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Morning all sky a bit grey here this morning but still early yet am sure the sun will be out soon watered plants late last night again will give them a check at lunch time. Now off to work and see what the little angel's get up to today it's them that make the job great have a good day all.


Good morning   Grey here too at the moment Andy, but the forecast is for brighter if not warmer later on.  Where's this heatwave the Daily Mail are on about?  The Met Office website isn't mentioning it   

By the way, that garden thermoment I got was a bit rubbish - the mercury in one side is broken already and the 'marker' is in the mercury rather than on top of it.  Very hard to work out what the temp is.  It was a cheapie   Anyone got any recommendations for a good new one that doesn't cost arms and legs?  I need to be ready to record the record-breaking temperatures 


Good morning everyone,

Another glorious morning.hope evryone gets their share of sun today,its good to share.




Morning all. Grey here too but supposed to clear later. I did see a big blob of blue 'rain' on the forecast sitting right where I am....has Verdun done that?  I won't send the thunder Verdi ...I promise I'll be a good fairy from now on....

Hoping to go to nursery later..yumm..and also looking for wood for fence...I've cleared the shelves at the two B&Qs nearest me...

Have a lovely sunny day everyone 

Gardening Grandma

Morning, campers.!

Andy, glad you are enjoying the job - kids (er...children) are either wonderful or awful, I found.

Taking my chance to say a quick hello. Son staying overnight. He sang in a concert locally last night and I heard 'Maria' for the thousandth time! Nice to see him though (and he sings it well and did sing a few other things, too.)

Fabulous weather still! Lunch with old colleagues today and then a visit to the doc to see about my painful feet. Still only 27, though.




Aah GG- the feet are the first to go...I'm finding that too as I'm nearly 28 now ..

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Lovely and sunny here in Verdunland. Looking forward to going to the Royal Cornwall  Show on saturday.

I spent yesterday erecting a temporary rabbit proof fence. (just about 12ft long not hundreds of miles like the one in Australia) . The rabbits have been giving my plants a Chelsea Chop but hopefully once the plants have grown a bit I can remove the fence.

morning folks

hiya pottie, havent been to royal cornwall show for years...have fun.  weather will be hot n sunny all through to weekend

bit breezy down here but warm ..just lovely

got to be a chauffeur again so no garden work for much of the day. friend gave me some stock plants that i will grow on for scent over winter and spring.  will give her a plant in return. i think thats always in her mind when she gives me plants...she gets something even better!  suspicious me

enjoy your days folks


Good morning all. Dull at minute but supposed to be better later. Off grass cutting at M's before it gets too warm. Plan to sew a bit more cut & grow salad and do soemething with donated Dahlias.

GG & Fairy ...feet...I've bunions on both feet, always had feet measured as a kid and never really worn high heels. Asked G.P. about them he said it was wear & tear. Strange I thought, as a big part of my life I was a clerical worker, not a postie. Hope you get some treatment that helps.


Always been on my feet KEF so mine look like Hobbit's..not quite so hairy though  The hillwalking puts a bit of a strain on them too- not great for exposing in sandals!

Not sure what GG is having done- hope they're ok.

Anyway- off to work. Enjoy your day everyone. Catch up later 


Morning all.

As we are on the subject of feet, mine are large and flat and I have plantar fasciitis which makes them burn when I'm on them too long. Nuisance when sight seeing.

Lovely day, gardening again. No gardening tomorrow. Going to a meeting in Bergerac, then shopping for my charity garden party on Saturday, then arranging the furniture for it and the plant stall, hope the weather stays nice.

Letters keep being left out of my typing again, keep having to correct it. It was OK yesterday.


Late morning greetings to all  Love the picture, Blackest.  Grey here again, sun not forecast until afternoon when I must sleep as i have work tonight   Nvm, off to B&Q for copper tape, grout (for the bathroom) and pop in the camping shop for some pegs to peg down cloches and weed membrane.  Cheerio!


GG and FairyG, I've spent my whole working life on my feet and am fairly obsessed about looking after them; they get massaged with cream every morning after the shower, if they are at all uncomfortable I lie on my back with feet up in the air And I wear comfortable shoes at all times, in summer it is those hideous sports sandals. They get looked after far better than my hands, which always look like a navvy's.

The potty gardener

Afternoon all. Went straight outside this morning. Have had to come in for a while so I don't burn/get sunstroke.


Morning all, thought I'd be the first!! Just over 2 hours of work to go , sky is grey here in Birmingham, never mind soon be back in lovely worcestershire   Will be having a bit of a sleep then up about 11 to do weeding, planting and generally enjoy myself.  Roll on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!


muddy mare

morning all,its fab here in south staffs sun just showing birds singing heaven,will soon be at work ,cant wait its in the garden ,worth all those months of cold

Morning all early girls Daisy & muddy mare lovely morning here also in Scotland great spell of weather long may it last just hope this is not our summer when most of us are still working. Am off to work shortly long day ahead on till 9.30 pm as it's the last school disco of the year so better get my white suit out ready for dancing  P7 normally shed a few tears tonight as well as the last day. It's great to see all the flowers & shrubs coming into bloom that's when you can see where all our hard work has gone and take a lot of pride in our work and designing of our garden's have a good day all.


Morning Daisy, Muddy, Andy

Been busy watering plants and watching baby jackdaws and water rails (Springwatch - not my garden!) - so not been able to catch up here for a few days.

Dove - I also had the same problem with garden thermometers (black bit getting mixed up with mercury - making them useless).  A couple of years ago I switched to a Dual Display Digital one from Gardman - £10 - shows max/min temps aswel as current and has a sensor that you stick outside the greenhouse to tell outside temp too.  I have been really pleased with it  - so there's a recommendation for you (normally hate Gardman stuff, so this has been an exception!)


Good morning all  Blue skies and white fluffies here - and TGIF!!! 

Thanks Chicky for that recommendation - I'll have a look at that - very reasonable price - roughly the same as the useless one 


Good Morning All,

Sunshine and blue skies here,no white fluffies to be seen.

Does,nt everything seem that much better when it,s sunny,even people seem that much more cheerful...........checkout person in supermarket yesterday, who is usually a bit miserable (probably why there is never as big a queue at her checkout,but it does,nt bother me ,I want in and out as quick as possible)actually smiled ! and commented on the weather.

Long may the sunshine last ..well at least until we need water for the lawns etc,

Wisteria now in full bloom,after nearly blowing off the arch a few weeks ago,peonies looking fantastic,red hot pokers just coming out,and........

The blue tits fledged last night !