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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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Frank/Dad was wondering how you were. I've just bought my new one -came the other day. I've been using daughter's old one but it was driving me nuts so I felt enough was enough. I used a comparison site and felt this one was a good buy at £240 reduced from £270. Daughter bought a notebook for under £200 and it seems fine for what she needs. I think it depends what you need it for. Sometimes the repairs don't work too well so I guess it depends on waht you need doing. 

We'll miss you!x


Fairygirl/Daughter, I keep getting a flicker on the thing then it cuts out so this may not go.
Looking for mid-range with more speed as I write for the local libraries History plus putting it all down for the Grandchildren to read some day, the printer gets red hot.
Already won half the cost, changed my house and contents insurance this morning saving £247 a year, the old insurance did not even ask why i was leaving them after all those years.
Hope to be up and running soon.


Well Done, Frank, I am a big fan of MoneySavingExpert, and change my car insurance every year without fail now.  When I first changed it a couple of years ago, my old insurance was £330, I got last year for £140 with £30 cashback, this year similar, but only £22.50 cashback.

Tina, hope you went through TopCashBack.  I swear by it, if you're going to buy on-line, click through their site, and you get money back if the merchant is signed up to the scheme.  T&M are signed up, Blooming direct, and lots of the insurance sites.  If you take your cash by Amazon or Love to Shop vouchers, they top it up by 5%.  Only it's a shame that you can't earn cashback from Amazon, I spend a small fortune there.  If you're old fashioned and prefer cash, they will pay via a paypal account.  All free, definitely worth it (£125 in cash back in just over a year).


MMP did you mean Fairygirl cos I haven't bought anything.  Been supping at lunchtime have we?

I have a rant.  Who invented housework?  I should have lived in the Stone Age then I wouldn't feel compelled to do it.

Gardening Grandma

Well, with all the proliferation of new chat threads, I thought this thread might have died! I could have rescued it myself and at least brought it back onto the first page, but decided to let it take its chances. I'm glad it has had a reprieve.

MMP, I had forgotten about cashback sites. Thanks for the remnder! I must get into using them again. Every penny helps, to quote a particular supermarket, which is making big profits out of us at the moment...

Frank, we will miss you. Come back soon. I'm using a pretty dodgy laptop at the moment myself, having splashed coffee on the other one rescuing my cup from the dratted dog! The built-in mouse is now dodgy on both of them. Like you, Fairygirl, my laptop is precious to me. I'm waiting to see whether the good laptop dries out naturally or has to be repaired. Managed not to kick the dog, though!




The flicker might be a screen fault or a psu fault my screen dims on battery and brightens on mains power you would see there is an led light which usually changes colour orange when charging yellowy green when charged off when no power connected.

Alternatively if it is the screen you might plug an external monitor in the side and it can mirror the internal screen. A tube type you should just about be able to get for free, if you ask the right person... they have little value these days people like big lcd screens these days.



You could try Freecycle, Frank, and see if anyone has a spare monitor to gift.

Tina, at the time was trying to post with a two year old clambering all over me.  Chances of me having a wee drinky at lunchime are zero with these two.  They are either winding each other up, winding me up, annoying the dog, demanding drinky and sweeties (was daft enough to buy a big jar of mini eggs in Makro last week), requiring a nappy change (little one) or escorting to the toilet (big one).

Now that OH has gone back to work, and big one is  still at home, is increasingly difficult to post during daytime.  Roll on Tuesday, someone else gets to deal with the constant 'Why?' during the daytime!!

But using cashback sites is a great idea, even if you don't buy much over the interweb, save the cashback for Christmastime.


Thank goodness those days are over for me MMP. Years ago, MIL phoned me about 3.45.  During the conversation, I did my usual rant at the kids as they were arguing - normal.  MIL said, yes, it gets to you at the end of the day doesn't it.  Replied, they've only been in since 3.30.  I have to admit I used to shout a lot.  Not a good idea.

Make the most of them MMP.  Time passes too fast.

Blackest, my laptop is coming up five and nearly full even though I put stuff on disc. I saw a flicker of life a minute ago so came on fast.
The batteries are dying, the power cable has a fracture somewhere and compared with modern laptops mine is heavy so new it will be after all I cannot take it with me and I saved some money towards it with shifting my house insurance.
If this was a horse I would have to shoot it.

Frank. (made it, I hope)

Trying to make the most of them Tina.  Not easy, having just rescued small boy's creme egg from smaller girl who has decided she doesn't like hers, so she'll try her brothers.  She's now sitting on the floor, screaming, as that's where she goes if she bites/kicks/scratches - I've had all three at once.  Beginning to think my new gloves will come in handy for handling a bad-tempered nearly two year old!

Gardening Grandma

 My sympathy, MMP! I always think that things get easier once they are three and can be reasoned with. At two, they have just learnt to say no and are determined to do so!


MMP- Like Tina I'm glad I'm past that-and since I had my children late I'll be in a home by the time they have any and I won't need to babysit....

I did forget about the cashback thing as I don't buy as much as a lot of people so not in the habit but I know they're very useful.

Farnk/Dad-battery was done on my old laptop too and as my girls had both had the same one we used older daughter's battery (laptop was done) but that was also done! You had to take it in and out in order to type (??) and it would conk out for no reason  Well done with the insurance- I do the same and it's amazing how much you can save.

Gardening Grandma

I got a really good battery for my good laptop for £40 from Duracell. much, much cheaper than buying from the manufacturer of your laptop. It fits perfectly and works well.


The problem is, as they get older problems get bigger. We do all laugh now at some of the things that happened.  Happy days.

Let me know what you think of those gloves MMP.  I was asking about them n here a little while ago.  Have looked on Amazon and they seem to do only 1 pair in small, a Laura Ashley pair.  Don't want to chuck my money away,

Gardening Grandma

There's no doubt about that, Tina. They never stop costing you money, either!



Yes, I know, but you can't take it with you can you.  Going to spend all that I've got and then ask them for money if/when I need it.  Wonder what their reaction would be. 

Gardening Grandma

Mine's a minister and hasn't got any! Its true you can't take it with you but it would be nice to keep it for a while!


Glad you can get a new one frank for reference your typical laptop psu is less than £15 on ebay , batteries can be £30 or so. Keyboards typically around £10. It's only in shops you find these parts stupidly expensive.


That's a handy bit of info Blackest. Shops just want to sell you the priciest there is.

Tina, unless you've got quite small hands, like me, you might need to go for the Men's glove, as mine are very snug, and I've got short fingers (no piano lessons for me!).  My fingers are quite slight, too, little finger size D for rings, middle finger size L.  The gloves are snug, but very, very soft, and I think worth the money.  If you've got a Notcutts near you they stock them (they have one glove on a chain for folks to try on, so it's a little bit bigger than the ones I've got - had countless people trying it on I guess.  So I'd try and find a stockist, so you can try them on.  I would have bitten the bullet and bought some from there, but hey, they didn't have them in stock!

I've just checked and Amazon are doing them for £23.95, which is the same as ebay, given the choice Amazon is always better to return to - can just say didn't fit, which I did with the first gauntlets I tried.  Type tough touch into the amazon search box.  They look and feel as though they will stand up to the job, and the gauntlet bit comes about two-thirds of the way up to my elbow.  Hoping to try them out at the weekend - you watch the rain come now I've said that!!