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I read about this one quite a while back and as I haven't got round to the necessary cutting back etc have decided to bring my trailing fuschias in and overwinter them in my back bedroom,.  I did see a photo where someone had grown the fuschias and trained them to go round the window, then cut them back in about Feb to let them rest before putting them out in April/May.  If I hadn't seen water in the plant saucers I would have been convinced they were artificial but it was obvious they were real.  Has anyone ever tried this?

Sara 4

I've never trained them to do anything, but I did have a fuchsia that lived in one of those macrame hanging net things in my bedroom when I was a student.  It wasn't a deliberate policy, more that it was pretty and I didn't know it was meant to go outside!  It lasted for years, despite very very minimal care and attention.

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