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Matty,a wedding cake made by someone in the family would mean so much more,look forward to seeing the photos.

Whoops............just noticed the time,detention again.

Gilly , get on the other side now...........

Verdun wrote (see)

Yep Fairygirl. You got loads of support here.  Not just a garden forum is it? 

I know Verdi. Means more to me than you'll ever know. Thank you  x

I'll go on other thread before you give me a row too...


Fairy I know I'll get a bad mark for posting late  You did so well not to "bite" at those ignorant so called parents, I'd be locked up by now. I can send my sister round she's only 44 and does have a temper quite fit goes to gym !!


KEF - I tried not to bite but when you're faced  with such grossly irresponsible people it takes your breath away and it's hard not to retaliate. Falls on deaf ears though - hard to tell if they're just pig ignorant or if they actually believe I've no right to say anything. 



Fairy, good Yorkshire expression..You can't educate Pork.

Sorry you are upset, the thickies will have forgotten now, moved on to some other delighful occupation. Try & chill, I'll stew for you that's my hobby.

Gardening Grandma

Morning Forkers! Up with the crack of dawn this morning to leave early for our childminding stint. About to leave now. Have a good couple of weeks everyone.


Have a lovely time GG, don't overdo it - don't forget bribery with cakes - very good strategy for keeping order 

Fairy - how horrid! ((hug))  What about putting a notice on your lawn - "This grass has been treated with weedkillers - please keep off - it may stain clothing and carpets if it gets on your shoes."  

Morning folks....first today so I get the first prize.......oh dear, only third.

Showers this morning....sunny currently for while at least.....and they are quite heavy.

Heres hoping woody gets good weather for his garden show

Busy this morn so shooting off

Have good day everyone


Morning Verdun   yes, fingers crossed for Woody 


Morning all, just been reading what I missed, FG don't worry you are in the right, keep sticking to your guns, they will get the message eventually.   Mine never had reins (horrid things) but they were brought up knowing not to trespass.  Or run in the road.  Although I failed on teaching them how to keep them rooms tidy............

Anyway sunny here, going out to do stuff before my shopping comes.  Cinema later, so not as much time in garden today as I would like...sigh.

Have a good day all.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Just one more flower border to tidy up, and I am done. BBC still hedging their bets on the weather for tomorrow, so at least there is hope. Thanks for all your posts... I can feel the vibes...


Morning all,

Sunshine at the moment,heavy rain in the night,

Going to plant my standard lavender out in the pot I bought yesterday,and have some coleus to pot on.

Have a good time GG,try not to tire yourself out too much..........easier said than done.

Fingers crossed with Dove Woody.

Only Third Verdun...........tut tut,but at least you get bronze,I get nothing for 6th

Have a good day all.


Morning all - bit late today, didn't sleep well. Pouring here as promised by the weatherman so I won't have to water in the feed - result! Glad something's going right!

We've to get a good day tomorrow Woody but not sure where you are so I'm waving my wand to send it to you....** * **  (that's the closest I can get to fairydust )

Thank you Dove and Daisy 

Hope everyone has a good day whatever the plans are. Indoor for me..or food shopping 



Late mark for me. Developed apathy overnight, couldn't get out of bed. We've had the much needed rain so looking forward to seeing things romp on in the garden as they needed a good drink.

Verdon would you mind looking at the thread about the stags horn tree?

Good luck Woody.



We've had a little rain overnight too - and hopefully there's more to come (but not too much please!) 


Morning all- planting up my patio pots today. Still have gusty winds swirling around.

but sunshine so shouldn't complain.  Fingers crossed for WW.


Morning all.

Off to England today, Staying with son mid-France tonight. Will see my beautiful little granddaughter.

I hope no-one with small children was upset by this badly behaved parent discussion. It was directed at a small minority. Most children are lovely and most of us have children and grandchildren. I had 4 children and I have 6 grandchildren, with hope of more to come. I used reins in town as I felt their safety was the most important thing, but only until they learnt that roads were dangerous.

The potty gardener

Morning anyone who is still about.

A bit late but have a great time GG.

Liz hope to see you whilst you are over here.

Fairy could you lie in wait with a hosepipe, give the kids a very short spray but then blast the mothers?

WW good luck for tomorrow- fingers crossed the weather is kind to you.


Morning all bit of a mixed weather day Showers brief glimpses of sun then cloud. Hopefully I will be able to take a few photo's of weeds/  flowers to identify which is which. Trouble is most of my beds are green now but i don't know exactly what is coming up.