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The potty gardener

Evening all. A bit cloudy this morning but brillant sunshine and hot this afternoon. Have put supports on a few plants and will have to go out and water later on when it cools down a bit. Have a lovely evening everyone


Evening everyone,just come in from watering as forecast rain did not materialise

Visited local GC to get a pot for the standard lavender I was given this week,managed to stop myself buying a magnolia reduced to £5,but did buy another clematis avalanche reduced to 75p,it looked half dead but was only needing a good drink and has perked up since it has been standing in a tray of water.

Hope everyone has had a good day

The potty gardener

Well done Gilly. You showed a lot of restraintnot getting the magnolia. 75p for a clematis is brilliant.

We are all terrible always having to look at reduced plants- to see if there is anything we can save


Verd - Tina most definitely has it.

Hope you don't get any damage to your plants with the winds.Yours are growing so well compared to many others so more susceptible too high wind and rain I suppose 

Rain came on heavily here but moved away again so still hoping I don't have to water in the feed. Looks like it's starting to work anyway. 

Matty- I'm sure you've said before that the cake's for a relation and I've forgotten 

A lovely present to have - hope they appreciate your hard work!

Terrific bargain Gilly! 

Gardening Grandma

Evening all. Certainly didn't need to water plants today! TT - count the asterisks, it isn't the word you are thinking of!

FG, I read your posts about your argument with mothers who let their children invade your garden. I'm sorry you had that upset. I take it you have open plan front gardens in your street? I lived in a house like that once, and it certainly is a cause of discord among neighbours. We made our point by digging borders around the boundary and planting things tall enough to create a psychological barrier. If people are rude and crude enough to shoot their mouths off at you, they won't take much notice of Keep Off signs, unfortunately. We have very young schoolchildren walking to school past our garden every day and routinely I pick up the sweet and crisp packets they drop that get blown into my garden. Often - usually -  their parents are with them when they do it. It is just a casual attitude to good behaviour and they'd be indignant if they were criticised for it. Those women knew they were wrong, in my opinion, they just weren't going to admit it.

Matty, I'm very impressed that you can make a wedding cake. My limit is a lop-sided sponge! One of my SILs made my son's wedding cake and it was gorgeous.

We're away for a few days from tomorrow. Packed the caravan today, in the rain. We're visiting our son and staying on the vast lawn of one of son's church members, with a great view of his beautiful farmhouse. We don't make it past the kitchen door but they come out and drink tea with us on the lawn. It is another world from ours! Nice people, though.







Thank you GG for your supportive comments. I wouldn't mind so much if they knew they were wrong - what's upsetting is  that they seem to think I'm wrong to object.

Have a lovely break - hope the weather is kind 

A little rest after all your hard work in the garden - just what the doctor ordered 


Fairygirl,try not to let these people upset you,they are just not worth it, remember you can go indoors and chat to virtual friends whilst enjoying a piece of cake,they probably go in to play video games whilst eating pot noodles!!

Had strong winds and heavy rain but now it's all quiet and dry.  Quick check on my plants...although they are robust....but lupins looked as if they might suffer.  No, they were ok.  What better than lupins right yellow, blue and white inside my lavender hedge which is top side of my veg patch.  The lupins grow huge there and I just love em there.  From my kitchen window they appear and reappear through my stipa gigantea which....thanks to judicial staking .(they have a weakness at the first stem knuckle) they withstand any wind or rain.

Im waxing lyrical I know but so did Month tonight.....everything battling to show its flowers or buds .  Did anyone see  those geums ?  Got the tangerines ones and they are "floating" in my garden right now

Fairygirl, everyone's right, don't let nasty rude people get to you.  


When I moved here I thought I had a lot of geums- till I foulnd out that I was nurturing wood avens. Same family but grotty flower, spread like crazy. I'm still digging them out. It  put me off Geums, but I admit tonight I was interested again.


