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What did you think of the Hampton court shows this week?

I prefer the informality of it compared to Chelsea but there was very little about the actual plants again, for me.   I also found it, ESP tonight's prog, almost depressing.  So much about the demise of everything, the gloomy outlook for people and the planet.  So many "themes" too.  Too many gardens designed with heavy elaborate structures instead of focussing on plants.  I could use more hard landscaping in my garden I guess but it's the softness of plants that I enjoy and that's what I wanted to see at the Hampton court show.  Sometimes the experts miss the essence of gardening.....failing to understand that many of us simply want to drool over the plants

Best garden show on TV for beginers like me is the Beechgrove Garden as its not the big expensive gardens that they cover on there show. As you said Verdun i would like a TV programme that goes into detail of plants from sowing to planting and care for them maybe some day.

   Hi Andy19

where do you go to recieve the beechgrove  Garden prog?

I am in the E midlands area and only get Monty and a bit  of gardening

 on the One Show !

WE do need more! when will those in charge listen?


beechgrove is on bbc2 sunday morning usually 9.30 not an ideal time but i record it .

it has been available in iplayer for a long time and has been discussed on a lot of theads over the years, just hope they dont try to change it

Vedun i feel the same, suddenly Monty and his gang are telling us what were supposed to think when we see a themed garden, just like so called art experts telling us what the artist was thinking when he painted this picture even though hes been dead 2 hundred years, what a load of nonsense some of it is, i thought the flowers this year were just stunning all the work that goes into them ,so much colour now ,and the new rose Lady Marmalade wow ,weve no roses yet but thats a must for starters, with some single open ones for the bees and maybe some of those big leaf flowers for the rear borders a right jungle look
Good luck all Alan


I went to HC this year. I found it quite depressing how the people on the show gardens could not in most cases answer qustions on the plants etc and quite openly said " I know nothing about plants!" I felt that they were a bit like the women drapped (or used to be)across car bonnets in car shows.

I enjoyed both Chelsea and HC on the TV and will save my money next year and put it towards the TV licence.

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