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I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch. Staying up as long as I can as I don't feel like doing all that walking again.



oh been in a work bubble and hadn't seen the news...RIP Iain Banks, thank you for all the pleasure your novels have given me over the years.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi everyone, early tonight as am off to favourite Restaurant, with friends. Deserve it too as planted dahlias (115) and cut lawns. Now definitely ahead of schedule for Sunday, but wish forecast would change. Currently v. wet. Have an enjoyable one, whatever you are doing.

Gardening Grandma

Just saying good evening before going to cinema to see 'The Audience.' Boring day altering clothes and doing the dreaded HW. Visited my recently widowed friend yesterday evening and have felt deeply sad ever since, ironic since I'm supposed to be supporting her. I'm hoping the evening out will take my focus off myself!

Wet and windy day here, depressing weather, though I'm glad we get rain.


Woody ...115 dahlias!  Wow!

Ive got more than last year and I think I'm beginning to get quite fond of them.  Ok, no structure but admit great colours.

Been lovely here today....sunny from first thing and still very warm.  

evening everybody.  


Evening all.  Glad head moniter started this off tonight.

Sat this morning reading an e-mail to which I replied and, in doing so, it made me feel good and I haven't done a lot, but have done something. Realised I need to put myself out to try to help out where there were people for me when I was at my lowest. Hope that all makes sense.

So, on my way to the shed to find a paintbrush and sandpaper, I dug and levelled the ground where I need to lay some turf, stood looking, yet again, at the lump of ground I have to do something with and think I now know what I'm going to do.  I then took my little 'trolley' which sits next to me and where I stick my bits and bobs and restored its colour to the oak it should be.  I keep looking at it as it looks so good.  This was made by my brother, at school, when he was 15, so is now 61 years old.  Shame that they don't do these things in schools any more. Apparently, they can't afford the wood.  I also got round to putting back on the kitchen wall all the 'spoon rests' my grandchildren have brought me from whereever they have been on holiday.  They keep asking me why they aren't on display. Never say you like something

Tina, do you mean some sort of volunteering?  

I got into the Samaritans for selfish reasons I think.  My young sister died of cancer and I felt the need to be there for people who went through the roller coaster ride of dealing with terminal cancer.  But there were occasions when my experience was a help to others in similar circumstances. I've done the rounds now...from CAB to Victim Support and now to the foodbank.  . I'm not a "goody goody" just realise people need a hand up sometimes...we all do

Tina you sound like a caring sort so maybe an hour or so volunteering somewhere might be good for you????

The potty gardener

Evening. it turned out nice after all. it was very windy but sunny and warm. Just deadheaded violas, put chrysanthemum in and made supports for some dianthus which have got a bit tall. Feel much better for having done something.It's going to be a tv evening for me.

WW that many dahlia will give lots of colour. Wish I lived nearer so I could come and see it on Sunday


Evening all. Nice here but  rain tomorrow so I won't need to get the watering can out hopefully for the grass. Got an architect coming tomorrow morning for extension plans etc so that will be good.

Daisyhc- I posted last night on here re IB as we had a lovely prog on BBC2 Scotland - an interview with Kirsty Wark after he was diagnosed in April.  You might be able to get it on iPlayer.

You're a good soul too Verdi.



Verdun, not exactly volunteering but a World wide fellowship that's there to give help and comfort when folk are at the end of their tether.  They were there for me when I desparately needed some answers, which I didn't actually get but, with their help,  I gradually improved and, in turn, I was there for others. But I stopped going.  Realised today that it's something I still need to give me some purpose. I always used to say that it was my weekly 'fix'. Have found out this afternoon that there is now a meeting just off my High Street, during the day, so am pleased about that.  Did once think about the Samaritans, but was put off when I was told of some of the calls you could receive. 

I'd be good anywhere where chatting came into it. 

Tina, then do it.  Do it tomorrow.  I'll be asking you and there's a whole bunch of others here will be waiting for your response.

I have a feeling you are good at it.......


Hello folks - If yesterdaywas one of those days at work, today was another one  On top of which I too a colleague to a Walk In Centre with chest pains - they didn't seem to think she was having a heart attack, but she was certainly not well and called her daughter to fetch her home, rather than drive herself.  Wonder how she is .... 


Not tomorrow Verdun.  Not until next week. I will be one of many.

Gardening Grandma

My OH is a retired psychiatric nurse who volunteered for the Samaritans. He did not even get as far as an interview but was told over the phone that they did not want trained nurses as they 'think they know too much'. He was astonished. 

Tina, that is great news. Go for it, girl!

A difficult day, Dove. Think it calls for a small reward. A cake?

'The Audience' was really good. I'd like to see it again straight away, to pick up everything I missed the first time.



Evening all glad everyone had a good day, thank goodness it bucketed down today so i don't have to do any watering tonight, I'm too tired to even go and hunt the slugs, enjoyed the garden gallery and looking forward to my day off tomorrow.  Exhausted.  Good night all

Evening all been trying to build a bug box - got so far but battery on drill run out needed to be plugged in to finish it to charge up.

Also went up station bit more weeding and chopping of nettles and a bit of ivy - garden waste to go in the brown bin, weather not that great was a bit windy and a little wet there were lots of bees buzzing around the flowers so good for the wildlife

Me still got lots of plants to plant yet from my plastic greenhouse to go into the garden and I am sure the slugs will find them

Gardening Grandma

Me too, Gardengirl. They're a bit small and vulnerable to go in the garden, yet they may be better off there than in a pot that is vulnerable to drying out in hot weather.

Verdun wrote (see)

Tina, then do it.  Do it tomorrow.  I'll be asking you and there's a whole bunch of others here will be waiting for your response.

I have a feeling you are good at it.......

So this is where you all hide!!! Wish Brumbull would come back, was a top fellow. And the reason I have quoted Verdun is because Tina, you are one of 'those' people, and I 'am' one of the 'bunch of others' waiting for your response. You're a caring sort, to empathise is completely different to sympathise, go and help folk, I certainly don't get up at 6am or work nights for the money (I'm a nurse), I do it for the way it makes me feel, and the way I make people feel. Making a difference, far more powerful than any paycheck..

Evening folks

Yes miss Brumbull.  Suddenly disappeared.  Hope he's ok.  Have a feeling he's sunning himself somewhere but he will be back with his thought provoking posts!

Good pointBrummieBen about the difference between empathy and sympathy.  Not everyone has it in them to empathise but I think TIna has it.

Lovely today until mid it's blowing a gale.

Got some painting done though

Have nice evening everyone