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Sue H
Thanks for the flowers.

Hi Brumbull, thanks for the lovely flowers, probably the only one I will get, boohooo.

Sue H
Sue. Same here

Thank You Brumbell,  I'm on my own so it was a nice thought x x

joyce mannell

Thank you Brumbull 

Its very kind of you to think of us  when we  need something to cheer us up are those the flowers from your garden 

ive just seen a blackbird in my garden  so thats made my day as well 



joyce m 



Now just a second Brumbull, my partner and i were suposed to be collecting Mole soil today up the allotment for potting,Now she says its raining ,cold misserable,cant be bothered  AND its Mothers day AND she,s already had Christmas day off!!! wots it all comimng too,She,ll want her birthday off next,, Brum wot are you starting here you,ll be giving em the vote next come on

Good luck Girls


I find Mothers Day very difficult because my mum is no longe here, I really miss giving my mum flowers, I really miss my mum.


hi donutsmrs its so sad when we lose someone we love but even though we dont have them,we have our memories,they will always be with us.


Thank you Brumbull for the lovely flowers. Only ones I'll have today as my 4 children (all grown up now) and I live in France and Mother's Day is last Sunday in May!


i'm in Belgium so get two Mothers' Days in theory.  In practice they tend to forget or say they'll get something later on and that never happens so this time I decided they could treat me to a day out at a decent garden centre in Flanders - an hour away - and we did a raid for hanging basket liners, potting compost, some violas and wood anemones and a few other bits and pieces.

They have a very good café too so we stayed for lunch and then came home to put all my new babies safely in shelter as we have snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow and -14C expected on Tuesday night so other pots, recently liberated from hibernation in the greenhouse, have had to go back under cover too.



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