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I don't know yet but it will start with fleece off and likely finish with fleece on ...

Probably going to sow a few more seed trays, and check on progress. Yesterday I noticed some of my viola seedlings were starting to develop thier first true leaves.

The heated propagator I made seems to be working well with a soil temperature of around the low 20's. It's brilliant to look at in the morning and see how many new seedlings have come through over night.

I'm also looking forward to checking the temperatures inside and outside my greenhouse overnight I just want to get a feel for the amount of frost protection in my greenhouse.

I have a couple of silvercrest digital thermometers designed for cars they have an inside thermometer with the display and an outside probe on a couple of meters of wire. The outside probe is great for monitoring soil temperature. They also record maximum and minimum temperatures which can be reset automatically daily or reset manually. The reset is at midnight so i set the clock out by 12 hours and to cap it off there is a frost alarm.

Heat is an interesting subject I was told by a nurseryman to open the vents a little to help protect plants from frost and that works because moisture in the air condenses and that gives off latent heat which has a warming effect in the green house by venting the drier air in the greenhouse is replaced by moist air from outside which then repeats the cycle.


Good morning all - it's back to work this morning so I'll be gazing out of the window a lot at the birds on my feeders and planning for my retirement later this year 

Hopefully some seed-sowing will be done at the weekend.

Pennine Petal
Good morning, sorry can't chat, in a rush!

First garden group meeting of the year today and I, with the help of one other member, am supposed to be demonstrating rose pruning as our Japanese hostess and several of the Asian ladies haven't a clue and one or two of the others need some pointers for ramblers and climbers.   I suspect we'll be spending the rest of the morning indoors as the forecast is for very wet and windy stuff.   Better than recent snows but not friendly for gardening.



G/morning all have a nice day



Seems to have chucked it down last night, I'm sure the gods are out to stop me finishing this new raised bed area. Was hoping to get it finished, tramped and raked level ready for the raised beds on top, seems that won't be the case now Final prep on the greenhouse instead, then chucking in 6 or 7 trays of seeds I think.


Yes, because once the meeting finishes I have to drive from Brussels to Namur to help my daughter buy a bikini or full cozzie for her school trip to Italy this Easter and this evening I have to go and check on the Jazz/RnB class to see how they're getting on with theiir demos for the end of year show..

Morning Brumbull. Sunshine and blue sky perfect for quick walk with my dog
Gardening Grandma

Oh, great, an interesting new thread! Thanks, Brumbull, for starting it.  Good morning, gardeners. Fat Club this morning (that's the one where we weigh, bemoan our wight and confess all, then eat cake - its held in a cafe) then a bit more mulching; then my son is visiting (from the other side of the country) and tonight we all go to Swansea Museum for an exhibition about Ewenny Pottery and a demonstration from the eighth generation potter, a family member of my husband's. Should be a lovely social day. Retirement has its moments!

This thread is just what the forum needed..a catalyst for renewed friendliness and goodwill.

Hey up everybody just been up to me plot thermometer does,nt offer much encouragement for today white over frost. Still the birds are singing away had to brreak ice on the bird bath.Birds seemed happy about it. I,ll try again later.


Morning everyone. Off to GC later - who knows what I'll come back with. and it's 10% off for people-of-a-certain-age so it'll be 10% more to spend

Gardening success to all

My wife won,t let my wallet within 5 miles of a Garden Center.


Brian, does that mean she always pays?

Hey up Brumbull lets hope the weather improves so we can keep at it.



Morning all

garden group meeting this morning, checked the babies already, all thriving. Crawl around painting the skirting boards and door frame in the spare room this pm. I can see the temperatures rising by the weekend and I want that decorating finished by then

Hey up FloBear you must be having a smile she,s worse than dealing with the Borgias.


Morning All, grey and miserable here again this morning. Will this winter never end?

Jean Genie

Morning  Some more seeds sowing and a play on here seeing how you lot got my laptop sorted

Brian Cooper wrote (see)

Hey up FloBear you must be having a smile she,s worse than dealing with the Borgias.