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a place to lt off steam about all the irritating and/or stupid ideas you have come across lately

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My daughter paid pet insurance for years for her two pedigree dogs but never claimed as she said by the time they paid  they paid the excess, it wasn't worth claiming.  Then, as they got older, so the premiums went up and she stopped.  Like everything else, there are times when you just can't justify paying out every month, just in case anything goes wrong.  Hope your hound improves with the antibiotics MPP.  Wish I could help with a job. I really do know how hard it can be. Not fun at all.



i suppose I speak from having paid pet ins for 7/8 years then had ongoing medical condition with my labrador and had back in paid for treatment much more than I had paid in..I agree that it is not an essential expense and \I do know how hard it can be sometimes ro cope,

MMP hope your furry boy improves soon.

The potty gardener

MMP hope the doggys foot gets better.

I've four children and have been divorced three times and know how it feels to have no money. Feel for you- life is very frustrating sometimes.

My rant for the evening- if they have the choice of the best from all the applicatants on the apprentice- well then the country is going to the dogs.

Thanks everyone.  Just got a bit fed up of being the statue and never seeming to get my day as the pigeon, and worried about Max.  He's a rescue, and has given us so much more back than he ever took.  Our house is a forever home, we do what we can to understand our dogs, and understand that some things can be difficult for them.  Bracken was terrified of belts, we think that one of her previous owners had beaten her with one.  If I ever found out who it was, I don't think I could be responsible for my actions.

Gilly, if you've had more back than you paid in, then I think you've been one of the lucky ones, the charges go up and up each year the dog gets older, and as Max is at least 10 now (we got him in 2003 as an adolescent dog), the excess would be mad, that is if anyone would insure him.

Bev - I don't think the apprentices are chosen for their intelligence, the program makers know what they're doing and 12 really bright sparks wouldn't make good TV, whereas 12 assholes spouting the guff they do, does.  Apparently.  I don't really watch 'reality' TV, I think life's too short to watch that.  Give me a good Midsomer Body Count, or NCIS, or a Foyle, Morse, Frost or Endeavour and I'm happy.  I do admit to having a soft spot for Most Haunted, that used to have me roaring with laughter every time Yvette Fielding started shrieking, got possessed or Derek Acorah started going on about 'suberreaneans' living in the Tube in prehistoric times.  Derek, you berk, the tube was built in 18-something or other, it wasn't there in prehistoric times.  Still makes my husband laugh if I suddenly shout subterreneans at him at random times.  I think thats as close to reality TV as I've ever got.


I would just like to add that mostly people do not know other peoples situations,at any one time someone will be going through redundancy,divorce,illness or death.This is a good idea for a thread,but it should bre a rant about not a rant at.

Good luck MMP with Max today. 


You are right Gilly, I cannot comment on other peoples break ups and the problems it all brings having had a long happy marriage until Joan Passed on a couple of years ago. I picked myself up refused the medication the Doctor offered and although it still hurts carry on as she would have wished.
A Wedding brought all the family together from as far as California two weeks ago and today they fly off to their own homes, of course I will miss them so got stuck in to a big clean up, washing, and catching up in the garden, "err" just having a quick cuppa at the moment not skiving.
It would not work for every one especially when there is a money shortage, I hardly saw my children when they were growing up working hard to keep them, I do see a lot of them now though, the family are very strong and we do get comments on it.
Sometimes sacrifices are worth it in the end although making those sacrifices does hurt, it comes down to choices.



I'm sorry to hear about anyone being in dire straits but I agree with G & P. I know we have some fun and let off steam about non gardening issues on here even though it is a gardening forum.

MMP it makes me feel uncomfortable about mentioning plants I've bought and other such stuff when you are saying you struggle to put food on the table. I feel you are lonely and obviously very worried and in need of someone to "speak" to, but is this honestly the right place?

I hope your dog does well on the antibiotics and that you find work that suits very soon. In future I'll give this thread a miss.


 Thanks Palaisglide & KEF,glad that you agree, use this thread to let off steam at the big organisations.After all did,nt we join this forum for light hearted chat about gardening and associated problems/ banter?.

I apologise if I've made anyone feel uncomfortable, most people I know work very hard for their money, and I know that when you've worked for it, you have every right to spend it on whatever you want, please don't feel you need to stop posting.

I can normally see the funny side to most things, and probably will do when things get a bit easier, I have a touch of Churchill's black dog at the moment.

I will only post garden related stuff until my head's in a better place.

MMP as they say in life one door closes another door opens so i hope you get some work soon but as long as your family are healthy and well that's the main thing take care all the best for the future.

MMP, no apologies needed and it does not make me uncomfortable just very angry at a Government who think they can improve the economy by putting two and a half million people out of work then calling them lazy and cutting the benefits.
The way to make progress in any economy is by full employment where people can pay their taxes and give families a decent living.
You are struggling hence the Black dog mood and I am sure many of us in that position would feel the same. Your time will come, sooner than later I hope for you, meanwhile we do listen.



Can we have a new rant now please?


Ok- GillyL. I decided to order the rest of the fence posts online as they were  a good bit cheaper than B&Q. Every time I added a bit more the delivery charge got higher and higher! £45 they want for 15 posts! Would be cheaper driving down there and getting them. How can they justify that? I'm really not saving anything!

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask....

Will just have to go back  to B&Q and see what they take for delivery. Would take too many trips in the car I have now. 


Our B & Q charges £20 delivery ,I guess it would be the same everywhere,we also book any delivery on a Wednesday to save the 10% over 60 discount.

The potty gardener

I do like watching the gardening shows on shopping channels. BUT they keep saying so that's ##p a plant- they should add on the p+p before calculating cost- you can't choose to pick them up and not pay the p+p!!!



Plant £1 p&p £2.95 does not sound such a bargain


FG, you need your wand for B&Q.

I keep blocking all the stupid e-mails I get for pills which will be of no use to me  (if you know what I mean ladies) but they keep persisting.  When I was Hotmail, didn't have the problem, but now Outlook have taken over, it's an absolute pain.  Anyone got any ideas? 


Take the pills Tina and give them a kicking. My biggest rant is phonecalls about PPI, keep registering to block them and they still start up again.


Unfortunately GillyL I'm not yet 60 so I don't qualify for the 10% off!

 Isn't it  really frustrating when they just mislead you about delivery. 


FG, are you spending over £50 because I thought they usually gave free delivery once this target is met. Obviously, I don't know how much the posts cost.