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Crikey those posts Fairy..wish we lived nearer. OH loves digging and attacking things, tree roots etc. he's in his element, no 'Root Out'  for him, in with the grafter spade it's his fav' thing, closely followed by loppers ( under supervision)  he could have helped. Me being a girl could have watched whilst having lager & crisps..oops soz meant cake.

Didn't get to SM and GC always tomoz, did a few things indoors and when rain stopped wind started. It's blowing like Billio ( Mother expression), I don't mind wet, OK at cold cold, but hate the wind. Did re-tie runners and move vulnerable pots.

Spent afternoon cooking, so curries for tonight & freezer. Feel a bit cheated as warm enough and dryish outside but wind too rough. I know what you mean Matty. I'm concerned about slates on roof coming off, another thing this old house needs is a new roof. At least car is safe in garage.

We have decided to make a list of what needs doing in garden, and what we would like. Easy to get involved and not do the necessary like paint the shed and fencing.

I have my own secret list of what I can't live without more hard standing near the shed, a pond, a structure for climbing roses, a pergola. Please keep this one quiet..get rid of a lawn ( green stuff)..  Might have resort to feed and weed to make that happen

Hope some of you have had a wind free jokes please.


Sorry KEF,............but curries and wind


Got loads done - nearly all pots of plants now in the ground - should make the evening watering round a bit quicker.  Borders beginning to fill up to such an extent that I have to think a bit to find places for the new ones - this is their fourth summer, so it has taken a while.

WW - the space vacated by ex-conifers will be fenced in and become a veg garden - we already have some fruit trees on the go in there.  But first the stumps have to come out - hours of fun for OH, who sounds very much like KEF's.

hate the wind - which has been howling all day.

Just back home got MIL bird station done in between showers she's happy very dark sky here now going to get my dinner beef stir fry then rice pudding. Going out to the greenhouse's after dinner to tie up tomato plants that are not done yet and see what needs watered if anything in the greenhouse's. The heaven's have just opened here the rain is coming straight down in sheets well not need to water outside tomorrow job less to do think a trip to the GC on the cards tomorrow got £50 of vouchers for fathers day from son & daughter and there starting to burn a hole in my pocket lol as all you gardeners know what that's like.


Morning all. More rain overnight but at least the wind seems to dropped.

Bet MIL will get hours of pleasure from birdstation Andy.

Don't know what's on the cards today, still half asleep, but I did want to beat Verdun this morning just in case there is a financial reward for being first.

Off to inspect now, think fleece over dressing gown is needed.


Morning all lovely morning with a little bit of wind just in from doing my morning check after a wild night last night weather wise everything fine. It's tea & toast then out to plant some cosmos in the back garden and do a bit of weeding then a trip to the GC. At 2.00 going to watch son playing bowls in the top 5 competition for this club it's the quarter final stages then it will be back into the garden at night have a good day all.


Morning all,

Wild and windy this morning,checked runner bean canes etc after last nights storms,all seems ok

.Have a good time spending your vouchers at the GC Andy,nothing like a trip with vouchers to spend trouble is I usually manage to spend more than the vouchers

Congratulations on being first KEF,no monetary reward  I,m afraid,just the glory of beating certain people

Not sure what I will be able to do outside today unless the wind drops a bit,may just potter in the greenhouse.

Have a good day all.

The potty gardener

Morning KEF, Andy,Gilly and all. I don't think we had the winds others have had in the night.

Nothing much planned for today except sort out ready for wednesday.

Hope everyone has a good day


Good morning all   A bit blustery here but dry so far and the forecast isn't too bad so after breakfast will get outside, there's tidying to be done and some potting up and some mowing for OH to do - he'll get to christen the new extension cable 


Morning all. Wet here as predicted but to clear up later so more digging for me if my wrists can take it.

Gilly that's the point of vouchers though isn't it? It's why retailers like them!

Hope you get something nice Andy and  you'll let us know and give us some pix 

KEF you could combine and just get a big fleecy dressing gown...or a Snugglie...


Back in, it's more windy than I thought and a bit chilly.

Lysimachia battandieri (Pineapple broom) has opened two flowers, but too windy to smell it. Beans are ok. Can't see any damage to plants but eyes still pained on.

Big warm dressing gown has gone away, it is Summer


Love Pineapple broom - my favourite pub in all the world has one in the garden, and I have fond memories of warm summer evenings sitting out there with a pint of Adnams, the click of the bowls on the green and the scent of the broom .... heaven

But is it Lysimachia now, I always knew it as Cytisus battandieri  


Cytisus to Lysimachia would be a family change. Lysimachias are Primulaceae.

risky putting away the big dressing gown KEF. I've put my big sweaters away twice now and got them out again

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Cytisus to Lysimachia would be a family change. Lysimachias are Primulaceae.

risky putting away the big dressing gown KEF. I've put my big sweaters away twice now and got them out again

That's what I thought - about the plant and the dressing gown


Morning Dove - you weren't there when I posted earlier 

I thought pineapple broom was Cytisus too - aren't all brooms?


Morning everyone

Good news........sunshine this week, starting later today

Late brekkie and my dog is telling me to get moving so I'll read the posts later.  


Sorry it is Cytisus, will confess I wrote the botanical name on a piece of paper so I spelled it correctly, and there are so many bits of paper on this desk top, with plant names & stuff I want, I copied the wrong name down

The Lysimachia is the yellow stuff from another post, that I have in the garden and didn't know it's name until it appeared on here.

Teach me to be smarty pants.


It's ok KEF- we'll put it down to a senior moment even if you are only 27 

 Lysimachia is Loosestrife- comes in yellow and purple. Not a favourite of mine especially the purple one as it reminds me of rosebay willow herb -my pet hate! We had the yellow one at last house by the pond and it could have been a bit of a thug as the rabbits didn't eat it but it was in a dry bit so it behaved quite well. Otherwise - it would have been out 


Just been browsing in The Gallery, more lovely pics.

Fairy very impressive posts.


Morning all - late shift today.  Very impressed with all the Latin being bandied about ..... Wish I could join in, but it ties up my tongue

today is the day the cosmos go in the garden - and then I am officially "done".  Hope it is sunny next weekend so I can lie in my hammock! (otherwise I suppose I could finally clean the house )