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I know the sap from these are poisonous but inadvertently had some on my glove and without thinking wiped the corner of my eye, whilst cutting back a low slung branch -  OUCH is not the word for the intense burning sensation which took hours to stop..... Tried all the old eye remedies so the hospital for an eye wash was the only help.....

So this weekend sees my lovely large bushes being dug out from the front drive, just in case the kids brush against them..............


Ouch!  I received bad burns from euphorbia as a child.  I still grow it tho' ... but not when I had young children. 

Glad you got properly seen to. 

Euphorbia sap on the skin can be awful......especially if your skin is exposed to strong sunlight directly afterwards.  

You can get some instant relief by washing off and applying the cut stem of Aloe vera but in the Dove says......Ouch !  Everyone reacts differently to various plants.....I only have to brush against a Hellebore leaf and a rash appears almost instantly.


Yes certainly was painful......

Lesson learnt so they say


I got a terrible rash on arms and belly . Tidying a crab pear for an old couple .come winter I cut it down for them.



Ouch that must have been horrible, hope you are back to normal We have to be careful as we have lots of monkshood and it's really easy to get blase about it.



You do need to be careful. It's a bit like chilli. A quick rinse under the tap isn't always enough. Use soap.

I have to remind the undergardener to put on his wuzzie gloves when he's disposing of clippings for me.

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