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Woodgreen wonderboy

Not good here and friends are getting married today! Hope the worst is over and sun is peeping. Off to shops, watering pots and deadheading on return.


Morning all. Pretty foul here too, but have lots to do, so think I will just put a hat on.  It's the wind that's worse - think I might end up with more unexpected vases of flowers.

We inherited a leylandii hedge when we moved here - in a weird place cutting the garden in two ( ie not on a boundary) . We are in deciduous woodland so it always stuck out like a sore thumb.  Half of it came down yesterday, the rest next week. Every time I walk outside I feel like the sky is falling in!!


Morning all. Bit late today but I've not been sleeping - just busy! Weather as per everyone else so glad I got so much done outside yesterday. Still aching 

I think Andy is really Steve Austin.....wondered where he went...

Pam you're right..never seen them together!

Chick-  does the garden look enormous now or empty?

KEF it would be positively irresponsible not to go into the GC. I'll have to see if I've got anything needs returning...oh yes- going to B's Merchant so that involves going past one 


Morning all.  Bev, what's your excuse for being so early today. I'm off to spend the day with a lovely friend.  Such a shame that the weather is so poor, cold and wet, as I was looking forward to sitting in her pretty little garden, with all its fairies, toadstools and butterflies dotted about.  Never mind, I'm sure the weather won't stop the jaws wagging.

Pottie Pam. What have you been doing with yourself?  Was only thinking when I looked at the 'map' a couple of days back and your name popped up, as it always does that I haven't seen you around.  Hope all has been well.

Andy, you're like a whirlwind.  Do you ever just do nothing?

Shame my joke fell on deaf ears Verdun.  One of the characters always used to say everything twice.  No painting today.  I think more swearing goes on than singing, usually at the numorous dogs and the clucking chickens. My garden is no longer a peaceful haven.

Hope the weather improves for the wedding WW.  Should be able to count on good weather in June! I have just out my heating on.

Have a good day all. 

PS Hi Chicky and FG.  You weren't here when I started my post.


Morning all.

Blustery out there today. Yesterday my nxt dr neighbour retuened my butterflies that were broken all mended and better 

But I am going to take them off their perch while this wind is blowing, don't want them broken again.

Nothing really planned, nature has watered except the GH, lawns were cut yesterday, may potter as we di if it brightend up. There is a big thing planned but that can wait until we return from holiday - cutting down the hedge - mixed shrubs - between the 2 houses to a manageable level



Morning Tina. Hope you have a good day with friend away from painting and...chickens?? 

The posts seem to jump around a bit don't they? Just like mine will be tomorrow....    kerr-ching!! 

Hope it clears for the wedding Woody -always makes it better.

Daughter has friend staying over so I'll go out soon before the noise starts when they get up  I'm kidding- they're good really!

Might watch G's W first to see if I can spot Verd...



FG, next door but one has chickens, bloody noisy chickens.  I spend my time when I'm in the garden shouting at the top of my voice for either the dogs or the chicks to 'shut the .... up'.  Naughty swearing. Not very ladylike. 

Have reached the conclusion that gardeners have a very dry wit. Right load of comedians on here. Love it.

Right, breakfast and friends. Tata.


Bye chuck! 

Of course I'm a lady so never use naughty sweary words...

Morning Matty- you'll need another holiday once you get that hedge done!

Pottie Pam

I might be wrong about Verd and Monty. I don't think Monty has a new pair of trousers. Would be spooky, though, if Verd's dog was a retriever.

I say Tina, I didn't get that,joke.  I say I didn't get that joke.  Ha ha.  

You girls are too smart for me.  Seriously, it's just coincidence about the gworld on gardeners world and me mentioning them.....honestly!  Funny, cos I was going to start a thread on astrantias today but they were featured last night on gardeners world with carol Kleine. .....she is great but there was more of her talking, her expressions and her excitement than there was of the astrantias.  Why can't we just HEAR her speak as we see the Astrantias, and more varieties of them, and captions of the varieties?  I have several varieties and they are all such good garden plants.  ....darn it, I will start a thread on them

Be good folks

.....oh, enjoy the day with your friend Tina


Back from B's M with some posts and a 25% discount so ...result! Explained about the wrong timber and website misleading etc and I didn't have to cry or pretend I was a feeble woman or anything...Heh heh.. 

Verd that's why I record G'sW. I find myself switching off when Carol's on as I find her distracting- now I can fast forward! You could  press mute and have the subtitles!

Maybe you're just psychic Verd.

Bought a nice jaggy Silver Queen holly to stick near the front gate with the other jaggy juniper and fir I bought last week so will put that in later and dress with bark. Space isn't big enough for all three but I want it filled just now and I'll take one out as they grow a bit bigger.....if I stay that long.


Well done Fg.

I think jaggy is just what you need!

Just looked around, nearly blown around and decided it was safer inside as beautiful oak does tend to send its rotten wood into garden in high winds 

Malvern Hills rose is surrounded by a sweetly smelling layer of petals on the grass now



The wind does so much damage doesn't it? Perhaps that's why I tend to steer clear of plants that need a lot of staking etc as we get a lot of westerly wind and plants just get battered. Been a quiet spring here this year as we've not had as much of that blustery weather as usual. This garden's too exposed though and wind funnels in the side so I do need a good windbreak of hedge.

Do you worry about the oak coming down Matty or is it just that  bits come off in the wind?


Just the bits coming off, sometimes quite large branches, though I think most went during winter.

Not moaning about the tree - its the wind

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good move Chicky. Friends in village have just removed some inappropriate conifers and it has transformed their front garden and the look of the whole area around them.

Just think of the opportunities it will open up for you, deer always permitting!!

BizLiz thanks for posting the Dixter photos. Unfortunately the garden is just too far for a day out, including lots of slow roads. But when I am anywhere near the area I insist on going. Heaven in a garden.


I knew you wouldn't be moaning about the tree as such Matty- I was just concerned for your safety! Thought maybe it was on its' last legs and a bit of a hazard.

Well I've put in my holly and 'barked' it all. Just need the ivy....ho ho. Or ho ho ho .

Too soon?

Put my little freebie geranium, which nut kindly ID 'd for me, in front bed in place of alchemillas as the colouring will be picked up with the heucheras etc. It's in front of the  pernettya but  it'll need split by the time that gets a bit bigger anyway.

Going back out now to tackle the dreaded posts.

I may be gone sometime.

Hope you're having a nice peaceful day Woody!


Awful weather this morning,visitors have now gone and the rain has stopped and the sun is out(a bit).

Have just seen two Hummingbird moths,the first of this year on the valerian,wonderful creatures,always happy to see them return  .   Also Greater  Spotted Woodpecker is back on our nut feeder today,next door on holiday so 5 cats are in cattery for 2 1/2 weeks hooray.

Good luck with the posts Fairygirl,hope you will return this evening.

BL thanks for photos.