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Has anyone ever underplanted bamboo?  I have a new row of bamboo at the bottom of the garden where there used to be four enormous leylandii trees, and I want to underplant them so that from the house the stems are a little obscured, and a little bit of colour injected.  I tried dahlias last year but they didnt do well, however this year the bed is much better prepared - last year was rather a rush job.   I wondered about a mixture of annuals such as Ammi Major and something with a bit of an eye pop like cornflower to soften it all down as I am too late for bulbs and they are so seasonal.  It is very bright down there although I don t think there will be huge amount of direct sun on that bed, some in the morning.  Am I wasting my time with this, do let me know if you have any other ideas or comments.  Photo attached - the lawn at the back will be sown in March - this is a view (bad photo) of the bamboo as seen through the trellis from half way down the garden and a second photo (which is rotated for some reason!)  from nearer the house




I should think annuals would go until the bamboo makes a bid for world domination

Perennials for me......hardy geranium and Rozanne for its vigour and long flowering.  

Or Ceratostigma willmottianum.......deciduous shrubby with blue summer flowers

giant nepeta....almost evergreen and blue flowers for spring and summer

or how about white Gauras?  Or Agastaches?


Ivy works well if you aren't fixed on flowers.

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