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Recently checked the dates in the past when I sowed carrots, Beetroot, spring onions, etc etc. A few years I did that in mid Feb but mostly in first week in March. I used cloches and fleece and had runner beans growing under home made poly tunnels by April So, it feels late now. It is late. However, I'm not sure how well my early sowings would have done this year....too cold. Everything catches up, they say, as it warms up but I feel the urgency now to sow veg in the next few days. .....don't panic captain Mainwaring? Ha ha

I shall be seed sowing today - beetroot today definitely and parsley - must get the sweet peas going at last - I was going to start them in the autumn but what with poorly Aged Ps some things got put on the back burner.  Must start the runner beans very soon and the french beans.

 I've also got some flower seeds from Nutcutlet that I need to get going - ooh, my fingers are starting to twitch - breakfast in a few minutes then I'll get out in the garden and start waking the neighbours 




You havent missed much not getting your sweet peas in yet. I sowed indorrs maybe 4 weeks ago in propagagoe, got good fast growth. 2 weeks ago pinched out and started to leave outside in daytime. a few days ago potted up and started to leave outside all the time but now they are at a standstill.

I guess if you sow in place now they will catch up just as fast. Im thinking of sowing another batch in place to compare.

Its supposed to be sunny here today! thats what they need!


Cmon already spring...

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