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The potty gardener

Been out deadheading. Still warm enough for sleeveless summer dress. Came in for Agatha Christie- As a teenager read all her books several times. As this is from a short story I don't remember it yet.

Have a good evening all


Don't know it either Bev. Not so keen on Julia Mckenzie in the part but never mind -it'll still be fun! 

At least you're getting some nice weather 

Get your feet up!


Cricket seems to be featuring heavily on our screen tonight - waiting til its over and then will get my Beechgrove fix


Look out for the lovely water feature in the Aberfeldy garden chicky. Beautifully designed and executed 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Watching Miss M.     Strawberries and cream at advert break.



Just sitting down after our meal - OH is washing up - Verdun didn't turn up for his steak so OH ate it after all 

I like Julia McKenzie, but not as Miss Marple - there's no beating Joan Hickson as far as I'm concerned 

Evening folks

Been lovely here today and beautiful now.  Just cut the grass and got the first,whiff of my mock orange.....a current thread.....(there's also a thread about blackcurramts but that's a currant thread.....I'll get my coat)

As with everyone I guess everything is exploding into flower right now.  No wonder Monty looks better these days


Woody - strawbs and cream - that's allowed! 

Dove- absolutely agree -though Geraldine M was good too.

Verd- you're on the naughty step for not doing Dove's grass 

No currants - or cake - for you ..


Verdun - my mock orange opened its first bud today too - beautiful.  I am very proud of my plants as they were my very first successful cuttings.  We had a philadelphus at our last house, and I was determined to bring it with us.  It has double flowers and a scent that stops you in your tracks.  Unfortunately my early success with cuttings has been followed by many dismal failures - which make these philadelphus even more special.

Did you see my post on MF about Gaillardias ?  Are you going to risk it ??


...dotty Margaret R was always my favourite... the others lacked humour...

Joan Hickson was a keen gardener it seems, as known by her real name Joan Butler, used to visit Beth Chatto's garden in Essex...

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi chicky and V. It may have been me that said that keeping Gaillardias through the winter seems to be very difficult. A friend who is an expert gardener has the same problem. They share a bed with Correopsis which do survive, but for me Gs are annuals!!


Just placed my order for Astrantia Roma and Verbascum Clementine.  This site is very bad for my bank balance

Chicky, ??ou prob have Virginal.  I know what you mean about p.amts from your own cuttings....hugely satisfying.  When I started every plant I bought....conifer, perennial, shrub.....had cuttings taken from them.  Not,sure about there "too much going on" with those flowers? Almost bought one in the week.....tempting!!

Shame we lost the cricket today.....india only beat us cos they scored more,runs


So this is where you all are!

You have have to follow a thread for a bit to understand what everyone's talking about and I think I've fallen behind on this one. 

(Sorry, did everyone just stop talking when I came in? )

Just thought I'd say I got quite a lot done today after a late start. Weather looked doubtful at first but I just pottered around with no high expectations and found by the time the light had faded I had achieved the following:

weeded out a bit more of the d****d ground elder;

planted out last 8 verbena patchwork (- nice robust specimens with lovely colourful flower clusters;)

bought 3 nasturtiums alaska on Friday on an indoor market I've discovered. They went into the cleared area around the black currants and gooseberries. I've mulched there with spent compost - apparently, they like being 'starved' a bit.

Picked more gooseberries - had about 550g so far off one small bush. Only got 8 (berries) last year. Better pruned this time.

Cleared another of last year's containers - more mulch for somewhere;

Planted out 5 more begonias in trough; not sure whether they're going to do do well or not... A bit underdeveloped! Mind you, weren't we all once?

Pulled some rhubarb - but just eaten it  with a bit of TV - isn't that fairly consistent with a few of you: 'virtuously knackeredso with your feet up?

ZZZZZZZzzzzzz mmmph - what? (Oh sorry, you can resume talking now - I'm off to bed. )

PS what's all this business of beating each other to a deadline? When is it - 6pm?



doesn't TV with your rhubarb give you indigestion.?

Birdy13 wrote (see)
Pulled some rhubarb - but just eaten it  with a bit of TV - isn't that fairly consistent with a few of you: 'virtuously knackeredso with your feet up?

I prefer custard with mine.

Hiya birdy

Well you did more than I did.  I too pulled few sticks rhubarb today and enjoyed it with custard.  Oh, did buy bIg container to pot up one of my already large cannas.  

You sure did do a lot birdy but satisfying I'm sure.

That deadline?  They all try to beat me as the first to post!


G'morning all . Does this mean I've been only just beaten by fidgetbones?

fidgetbones wrote (see)

doesn't TV with your rhubarb give you indigestion.?

birdy13 replies to fidgetbones:

not when you take it in easy instalments - oh, and yogurt!

The potty gardener

Birdy- to add to confusion we use a Good morning Forkers in the morning and up to 6pm then the Good Evening Forkers.

Mind you we all tend to post on both all the time