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I have loads of tomatoes, chillis and bell peppers and all the plants have both huge fruit , very small fruit and flowers and are just a bit (very)green. I also have loads of cucumbers that are all a bit small (an inch or two).

Quick question is if i bring the peppers and chillis in will they ripen and the last of the flowers (dozens of flowers still on each plant) ripen and produce fruit.

If I pick all the big cues and green toms will the small cues and toms swell on the plants or is it too late now.

I can always  pickle the picked cues and ripen the large toms in doors. 

If helps am in the south east Hertfordshire area


woops think this ended up on wrong board


Stacey Docherty

With regards to the chillies unless you overwinter them it is unlikely the flowers will now set fruit it's a bit late plus they probably won't get x pollinated indoors... The chillies on the plants will continue to ripen slowly indoors ... I grow a lot if chillies and I just leave them out but that's a personal choice. Why not do your own trial bring some in leave some out....


Hi Stacey, do you like my new crown? I have a heavy crop of chillies after taking your advice on how to treat them rough. however they are just not showing sign of turning colour.what ya think Stace

Stacey Docherty

Patience....... Mine are just starting to turn now... Keep them on a patio did possible near a building for a little residual heat that's why I group all mine togethlol they cuddle to keep heat lol



All windowsills covered with chillis and green peppers , waiting to turn, fingers crossed , i hope they do as i dont like green peppers or chillis.

Stacey Docherty

Green chillies can make a fab relish.... They will turn lol I'm glad I'm not the only impatient one in the gardening world.... Any that don't ripen pickle......

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