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Nadger the badger
Hello everybody, When and how should I trim my honeysuckle Regards Mr A.Titmarsh

If it's gotmore than one stem, I'd cut one back to base then new growth will come at the bottom. Resist just trimming it back to create a thick mass. not attractive to look at, thin and remove some whole shoots


Cut now Nut, or in the spring. I have these and they are yards long, very untidy and didnt produce a single flower this year!

Do you cut different ones at different times?


I do all of mine in the winter Lyn. When I get round to it rather than any particular time. Not that I've always followed my own suggestions and have ended up with the tatty bird's nest look. But all is recoverable with honeysuckle, the worst that can happen is a year without flowers


Nadger the badger
I have a space to fill on the end of my hedge (pyracantha)
Can anyone suggest a quick growing thorny hedge
If need be I can plant another pyracantha because that seems to do well in this position (heavy clay)
Just fancied something different that will also flower

Marker the badger

I've replied to this question on your other thread. 

Talking of honeysuckle, does it like particular soil & position?  I have one that never does very well.  I've tried it in two positions, giving plenty of time to get going, with not much luck.


I don't think it likes it too dry everos or it gets mildew 

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