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madcatjo wrote (see)

you round 'up' until 30, then you 'round down' and at fifty you pretend to be 49 at 60 you stop caring what others think and after you retire you enjoy all those carefree days as if you were a kid again ( apart from those when Arthur Itis shows up)

Morning folks.  Lovely morning but last night was chilly

Didnt get the rain that some parts down here had need rain though.

Visiting this morn so prob no gardening today.

Anyone inspired by Chelsea to get any particular plants?


Gloomy this morning, poured in the night, woke me up, cold and wet. Going to the dentist for a crown prep, but he is my son so it will be nice to see him otherwise. Arthur Itis is showing up, in hands, hip and knee, makes gardening harder.


The problem is Verdun,I am inspired by Chelsea to buy masses of new plants,it is a question of whittling the list down,.........

I would like some new grasses ,I have an area of grit garden,which is only rock,fern and grasses,I could do with a grass that is bright yellow/green to go in one of the corners ,just to lift it a bit.I did notice one on Chelsea this week but did,nt get the name down quick enough.

Morning all been in the garden since 6.30 and hung out 2 load of washing for the wife as she's working. Chelsea has made me think about putting in one maybe two feature's that break up the garden Verdun plants i liked to many but will get a few as i build my garden up. After my tea & toast it's out to steam clean the patio then build the two planter's i need one for front & back garden's  done a bit of weeding last night so it's good find it easier doing a little each day as letting it build up to much. So am off back out have a good day in the garden or whatever your doing today.



Gilly. Millium effusum aureum is a bright yellow/green grass that maybe what you are looking for.

The potty gardener

Morning all. Beautiful day herebut I fear I will not be able to get out in the garden. I am going to have to do that housework that I have been putting off for weeks.... months. My BF is coming here for the first time so I really need to remove the months worth of grime around the house!


Morning all.  Good to see the sun's shining this morning, even though it's between clouds. Beats yesterday.

Not got anything planned at the moment but do hope to get outside when the energy level rises.  Why do I always feel more tired when I get up in the morning than when I went to bed? 

Thought the view lovely FG.  Wish I had had the forethought to stop and think of doing something like that.  I think it's something that you should be advised to do. My Dad, thinking he would go first, always used to tell my Mum that he wanted his ashes scattered in the greenhouse so that when she opened it up of a morning, he could greet her.  Silly old sod.


Bev, a stint in the garden wlll do you far more good than doing housework. I'm sure that BF won't notice a bit of untidyness and dirt. Might even help outside.

Morning everyone or should I say good afternoon.....nearly twelve......I have been helping my mum and dad all week so I am looking forward to going home and pottering with all my is nice and sunny on the Wirral today and feels a little wishes to everyone and hope you are able to get some gardening done today,



Morning all- bit later than I normally post!

Been out painting fence planks as it's lovely here and I've been busy with other things. Just came in for a cuppa. No cake today though!

Andy - slow down!!!!

Gilly another grass is the carex 'evergold'. I put a pic on here somewhere - it's also good for brightening up a dull spot but will take a bit of sun too. 3 of them plonked together would give a square yard or so.

Thanks for all the kind comments about my 'view'. It just came to me one day about the ashes Tina. I picked the worst winter in donkey's years to travel to the north of Scotland but it was worth it. That little bay was where me and my sister used to go ina rowing boat with Dad across to the hill you can see. You couldn't land there but we collected sea urchins and I still have one of the shells. There was nothing there but 5 little caravans.

Bev- stuff the housework..

Finished my patio about half an hour ago here's some photo's.

 Photo taken from back door.

 Built this planter from decking a kid at schools father was trowing away still got plenty left to build with.

 View of planter from other side and some pots on the patio.


Punkdoc and Fairygirl thanks for the suggestions for a grass to brighten up a bed,I will look out for them both,next time I am in GC,the area is shade in morning and some sun in the afternoon,I think the size that you say Fairygirl for 3 of them would be ideal,Have been caught out before with a grass that took everything over,I don,t want anthing too invasive..

What a gloriuos day,just come in from garden,after planting out french beans/runner beans and sorting out my herb bed.Most of the herbs ae in a tatty old wheel barrow,given a new lease of life with a coat of hammerite paint,and lined with an old bin bag with holes in.Have it just outside the kitchen window ,so in summer! can smell them when the window is open

Andy.great pics of your patio,especially like your planter,can,t quite see whats planted in it


Andy that patio is magnificent perhaps you should do it for a living.

Just in from a long day in the garden. Sunny and warm all day in Sheffield with more to come tomorrow. Yippeee.

Think I might have a beer outside before tea.

 Thanks for the kind words GillyL in the planter is primula's,geraniums,blue kiwi,ivy 2 corner's hanging over the wall,in the middle a small grass plant. Got my two planter's built now when full will post picture's of them and my front garden all my hard work starting to look good now. next Sat taking a day off going to the  gardening Scotland show in Edinburgh with the wife. punkdoc have a beer this is the weather for sitting out having a few go on enjoy same tomorrow i would join you but i don't drink.



Your patio looks fantastic, Andy, your hard work has paid off. Is that your new bargain garden furniture in the background? Bet Mrs. Andy was pleased.


Take some time to enjoy it Andy- you've worked so hard! Hope the weather is great through the summer so that you get a chance to sit in it now and again instead of toiling!

And did you do all the ironing as well as the washing..

I would send you extra cake but there's none left 

Been painting and attaching fence planks and put more posts in but back too sore now. Might see if Andy could do the rest- it's not as if he's busy or anything...


Andy, that patio is really smart; liked the planters. The whole area looks very well designed. Now you have to practise sitting there with a beer


Can I just ask are we still using the evening forkers thread,or are we staying here?

Thanks Swiss Sue yes that's the furniture wife's delighted with it. Thanks Fairygirl i will enjoy it am sure ironing steady that's a bad word in my house wife and daughter don't like doing it but mother in law would iron all day loves the job.Tell you what not many women would try building a fence you must be one of very few well done but like me when you do something it's great to look back and say i done that and enjoy it. artjak thanks just done it as i went along did not set out with any plans just how i seen it along the way same with the front garden must say am happy the way things have turned out.