't water plants today. If it doesn't rain soon, I'll have to get out there and water the pots.






Evening everyone,

I have,nt watered either GG,the forecast says heavy rain for us tonight,so am going to chance it.Brilliant sunshine at the moment though.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Planted runner beans today, using those clever plastic clip things that go at the top of the canes. Good thing is that it holds 8 canes wigwam very rigid. Bad news is that the clips only take relatively thin cane and break easily as you force the cane into the clip. Broke 2 clips but tied those canes on quite easily, so works anyway. Planted some flowers as well but fell asleep after dinner when I should have been watering..oops. Rain expected but not sure if it will be enough to settle new plants, so will water tomorrow. "Manana"  ( looks so wrong without that twiddly thingy on the top of the "n".. well you know what I mean.  


Like this - mañana   

I've been trying to find a supplier of proper hazel or even ash bean poles - you'd think with all the coppicing of old woodland that's going on all over the country there'd be someone marketing some products - I find likely looking organisations and websites which have deadends.  Very disappointing 

Meant to say Well Done GG - finding the Evening thread 




this may be helpful.

 visit to find yourself some coppiced beanpoles for your garden or allotment (click on ‘directory’ for a listing of suppliers who sell coppiced beanpoles and other coppice wood products).


Woodgreen wonderboy

GG,We could take it in turns to start the thread each evening , but then we would need a rota, which probably means we need a committee, and a Chairperson, Secretary and probably a Treasurer. Can't have that without a constiution first, and a set of standing orders......anyone else think this is a good idea?


Sounds too much like hard work,makes me feel very tired   ZZzzzzzzzzzzz


Oh she's good that Dove isn't she!! We knew what you meant WW!

Just had dinner which was actually lunch. Wasn't worth having lunch as it was 4pm by the time I sorted out my fence plank order! Went out to do post tops and caps and a woman stopped to speak to me so 7pm when I got finished. Sandwiches for dinner- so is that really lunch? 

Just looking at M. Forkers posts as I'm all behind- like the coo's tail. Dove that sounds  worrying- I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I'm getting my gun..I mean wand.. out to deal with that darn cat! 

Bev- b****y kids!!!

Tina- have you got a broomstick then?    If you need a wand to deal with the grandchildren  give me a's all fired up ready for Dove's 'trespasser' anyway!

can I be the treasurer?  you can trust me with the money, honestly.

re the runner bean support, I made my own from a metal band made into a circle with metal clips soldered into it.  sturdy and effective.  actually made it for sweet pea supports

damp here sun at all today and it feels cold anyway




sun going down over heaton park here clear skys .no work  till 1pm tomorrow morning hedge cuting and plant out some more pots  and tubs 


Gilly - thanks   I had found that, but none of them deliver and how I'm expected to get some 10ft beanpoles home I really don't know - I suppose I could put them in the car with the top down, but what about low bridges etc, not to mention the East Anglian climate   They just don't seem very business-like 

As for mañana - I cheated - I cut and pasted it from an article on Wiki - didn't think it'd copy across, but it did 

The potty gardener

I've been out to water plants. They say light showers tomorrow and they are no go to water my pots. First flower on the sweet peas and lots ready to flower.


Dove..tut tut...

Maybe the money - but not the cake Verd....

Threatening rain here earlier - some very dubious looking black clouds but nothing much happened. Rain to come in tonight though. I know I might sound daft but how are you attaching  the poles to the clips Verd?


we are supposed to have rain. Sky is now clearer of clouds than it has been all day 

hiya fairygirl

the soldered bits have clearance for canes on the outside of the metal circle....i push the canes into these making a wider top.  made it many moons ago.  i usually then plant sweet peas of the same colour up 8' canes.  makes nice feature with amazing scent. 



Well, I could start it off when I get up in the morning as most times, everyone has gone on the MF thread, apart from Bev.

I do sound like an old misery guts don't I but, quite honestly, I don't want to be getting tea and organising showers after 7 at night.  Done all that. Was very annoyed when 8 year old told me what 'Daddy' had bought him today.  He's got every gadget going and now has a PS3, whatever that is, for his bedroom.  I rest my case. It was his birthday 2 weeks ago.

I watered my pots today and the new plants I put in over the weekend.  Noticed my pond level has gone done by about 2" which means the ground is really drying out. Know now not to empty any water out when it floods as it doesn't make a scrap of difference. Does that make sense.  I know what I mean.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Back from pub... do we have a committee yet?...... anyway did I mention that my garden is open for charity on Sunday... details to follow... 


WW- hope weather's kind and all goes well for you  on Sunday 

Think your committee's a lost cause love!

Tina- don't get me started on spoilt kids- I'll have to go on GG's rant thread!

Verd- sorry to sound totally stupid but are the clips like the 'u' shaped kind you can push things like a tool handle into which then gets held in place? Does that make sense? 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Really pleased that committee is moribund, and fingers crossed for Sunday.


Moribund committees are the best type