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Good day to you all

I haven't been here for a couple of days as things became a bit frantic, Icing on the cake was when I found my pygmy water lily had a flower, rushed out with camera to take photot only to find it didn't like the idea. After a lot of fiddling got it working but the photos are slightly out of focus.

Rang up very knowledgeable BIL who told me it's probably had it. - Going away next Thursday for long awaited Cornish holiday so have had to quickly order a new one and hope it comes on time 

Getting very excited about holiday now, 'garden' heaven. Apart from Eden and lost gardens of hell again  can anyone recommend any MUST SEE gardens., There seem so many -stumped as to where to start.

First long holiday - 2 1/2 weeks- for some years, and as yet am not panicking about clothes etc excepr camera.

Lunch now


Verdun will know some gardens Matty - I expect he can give you a few pointers. Pity about your water lily- are the little ones a bit more tricky do you think? I'd like to get one for my big pot. 

Have a good break - hope the weather's kind. Verd's been banging on about it being scorchio down there for weeks!  

Have just seen there is a programme on BBC2 tonight after G's W  live from Lewis to celebrate the longest day (assume it's not just up here in Scotland) Looks like it could be lovely with lots of wildlife etc. May be of interest to lots on here 


I haven't grown a water lily before. I bought it at last years spring show. Didn't have the bath for it so stuck it in one of those bright orange B&Q buckets.with a bit of oxygenating weed. It flowered lots last year.

This year it is in its bath, I didn't think it had sent up enough leaves and yesterday there it was, lovely litle flower, so I don't think they are tricky, but then again if I had tried with it ,it would probably have died.

 This is the photo of it. Actually on here it doesn't look too smudgy, 


Fairygirl ....that programme is Scotland only.have just checked and after GW we have Kate Humble Wild Shepherdess.......shame your programme sounds a lot more interesting......don,t think there is enough time to get up to you before it starts even if I leave now Hopefully we will get itat a later date. looks ok to me,what a pretty colour.Have a good holiday.look forward to stunning photos on your return!.I expect Verd will send you a list of gardens,Have,nt been to Eden for some time ,hoping to go again later in the year.

Tina.....good luck with the wall painting.

It has been so hot and muggy here today,none of the forecast rain.Still whatever our weather we are better off than the residents of Singapore,who have been told the smog may be there until October


Verdun, just saw your reply to the query re Epsom salts for runner beans. May I pick your brain too pls?

Hi Verdun, could you tell me where would you buy Epsom salts, how expensive, can you get it in the usual supermarkets? OH is going to England next week and I would like him to bring some back for me.

Thanks for your answer on here or Evening Forkers, will check out both!



Matty, don't forget to go to Trebah gardens. If you walk all the way down to the estuary you go past all the giant gunneras and tree ferns. It's a bit like valley of the dinosaurs. I half expect to have one rear up from behind something.


Sue if you can't get them in a supermarket try a hardware store or even a chemist perhaps? We would probably get them in DIY outlets here too. 

Gilly I expect the prog will be available on iPlayer at some point.


Sue...........Boots sell epsom salts at £1.25 for 200 g just to give you a rough idea of cost.

Hope so Fairygirl,Kate Humble with sheep out in Afghanistan is not very appealing


That was quick, thanks Fairygirl and Gilly.

Sssssssssssorry Tina.  Good morning......sssssssssorry, I mean good afternoon.

Just a bit frighto that you might be angry with me for not answering earlier.  Did I say ssssssssorry?

Swiss sue, buy in chemist.  It was about £1 80 for small tub.  Oh, I see Fairygirl and Gilly just stole my moment of

It's effective for many plants and if I remember,it is good for us humans too


Not a mob rant but an amusing phone call. Was expecting a call so didn't put glasses on for caller display. A very nice chappie who struggled to pronounce my surname, said he'd had an "indication" that I suffered from arthritis, back pain and chronic ailment and his firm could help me.

I thought these telephones are now so  wonderful, even the G.P rings you back when you have ear ache, to see if you need an appointment, even they can look down the phone into your ear,  last time I mentioned the wonderful new phones he didn't laugh

This nice chappie was surprised I was only 27 and had no ailments at all. He doesn't know if he can ring me back in 30yrs.  But he will remove me from his phone list.


Kef, such wit.

Verdun, you obviously don't watch Corrie. Not your cup of frivalous tea, otherwise you would have got my poor joke this morning.  Twas wasted.

Should be over on other thread.  Moustache.

Fairygirl....the spray tan isn't needed by us Cornish 

Tina, no I don't watch corrie so I guess I didn't get your joke..but I'm sure it was very good.  I bet everyone else got it though!   I'm impressed with your determination re your painting though.  Do you sing your famous songs as you paint?


Hey.....get the gold medal.  Last last night and first this morning.

I hope the first prize is lots of so excited

Morning FORKERS.  Obviously rained last night but it's bright so far

Going down to tidy up friends garden.....she is going into hospital next week so make sure it's ship shape.  Different sort of garden but I have put my stamp on it.  You can see the size 11's all over the borders.....ha ha.  Often take my dog.....Monty copies ME with Nigel, lol....but prob leave him behind this morning.  He will get his run later

Hope weekend is good for everyone




Good Morning all. Hiya Verdun.

Rained overnight and not tested how wet things are yet, so not sure what's happening in the garden today.

Going back to Morrisons with a pack of Garlic Naans that are totally mouldy, YUK, use by 1.7.14, might just have a de-tour to GC on the way back, would be a waste of petrol if I didn't.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Morning all good for you Verdun helping out your friend that's what good friends do am like that to would help anyone same size of shoe as myself kids at school say it's no shoes i have it's skateboards. Great night out last night dancing ,singing and dressing up bet there will be some sore heads this morning got home at 3.30 this morning. Now after checking the garden it's tea & toast then up to mother in laws to build a bird station for her to look at out her window from the big chair so have a good day all.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Have Verdun and Monty ever been seen together in the same room? It's strange that Verdun mentions plants that are then featured on GW. Last week  it was geums.

I'm a bit worried about Nigel. He always seems  to be lying down. Not normal for a young dog like him. It could be he's bored silly with the filming.

Have a good day all.




Pottie Pam, has Monty got any new trousers? Verdun has

The potty gardener

Morning all.

Andy how can you be up so early after such a late night?

Weather here is the worst it's been for weeks- rainy and windy. Other son was going to come round and help me remove a store in the garden but don't think it will happen if it doesn't improve.

Hope everyone has a good weekend