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Gardening Grandma

Funny how driving brings out one's aggression, not sure why, but cutting a second or two off the journey becomes a priority and anybody in one's way gets a dose of aggression. Not me, of course! (That's a self-righteous smirk, there doesn't seem to be an icon for that.) I think perhaps it is boredom - people do the same journey every day, know every inch of the road and have to do something to alleviate the boredom. Now I'm old and sensible, I think everybody should slow down and drive with care, remembering that the most important people in any area are the residents. Had my share of aggression on the road when I was younger and a lot more stupid.

Love your comments Frank. Having driven into Cairo from the Sinai Desert  - an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives - cars, lorries, buses, military vehicles,horses, pedestrians (whole families, mum,dad,and little kids )- all over the roads,absolute bedlam - I would also agree that the Mad Women of the School Run are the daftest of the lot. Most afternoons between 2.30 and 3.30 I'm indoors having a cuppa - let them fight it out on the streets - no wonder they all seem to wear Hi-viz jackets - they b....y need them!


Is it just me? I'm watching the news and the main story is coverage of the family of the murdered soldier visiting the 'site'. Do the press, tv and media in general, think it's appropriate or necessary for the general public to gawp at these poor souls who are desperately trying to cope with, and understand, their loss.  Coverage of the incident etc - yes - of course I understand that, but  close ups of the card on a bunch of flowers from his little boy, cameras on his young sister collapsing. What the h*** is that all about? Have they no idea any more of common decency.

Sorry, but I find it highly offensive.

Pentille Driving in Cairo was an experience Apart from the locals not quite sure which side of the road they should drive on, the overloaded horse carts with poor old nags with no MOT and that was only the drivers, the horses were something else, the beauty being I was in a military vehicle with huge bull bars, they got out of my way.

My rant today concerns Chelsea. I watched hours of it in the hope of seeing some of the other gold medal winners instead of the same dozen over and over again. Allan would do some then Joe would do them again then we got a couple of "err" Celebrities?? is that the correct word I ask? who did it all again. 92 Gold medals and we saw only a few. I managed last night Saturday but not tonight knowing it would be more of the same.
BBC The show is CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW not the Allan Joe and Nicki show, we want to see gardens flowers plants and some of the side tents with the latest gardening gear not b@#@#@ presenters flouncing and preening round looking smug.
We have more garden shows to come so more gardens less presenters please, please, pretty please.



I understand how you feel FG.  I, too, find it somewhat macabre.  What has taken place has affected me deeply as it has so many others. Personally, I think that should have taken place privately.  We should not have been privy to their distress.   I turned off almost immediately. But that's what the media are all about these days isn't it.  Sensationalism.  I'm sad also that my daughter made sure her children did not see what took place yet the next day at school lots of kids were talking about it and recounting the horror.  What is wrong with parents these days?  Shouldn't they be shielding their children from such scenes.  They are primary school children by the way.

I am not going to apologise for my feelings and you shouldn't either.


I must be odd.  I'm one of the only people in the village that walks their children to school.  I'm a great believer in exercise being good for you, and it gets them alert for the start of the school day.  However, when I cross the road, I'm taking my life into my hands with all of the parents eager to drop off their little darlings and hot foot it off to work, or the hairdressers, or each other's houses for coffee.

I also wonder what's going on with other parents.  My son, now four and a half, is asking for a TV in this room, because his cousin has one (his cousin is six months older than my son).  He also has pirates of the carribean toys, it's one of his favourite films (his cousin's not his - I won't let him watch it).  It's a certificate 15, if I remember correctly.  If I were one of the parents, I would be taking my child the long way around, so they didn't get to see any of the carnage - after all the good the headmaster did by 'locking down' the school, to have the fool parents undo it all.

You should have to pass a common sense test to be allowed to procreate.  Trouble is, all the stupid people breed like rabbits (as they get more benefits with each child they have), and the folks that try and have a bit of stability in their lives before having kids, find they can't afford them as they're paying for everyone else's children.

So I am a mean mummy, as I won't allow my son to have a TV or DVD player in his room, and will only let him use the Cbeebies website under close supervision.  God alone knows when peer pressure will start him lobbying for computer games based on World War 2, I totally disagree with those, until the kids know a bit of the history and can appreciate the total carnage that war causes, and can name some of the major battles, and give a brief synopsis of when and where and why, no war games.

When I was working, before I had kids, I asked some of my workmates (all similar age to myself, maybe a bit younger) when they thought the battle of Britain took place.  Consensus of opinon was 1066, they were amazed to find that was the Battle of Hastings, and that the Battle of Britain was 1940.

No wonder kids aren't proud of their heritage, no-one tells them about it.

MMP, you are between the rock and the hard place when it comes to technology, my grandchildren had to grow a bit before they got TV in their rooms and at the same time they had to play sport go swimming and still do they love it. Of course they had mad aunts and uncles to take them to all those things and most weeks have a sleep out at one of them, that way you tend to get rounded children who can hold their own in most situations.
They had laptops or computers from being able to crawl as it is technology they will need to compete in life and at twelve and eight can fix my laptop for me in the blink of an eye. What do we do? somethings they must have other things they should be kept away from and anything war game is one of those things including those crash bang thank you ma'am films all the rage at the moment on TV and Cinema.
They carry phones for safety and can use them better than me, they have Ipods and other things although they play out in the gardens when possible, it is a bit of everything for them, Camping holidays with the Caravan sees them out in the open climbing or walking and gardening with granddad, they love eating the stuff we grow, a carrot washed off with the hose pipe tastes much better to them.
You are obviously a good mother the problem being a balance between them not seeming to be too different to their friends yet not giving in to all demands, they do learn that not all things are available or even possible in time, five is a bit young for those things you talk about.
As to History, those of us who lived through the war years know every twist and turn they were burned into us, to the modern kids it is old hat and those who do study it always come up with things we should have done better? yes well they were not there.


