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You are all lucky that you are able to do some jobs in the garden, I fractured my fibula just below the knee, so I am banned from doing any work in the garden for two weeks. Its is killing me, I can see so much that needs doing, but I have to be good and be patience.


Always take it easy me!!!!

Been busy today, just have to do a bit of watering now - not too much as it's feed day tomorrow but some need a drink

Have tried to plant stuff, I'm sure it's multiplying as I go, more than I thought 

Some will just not be done, the more mature perennials are OK but the ones from seed need  a bit more tlc

Again, until you look into it you do not realise just how many good, charitable folk there are around.  Like Andy and his family etc.

It's a shame more people don't try to pay back me thinks

Cup of tea now while OH birthday cake cooks (it's today) and he said no cake, so this is a last minute thing, he would make sure I had one.

The potty gardener

Matty if you have been taking it easy then I dread to think what you might do if you weren't.

I spent a nice time just lying out in sun, it was really hot. Then planted out the gerbera I got the other day and decided to risk putting the clematis straight in their pot- they are, Zara, Alina and Chelsea ( new this year).

Then had to go out to GC to get a couple of pots and troughs for on front windowsill. Also needeed more compost- I really wonder what I do with it.


Happy Birthday Mr Matty


Oh Linda 5 how frustrating for you, you have my sympathies


Morning all just in from the greenhouses what a great day weather wise here ahead i have a very busy weekend ahead garden today. Wife judging baking section at a show also the local gala day in the village so will watch the parade with the school kids in it then tonight it's our friends 30 wedding anniversary so a wee party in there house. Tomorrow going to the Scottish garden show in Edinburgh for the day out with the wife looking forward to that maybe buy the odd plant or gardening stuff enjoy your weekend everyone.


Morning everyone,..Gloriuos day,warm already,so was yesterday,summer is here?

I am just about to have breakfast in the garden,with visitors,planning to have lunch outside too.Making the most of however long this weather lasts,have decided housework is banned............

Sounds like a busy weekend ahead for you Andy,sure you will find it hard to resist a samll purchase or two,maybe even three tomorrow.

Have a lovely day everyone.



Morning all. Lovely here. 

Busy outside last few days -got plenty done yesterday with more posts in but couldn't get wood for planks so a bit annoying. Took girls out -very pleasant- then took wheelbarrow to friend so didn't get in till 9. Bit weary today but plenty of things to do (including food shopping  ) Need compost so may do those less strenuous things today and take it more slowly!

Have a good everyone- enjoy the sun if you have it!


May be my sense of humour Fairygirl,but it loooks like you may be planning your food shopping round compost!


Morning all - sunshiine here too !

Plannng a little bit of gardening, but most of the day will be taken up on the annual "boundary walk"  - 8 miles of footpaths marked round the boundaries of the village (with signposts up so you can't get lost !).  We know our end of the village well, but it is nice to be guided round the paths on the far side.

Some gardening news - last year grew some gladioli for a bit of summer colour.  Did as all the books say and dug them all up in the autumn and stored them dry ~(in vermiculite) in the GH.  All rotted.  Yesterday noticed that I must have missed one - it is coming up all by its lonesome in the flower bed, and looking very robust !  Next year they are all staying in the ground .

Gilly - hope you are enjoying your al fresco brekkie


Compost gets priority over food shopping every time !  And housework never even makes it on to the list !!


With you there Chicky



You may be right- I probably pay more attention to buying compost. I go round a supermarket just lifting more or less the same stuff every time!

Younger daughter did the dishes and hoovered her room yesterday while older one helped me with the fence. I'm hoping I can get her to hoover the other rooms.....

I think cleaning the bathroom would be a bridge too far though...


I have recently discovered that cleaning bathrooms on a Sunday evening (after a weekend in the garden) gets my fingers and nails clean in time for work on Monday - so now it has a purpose after all .....


chicky- I used to do it when I was going to bed especially when the girls were young. It was nice to see it clean, tidy and shiny for a while! I still do that sometimes as I find it strangely relaxing, and there's something very satisfying about shiny taps....



 indeed !!


Say no more


Morning! my house is a mess but it's sunny (if a little windy), bathroom is disgusting, and I never food shop - it takes up too much time! I always do online shopping, it saves hours that can ben spent in the garden.  I shall put some washing in the machine and then pop up the road to a local nursery that's got an open weekend and a plant sale.  I'm looking for sage, thyme, verbena bonariensis and anything else that catches my eye  

And then back to the garden for more planting.  Containers mostly, as my back border is still being reclaimed from brambles, and a bit out the front which I reclaimed last year.

Hope you all enjoy your day!!


Morning all.

What's all this talk about housework. You know swearing is not allowed. Like you, Daisy, I do online shopping and have done since 1999. So, FG, get with the flow. Think of what else you could be doing rather than pushing round a trolley, filling it, emptying it, sticking it in bags, trundling home and getting it out of the car. Tesco's or whoever will do all that for you.  Not got them trained yet to put it all away though.

Everyone seems to have plans for the day and it's lovely to know that they will take place without rain, (hopefully). Not too sure what I will be doing today.  Might repaint my back gate, after I have jet washed the colour on it at present. 

Andy, you seem to have a full day - again.

Sorry to hear about your plight Lynda. You will just have to sit and plan for a while.


Morning Tina. Just back- was also getting a little growhouse for my other 20p toms as it was reduced to a tenner, so even if it doesn't last it'll do for next year or so. Got compost and also 2 clematis in the 'chucking out' corner at GC.  £4.99 each- Etoile Violette and Daniel Deronda. Both well grown just a bit weedy so they'll be fine once I've cleaned them up. 

Managed to resist other items but almost had to reprimand someone contemplating one of those plastic box balls for hanging up.Why not just have a really nice'statement' pot if you don't want to be a**** actually gardening??

Oh well, each to their own. Anyone buying them should be burnt at the stake though..........