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What do people think of heated propagators - are they worth getting? Or do you find you then struggle protecting your early seedlings once they're too big to remain inside? I guess if you have a heated greenhouse this is less of a problem!!


I have occasionally kick-started something that seemed to be taking a long time to germinate but I whip them out of there at the first sign of action so they don't get soft.

But I only grow hardy stuff so no trouble with aftercare. I wouldn't do that right now, they're just outside or in a cold GH and germinate when they will. Come April, when I think they should have germinated, I might try it as a last resort.


I start tomatoes and half hardy annuals in heated propagators and I get them out as soon as they have germinated. But I have a greenhouse with a cold frame in it that has a heated cable buried in damp sand and I put young seedlings there. The GH also has an elderly little heater that keeps frost off. Otherwise it is a struggle. But I don't start sowing until spring.


That sounds like a great plant Clueless and thanks for posting up the specs for it but I'm on Marsh Grazing Land and very heavy wet clay in the winter so I don't think it looks a likely candidate for my garden unfortunately!

The only thing I could offer it would be baked cracked dry soil in the summer but the winter would finish it off pretty rapidly I should think!

Oh well it's always worth asking...




Clari - i love my windowsill heated propagator.  I start half hardys off in Feb, and when they have germinated i move them to another windowsill one that has capillary matting to help with the watering - then i get another set of seeds going in the heated one.  I normally move things out to an unheated gh when the clocks go forward (by then the mornings and evenings are light enough that i can get to the gh before and after work).  In a bad year that means lots of putting fleece on, and taking it back off again, but i don't have many casualties.  Plus it feels like my gardening year has really started then.



Clueless, that could have been me posting! I've been paper potting and seed sorting too! Going to start some onion seed and have a go at growing an exhibition sized one just for the heck of it.

I have a slightly heated gh that I overwinter my standard fuchsias in, and as I'm training twisted and braided stem ones, I still have tying in to do, so I get to play out a little.

I have a jumbo propagator that I use in my garage/dog grooming salon with a grow light. In the winter I bring on fuchsia and other cuttings, then soon I'll start half hardy and tender seeds. It's full for a large part of the year and I couldn't be without it.


Well I'm glad I'm not the only nutter obsessing about the spring and wanting to get out in the garden.

well it's back to grey and wet weather watching for me put I think I will go in to the conservatory today and start cutting dead foliage of my plants and maybe a small tidy up so I can make more room for seedlings in the coming months GJ can you turn any Fuchsia into a standard ??




Can somebody slap my wrist and stop me ticking so many items in the seed catalogue - I'm going to be on my travels in May and OH and you lot will be in charge of all my little seedlings 

star gaze lily

Slap wrist Dove, 

Put the catalogue down and do some knitting instead  or you could bake us all a cake to go with a cuppa later 


Dove where are you going ?? any where nice ??



Dove what supplier do you recommend for someone wanting to start stocking up on seeds to stop them from pacing the greenhouse?

I enjoy the Chilterns catalogue as it has humour as well as great goodies.  Plant World have good things too.  If you belong to the RHS you can also get seeds from their seed collection and distribution service.

Shan't be ordering any myself thiough as I find I have an embarassment of seeds in my box, both bought and collected - the perils of sorting out the garage and organising the new womanshed.  I shall be good and sow those and see what grows before I buy any new ones.


I've resisted so far this year obelixx. I didn't order from the Hardy Plant Society.

I have loads to sow from the seed swap last year, some were autumn sown and some of those have germinated already. I see an out of control pricking out/potting on/space available situation looming again.

But then I look at Chiltern and PW and they've got some exciting seeds. Maybe I won't look



That's what worries me too Nut.   Too many babies and not enough space to prick out and pot on till they're big enough to fend for themselves in the garden.  I'll be working on that when the weather improves - making a new work and grow space behind the garage so they're more easily supervised.   No frost protection yet though so no point getting excited too early.


I lost my big growing on space along side of the house last year. It's shaded from about midday, just right. New drains had to be laid. But I've got it back this year and it looks an enormous space. I know how quickly I can fill it.


Obelixx, Nut, Dove, you all KNOW that no amount of slapping on wrist stops that NEED to buy more seeds. However many are in your (now massive) box. You know, the box that started as a margerine tub, then a biscuit tin, and is now probably a big plastic box from poundland or similar! But the space for the plants gets no bigger! My back lawn gets smaller every yr. I'm going to give lots of baby plants to charities, the school, etc so they can raise money from my obsession, but I'll still have the fun of growing them. Except soon, I'll need to cover the whole garden with a polytunnel!

I go on seed swaps to get rid of some, then end up with more. Like knitters with wool, (or any crafters, really!!!)


You're right jeannie.

could Seedaholics Anonymous help? 


I have to agree I went and bought only two grow bag trays yesterday and found my self coming out with two extra packets of weeds with them I can't stop buying seeds

but I like the idea of giving away to schools I already give to friends and family

I have more seeds than garden but is that going to stop me no way

I even have veg seeds but no where to grow them yet LOL

Nut what's that number