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Jess is in the Garden


I found this product online, the other day. It seems amazing, both for destroying the larvae and eggs, and for using as a foliar spray to kill the adults. Best if all, it is bio control, so won't harm pollinators and flying insects.

Seems too good to be true and, as feared, I've contacted the manufacturer and it isn't available to the general public as such, only to those people who possess certain certificates etc.

As you can see from the link, it works by infecting the eggs, larvae and adults with a naturally-occurring fungus found in soil. 

Does anybody know why this apparently amazing product isn't available for us to buy?

Seems strange that I can go to any shop and buy lethal neonicotinoids that harm bees and taint our food! but I can't buy a bio control insecticide!




Jess is in the Garden

Blimey Edd!

i didn't think it was even available for ordinary folk to buy.

unless you know otherwise!


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