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15/04/2013 at 15:17
joslow wrote (see)

I disagree MD has for a long time dismissed garden centres as beneath him. He is the face of gardening but rarely acknowledges that many people need to buy stuff for their garden, not all of us have room for 3 compost bins and 3 heated greehouses and a potting shed.

i don't think that its monty don fault, he has his opinion like all of us, but Gardner's world this week you saw him potting on young plants, telling us to protect them and im sure i saw labels on them from the garden centre, or was it a dream.  I don't think garden centres are beneath him, he just isn't very commercially inspired,  if he can grow it he will, make it he will ,  just gardening which he is loved and admired for ..

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41 to 41 of 41 messages