No you are not being a mean mummy, i totally agree with you. When my daughter was ar first school think she was about 6. She came home from school one day very upset she finally told me what it was about the other girls in her class had been playing drug dealers in the play ground. I spoke to the the mums concerned and all they said was oh yes the girls had watched ot on The Bill last night and what was i worrying about. I hit the roof couldnt believe what i was hearing. What planet are these people on our children are children for such a short time let them enjoy playing.

Gardening Grandma

The thing with all this emphasis on electronic things, too, is that they don't get the reading habit. This is so important for their education, especially in secondary school. I taught many kids who were not fully literate because they watched screens in their leisure time and never read books. It puts them at a great disadvantage when they get to GCSE level. I don't know enough about junior schools to be able to comment on that. 


Children are "children " for such a short period of time,the trend nowadays seems to be to let them grow up too quickly,not just in behaviour,but also in the way some of them are dressed.

I remember in my days....................


You can remember that far back Gilly? I am happy that my daughter and SIL are old fashioned when it comes to dress attire for 10 year old grandaughter.  SIL wouldn't allow and is still resisting her having a bikini for her hols.  She always looks lovely, without having all the inappropriate styles on sale these days.  Keeps asking for her ears to be pierced, but not allowed until she's older, I'm pleased to say.

Yep, you can buy tops for 3 year olds with 'Bitch' emblazoned in bright metallic shiny letters.  I WON'T be buying one of those, ever, and I question the mentality of parents that are happy for such young children to wear such items.

I'd love for my children to be bookworms, they both get the 'imagination library' books from the Dollywood foundation, and they are lovely books to get, and I will try to make sure they both get a book a month when that runs out (they are given one book a month, totally free, to try and encourage a love of reading until they are five).

When I was younger I used to drive my Mum to distraction, as during the summer holidays we didn't go away on holiday (at that point my Dad had a gambling addiction), I'd go to the library twice or three times a week to change my library books, I was that engrossed in what I was reading I'd not hear Mum calling me for dinner or tea.  Sometimes back via the post office for a quarter of something nice if pocket money permitted (sometimes my big brother would give me 50p out of his wages for going and buying a huge list of chocolate and sweeties for him on pay day).  I could get a packet of crisps, a quarter of dolly mixtures, a quarter of jelly babies and a bar of fry's five centres for that!!

Even now, my idea of heaven is two sound-asleep children, a bag of jelly beans or galaxy counters and something good on my kindle.  Not that it happens that often, by the time I've wrestled the eldest small child into bed (the winner by 3 falls and a submission), all I'm good for myself is sleep!


My pet gripe are the people that dump their garden waste anywhere but in their own garden, my next door neighbour dumps his grass clippings on the estate green. Others dump their garden waste along hedge rows and it looks really messy and untidy, but of course their garden is perfect without a compost heap 

Gardening Grandma

No need for that nowadays, either, Fred, since the council recycle it via the brown bag scheme.

We've just been caravanning in Dorset on a lovely site, but the lane that provides access is literally lined with piles of horse manure. Not pleasant to drive through! Why don't the next-door stables deal with it on their own land?


MMP, shilling pocket money every Tuesday bought me a June & Schoolfriend comic 7d and the  "new flavour " crisps, salt & vinegar at 5d, I used to crunch the crisps up and eat tiny bits so I could make them last my entire comic..Soz not a mob rant but my memory of an innocent childhood. My niece at that age had more gadgets than gadgetman, and knew the value of none.

I soooo love crisps.


Just reading the postings and stuff about technology and children.

I've a moan about social network sites, which me thinks, have a lot to answer for. Those who own these sites are making millions, yet make few, if any checks on the people who access them and in some cases, I may be very wrong, but it seems anything goes and if you act as a good parent by limiting your childs access at home, children can go and access the net on someone's mobile phone, in the library or at school!

Gardening Grandma

Really worrying,  Zoomer. I should think it is unlikely at school, unless things have changed since I retired, because pupils are supervised when using the net.

The filters that are applied by schools and colleges are not foolproof, either.  When at college, many  moons ago, one of our cohort typed in 'sex' and 'sheep', and got a warning that his search was illegal.  So he typed in 'Sheep' and 'Sex', and got taken straight to the 'Love ewe' site.  I'll let you work out what that was about!

GG. It is worrying isn't it.

Gardening Grandma

The internet is a wonderful, dangerous place, with every kind of extreme, good and bad. Our children are in moral danger of a kind my generation never dreamed of and we have to protect them. However, all kids get up to mischief and flout rules and as long as the example and atmosphere at home are (is?) healthy, they will probably be OK. Home is much the biggest influence on them, though they may have a horrible phase of being influenced by the wrong peer group at times. Drugs are the biggest risk because they enslave people. My DIL grew up at a posh public school where a close friend got onto drugs and ended up actually murdering someone while under the influence of drugs. Drink is an increasing problem because really young children do stupid things like fighting and procreating when drunk -  and drinnk is easy to get. I'm glad I don't have children to bring up now.