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I've got a day off work today yey!, thinking of trimming my conifer as its nearly 7ft, is it ok to cut it at this time of year? : )

Depends what type of conifer it is. You can cut it now, especially as it's just before birds start to lay eggs, although with the mild weather many have started early. Check your conifer for birds nesting prior to cutting. If you have nesting birds then leave cutting till July, when most first broods will have fledged.


As Dave has said depends which conifer and how much you are taking off. Some conifers will not regrow if you cut too far back. If you post a photo someone should be able to advise you better.


I would love to send a picture but as we got burgled a month ago and they took my camera, i cant, the conifer is dark green and smells of pine, i only want to take a foot off it


Our birds have been nesting for a couple of weeks - the blackbird have nestlings!   I wouldn't cut a hedge or conifer back just now - and that'll give you time to beg or borrow a camera or get the insurance to cough up, then you can show us what you want to do and we can say yay or nay! 

Sorry to hear about the burglary - really horrid ((hugs)) 



Daintiness is right, if you cut back beyond the green part it will never be green again.


Thanks Dove for your hugs, well insurance is coming through soon so i will get another one, its the sentimental things that hurt the most because you can't get them back, sorry to go on, as soon as i get my new camera i will send a pick, as for now i will wait until the birds have stopped nested, thanks everyone for your advice

Hi smiler 1sorry about your bad news let's hope that this low life get their comeuppance 


I wouldn't worry about cutting a foot off the top of your conifers as long as you the sides and do not go in to the old wood 

Same here, hope you get over the misfortune of what happened and keep your chin up

Orchid Lady

Karma Smiler, I am a true believer and one day the scum that burgled you will get what they deserve.  In the meantime, cyber hugs from me.

Can't offer conifer advice I'm afraid......we chopped a row of them down not long after we moved in to make room for a proper border 

Smiler, it's not nice to be wishes to you.

When you cut your conifer try to keep its shape.  Use your secateurs to cut leading shoots to recreate the primary one as leader. Dont cut it flat 

Orchid Lady

I have 2 little ones in pots next to my patio doors and they look cute Edd  And yes loads of spiders when taking them down.....I kept my distance and made tea in the kitchen!!!

Edd please don't apologise, they where there when we bought the house six years ago, but they are taking over now, and if i catch them burglers i will tie them to the conifers and the spiders can have them for tea ha ha : )

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