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Thats not a bad idea either JANAPANA, personally, I don't feel I need to see him sitting down and drawing an image of the plants we have just seen in real life (well on film) in a different order or layout, I can do that in my head. I suppose the problem would be that If he actually created one of those week to week, it might take a while to complete and for the plants to look like he talks about in his drawings & by this time some one will have gotten bored. Personally for me GW was never as good as when AT was doing it.


That sounds like a good idea - perhaps in future programmes he could revisit his sketches/ideas and physically plant one up for the viewers. Love it.

I agree with you about AT discodave.  Going out now to tidy up the shed. 

Gardening Grandma

Itwould be great to see a design being translated into reality. Where would he do it, though, since there is no GW garden? 



That is the stumbling block GG.. 

Oakley Witch


To be honest...I used all gardening programmes to keep me at bay when I cant get out. I tend not to get inspiration as I get that from the landscape and areas around me. I think that GW is a great programme if you are starting out but for those of us that are a little more ahead (I'm not that ahead I have to say) it can get a little run of the mill,  but it gives people a step forward as to what to do and explaining things. I know my self that in the early days I learnt a lot from GW. I still get some stuff from it but its there to help more . They all do a great job. However...I did enjoy Carols cottage garden a little more

flowering rose

What did Joe swift do before he had an I pad?sad if you have to result to that.


 I don't understand that comment Flowering Rose.

Terence Jones

I enjoy GW no matter what it covers week to week, and have been watching TV gardening since the black and white TV Percy Thrower days, it's never boring, Granted somtimes most af a program will be centered on a particular garden event or subject that I am not particularly interested in, but I am sure that there will be many that would feel that it's a highlight episode for them, When I do find that an item is of particular interest to me I often feel that it is given only scant coverage and should have been gone into in greater depth. Over time producers, presenters, etc come and go so the flavour of the program will change to reflect this. Let us remenber that the BBC has the impossible task of being all things to all men.


While we all keep wishing for more of hour GW I think they have it about right.


Except of course if the program is dropped in favour those who want to watch 22 grown men chase a bag of wind round a field in all weathers for  90 minutes!


As a well known designer, I expect Joe normally starts with pencil and paper and uses a computer when doing designs for clients. He's particularly adept with smaller plots (mainly urban) and understands that small spaces are usually harder to design than big ones. I assume most people here read G's World where his designs are often shown more fully, complete with planting plans etc. I think the i pod might be an attempt to reach a younger audience or is just giving a modern slant on things. Gardens evolve and so do the methods of promoting them. I enjoy watching G's World but it must be very difficult to come up with new ideas as a lot of things are done at the same time each year (planting bulbs/lawn care etc). I believe that was partly the reason why Alan Titchmarsh stopped. He said there was only so many times you could show people how to rake out thatch and spike and top dress with enthusiasm. Understandable.

Up here it's called an 'och aye pod'...


I must agree with fairygirl, we live in a technological age, therefore its inevitable at some point it will be embraced and used, especially when trying to reach younger audiences. 

Put it this way - B&W TV lost it's appeal YYYYEARS ago. Right ?


Marshmello - Have you ever seen Casablanca??

Or 'The Artist'? 

I am kidding!



Woodgreen wonderboy

Like many of you I have been a GW fan since Percy Thrower's days. I find the current offering thoroughly boring and rarely useful. I certainly don't know it all but I cannot, and never have. liked MD. I know it is all a matter of personal preference and I cannot put my finger on it but he is the worst presenter they have ever had. Toby was good as was Alan before he went walkabout. Geoff was great, and everyone before him really shaped my thinking over the years. Now, I watch GW with one eye on my laptop doing something else at the same time.


I think we all have an opinion and that's a good thing. One man's meat etc....

For me G's World is a bit like a comfy pair of slippers and the idea of it is often better than the reality but I still watch it as it represents everything that's nice about being in the garden. There's always bits we won't like or presenters we won't like but it's an institution and it wouldn't be the same without it.

Re the posts about Joe's designs being made- does anyone remember the series 'Small Town Gardens' which Rachel De T presented? I think it was popular because many people could relate to the content. More of those types of prog would be well received I think but I expect it all comes down to cost.

Fewer reality shows with Z list 'celebs' perhaps??


Personally i'm looking forward to the the scottish program starting next sunday, as living up north it'll be useful for me, as GW seems to be a little southern centric, with alot of the weekly jobs being at least a month ahead of what's possible up here. 

Personally i'd love to see GW specifically for Veg/food, there is a great interest in grow your own, and really deserves more than 5 mins a week on GW.

Oakley Witch
Where abouts are you Andy? Im in Scotlans too.

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