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Does anyone know the best way to take honey suckle cuttings or which is best cutting or propogation.


I took hardwood cuttings last autumn with a 4 out of 6 success


that was ok nut i shall try that,just wondered if there is another way?

hollie hock

Not ever tried honeysuckle, I've had good success with clemantis dipped in a rooting powder.

If you''ve got the space and time maybe layering a honeysuckle branch into the ground? Not tried it myself


You can grow honeysuckle from seed but those named cultivars don't come true. It would still be a honeysuckle though



I think i will try all of your way's and see what doe's the best.I will let you know how it goes.Mean while keep your suggestions coming in please as i am very greatfull for your help and advice.



Hollie hock.

Can you please explain to the viewer's how you took your cutting's of the celmatis?lol.

I would really like to know.



Does anyone know the name of the clematis with a smallish pale pink flower?

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