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Hi everyone! I'd ordered courgette seeds in May, but they were delivered last week. I was wondering, should I plant them now or is it too late for this year? I was so looking forward to my own courgettes

Yes, plant away. Put some suitable compost in a 3 inch pot, press one see into each pot making sure that the seed stays on its edge and not lying flat, water it really well until it is soaked, allow the excess water to drain away and don't water it again until the seed germinates. Mine were in a warm room and came up in four days. Once they emerge they grow so quickly they will soon catch up and can be put into bigger pots or into the ground.

Hi loony, i put some in last week, they are already trying to grow true leaves, mine are in modules filled with that coir stuff. Give them a go
You think there will be time to harvest some courgettes, Pansyface?
Thanks Rebecca, between what you and Pansyface are saying, I'm going to go ahead!



There should be plenty of time, assuming we ever get rid of this rain!


The last lot I soaked for about 5 hours before sowing and they came up much quicker than the ones I didn't soak.

Yes I soaked them too. I think one's germinated

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