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just wondered if I could create a new thread. nothing else seems to work tonite. or for most of the day

Yes but has it suddenly started to work again?


I started one nut - about the bee prog-  and that worked. The whole thing's gone t**s up tonight! 


Yes, FG and as you correctly pointed out on another thread, pressing F5 (or clicking refresh) everytime one goes to a new thread or back to latest posts seems to keep things almost working!

Well, I'm glad not I'm the only working one it's properly not for. See?



It's having a bit of a wobble for me as well, I can't see my posts and have to refresh the page.


got it sorted with the refresh thing now


I've been working away for a couple of days, not been home long look's like i've missed it all.  Seems ok now but it is 4am.

Not working for me


No, nor me. Only with the refresh button


Had lots of problems with it also

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