Went to sleep in GW 


I wondered if you were watching Verd - with the National Collection of Geums on it!

Your bit about your lupins reminded me of the Monty Python sketch - a spoof on Robin Hood but he was called Dennis Moore (!) When he stole from the rich, instead of saying 'your money or your life',  he said  'your life or your lupins'. I always think of it whenever I hear lupins mentioned  


Have never done very well with lupins,the slugs seem to love them.


Evening all, checked my garden over after the strong gusty winds and found a few casualties.  The worst was that the top 1/3rd of my 'Lizzie' plum had broken off.

Tidied up the break with sharp secateurs.  Luckily it's only a few years old and is silver-leaf resistant so should recover.  Also some tall Oxeye daises had blown over - I always forget to stake those (ps, has anyone tried the Chelsea chop on those?)  Luckily I had already staked the delphiniums which are growing magnificently and just about to flower - can't wait. 

Evening all.  Bit knackered today.  Completed the bug box and painted it, will need to fill it with twigs when in position.  Sorted out frame for raised bed.  Watched GW and liked the geums the tangy orange ones are very pretty.  Also liked the aliums.  Interesting about the aphids - sadly I have that problem on an apple tree.  Bit windy today but sunny and hot later.  Of course that makes it get cold quickly once the sun goes. 

Listened to Gardners question time earlier and Carol from Beechgrove Gardens was on the panel, talking about hidden gardens Edinburgh way.




Hi all been going camera mad for a while and its been raining since monday had a great couple of weeks before but also glad to be off hose pipe duty. Most of the brown in my garden is now green and i think there is a good proportion of weeds been thinking of starting a weed identification thread. its hard to know if its something i grew from seed or something that self seeded. Spotting grass and nettles isnt too hard but theres a good few i don't recognise.

Got a little patio rose that was in bloom in march in tesco's for a few cents and now much bigger and in full bloom  again.  Guess its a little confused.

If the rain holds off tomorrow i will start that thread with glorious photo's of healthy weeds or are they plants


Woodgreen wonderboy

Woke this morning feeling quite depressed about the weather prospects for Sunday and all the effort that villagers have put into making Sunday a success. Nevertheless I spent the day doing those last minute things. Like all gardeners I think it will all look so much better in another 2 weeks.Foliage dominates rather than flowers. However some parts look just fine, even if the irises which promised to be a star turn have taken a bit of a battering from the wind. The roses look good and are just starting to flower. The young dahlias look healthy altho' some way off flowering. The alpine house has quite a lot of interest. The vegetables look tasty. Trees are at their best.

No garden looks perfect in every aspect at the same time, unless it is in the entirely artificial nature of a "chelsea" garden. Some bits look great, others are not quite there yet and others were prettier yesterday. The beauty of gardening is in the continuum of the process and we should enjoy what we have now. Let's still hope the weather enables others to see it too. 



Evening all. Just wanted to be the first at something.

Awful weather today, high winds, torrential rain and it's chilly.  Just popped heating on.



Congratulations TT !!! 

We had the most horrendously heavy hail and some of the loudest thunderclaps I've ever heard this morning when I was driving to see my parents.  Cars were all crawling at 20mph and hail was covering the verges like snow - I was jolly glad that I'd put some sloping canes around my taller perennials before I left home.


And Hurrah!  I've just picked nearly a kilo of broad bean pods from the garden - OH says they're nearly £3 a kilo in the farm shop - and all they cost me was the price of the seeds and a little FB&B in the spring   And there's lots more to come, even tho the wind did blow some of the flowers off last week.


Tina I'm ashamed to say I almost thought of putting the heating on earlier - put another jumper on instead!

Dove- the weather's bizarre isn't it? What do you do with your broad beans? I've never grown them as I don't like them, but loads of people do and I've often wondered how they cook them and use them generally. Plants seem to produce a big crop so I don't suppose you can eat them all!  Do you give some away or do you freeze some?