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Orchid Lady

Apart from which....48 hours??  You must have very good floodlights to garden in the dark 


My OH likes Rachel, calls her ' the posh bird'

no more posts from me on this topic - your replies are bordering on being sarcastic and rude, my time is better spent in my  "very very large PRIVATE garden" (11 acres incidentally) and not by floodlight Orchid Lady!!

Hostafan if your garden is so big do you open to the public should be worth seeing!!

End of topic........


Lizanne Bell wrote (see)

End of topic........



Thank heavens for that Lizanne


DAVID K  your post of 25th  you forgot to mention the lambs!!!!!


NUTCUTLET  sarcasim is the cheapest form of wit !!!!!!

i'm with o.l peace and love maaan, my garden is tiny like me and parfectly formed... er ... analogy ends there!!!


Not like me to wade in with a facetious comment ....or 6....... so I wont!!!!

Rosemummy and punkdoc  NO I won't  take the bait! 



How very odd.  The OP's name suddenly appeared as Juniper J then changed back again 

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

If you could avoid discussing/speculating about users who are new to the forum, that will help to maintain the friendly atmosphere that people value here. If the forum is to be useful to everybody, people need to feel comfortable posting.

The 'no bickering' policy still stands and we will delete threads if necessary.

Thank you.

Daniel Haynes

Orchid Lady

New to the board and very dissapointed that you and others choose to reply with sarcasm. I expected polite and civil replies.
If you cannot have something constructive and polite to say why bother?

I must add that your posts in reply excel in rudeness.,

Certainly Daniel, and if new users could please refrain from private messaging people they don't know.  My comments were friendly and in my usual a jokey fashion until comments about a very large garden......some members on here aren't quite so fortunate and this is a forum for inclusion of everyone not only those fortunate enough to have a large garden!! Others will confirm that my comments weren't sarcastic and I have made reference to both Nigel and Rachel on posts on other threads.

I will not be replying to the above message I came home to today, not sure if anyone else received the same message or if it is just me that was targeted???

There is a lovely man just joined the forum, put a lovely message on and we have all welcomed him....there are ways if introducing yourself in my opinion and not by causing unnecessary debate 

Orchid lady 

must say orchid lady and other regulars are nothing but absolutely lovely,I,ve not seen any rude comments, comments on a few threads are jokingly cheeky but I,ve not seen anything horrid, o.l, you only deserve lovely messages, you are a delight, that goes for everyone I,ve joined in chats with

Well, I'm absolutely lovely.   Charming  And ever so modest   Ever so 'umble I am 



Here here OL. I see none of us being obnoxious and purposely trying to agitate people and get responses. And that's all I'll dare say on the matter, from my very, very tiny and unimportant stretch of 2metre by 5metre stretch of concrete which I place pots upon and call my garden. Harumph.


Ah, but Sweet Pea - I bet your garden's very tall - I bet it goes all the way up to the heavens - the angels smile down at it 


Unfortunately, I can't help noticing that one or two of you are often a bit fast at calling someone a WUM without any proof! Sad but true.

Come on folks...........I didn't contribute to this thread ( or even read it until I saw Daniel's post ) and by that time it had deteriorated somewhat into rather rude remarks

What did intrigue me tho was the OP's mention of an 11 acre private garden...........well beyond most of us  especially in the UK but if true, I'd love to know how it is managed, what is grown and to see some pics.

I'm not trying to start any arguments here ..........just interested to see if the OP will come back, start again on a new footing and share his/her garden with us. 

I've never had more than 4 acres ( 2 acres in the UK ) and green with envy about an 11 acre garden.............what you could do with that ?????

If it was a WUM, .....nothing lost but if not ?........Come on OP and share




now we've had an " end of topic" and a " subject closed", what next? discussion terminated? I can't wait.