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Well, not morning anymore, but hello to everyone I missed earlier  FB, glad you're feeling ok, but I would echo Tina and advise you very strongly to get yourself checked out, report the incident to the Police immediately and also report the girlfriend, as you have witnesses that's much more helpful.  You are not in a position to decide if this man made a mistake with insurance or not, he broke the law, and by waiting for him to insure his car, you are complicit.  If you don't get yourself checked out and have proper treatment if necessary then you may have problems in the future, with no redress.  This is also my last word on the subject.  Good luck.


On a gardening note, I've just come back from B&Q with my compost....and 2 new hanging baskets, a pack of trailing geranium Blanche Roche, a pack of trailing fuschia (can't remember the variety), a pack of white lilies from the Prince Harry charity thing (only because they were half price), some Rose Clear, some Roundup XL, two boxes of copper tape....I think that's it.  Oops!  Have to get them all planted up before the assistant gardener/accountant comes home as I was specifically told by telephone while I was there that I didn't need any more plants.....


Just in and having lunch. Don't want to go on about it either fidget but if the girlfriend was offering you dosh to cover it up - it says it all. Unbelievable. I hope you're ok and Tina's right- keep a note of everything . It's a pain when you're the victim yet you have all the grief, but sadly it's how things are nowadays. No common decency in some people.

What compost did you get Daisy? There's been a bit of debate on here about how poor some of it is this year and   I hate to say it but B&Q's own stuff  didn't get a good report. I've used it regularly in the past but haven't had any from there this year. 

Just tell assistant you grew them yourself...we won't tell.

Cleared up here so will get out and get last posts in with daughter. Her birthday tomorrow so I suppose I can't expect any help then..

It's to be wet anyway!.

Gardening Grandma

Have to agree with DHC, Fidget. I think I understand why you are not doing so and there is kindness and restraint in your response, but YOU NEED AN INCIDENT NUMBER if any problems arise in the future. None of my business really, though, so I'll try to drop it now.

TT, think Brumbull must be feeling like a break. Hopefully, he'll come back to the forum refreshed and raring to go. 

I did contribute earlier but then discovered that I wasn't signed in and then my message was lost, so I gave up in disgust. A very belated good day to everyone.


morning all! off to work in a min  FG I bought John Innes no 3 to pot up a floribunda rose , although still not done it. Assistant Gardener/Accountant home tonight, might be in the doghouse later.............


Good morning Daisy and all   One spam reported - why just the one?  Just to annoy? 

Glorious sunshine - birdsong in the garden - strawberry patch full of ripening fruit 

I think something strawberry-based for pud for the BBQ on Sunday is called for - pavlova, or Eton Mess?  What do you think?  any other suggestions?


The potty gardener

Morning  Daisy, Dove and all.

I have been either busy or sleeping so haven't had a chance to be on here much.

Written a few more worksheets this morning so giving myself a few minutes to try to catch up on here- Brumbull good to know you are ok. I need to know what to do with my fuchsia standards

Have a wonderful day everyone


Morning Bev - work does get in the way of having fun doesn't it?  It's a nuisance 

Oh good, has someone heard from Brumbull?   I assumed he'd been transported to the Antipodes for sheep rustling or something similar - expected to hear from his heirs and assigns in about three generations ............... 


Morning Dove & Bev and all. Off for hair doing this morning and a night out with our friends.  I've nothing to wear....

Have a good day all.

KEF wrote (see)

............. Off for hair doing this morning and a night out with our friends.  I've nothing to wear........

Well, you're either going to outrage the citizenry and scare the horses, or you'll have to buy a new frock 

Right, off to work - see you all later folks - have a good day 


Morning all.

KEF I can lend you a bin bag- nice and waterproof- that's what I'd need here - it's precipitating down. 

Bye Dove- have a good day. Pavlova sounds good to me- easy to make but looks exotic...a bit of strawberry 'coulis' to pour over is always good too. Or as we call it here- sauce.  Maybe they're getting the spam filters adjusted to deal with them now.

Daisy - hopefully your compost will be good. I'm going to get some tomato growbags to use- someone here recommended them as the quality's better and they're often cheaper.

Bev- it's nearly Friday! 


Morning all. Bev, did you mean Brumbull or Blackest?

Back is really aching, it was bad yesterday too. I had so much I wanted to do while I don't have to make meals as OH is away for old boys reunion at his old university. Perhaps it was digging up the perpetual spinach from last year in hard earth. Have to go to the Doc anyway for tetanus jab.

Good morning everyone.

Cloudy but warm and heat is on the way.

Got plants coming today .......this supplier is very good so I'm hoping the flowers will be well protected and can go Imto garden and "say something".

Digitalis illumination pink has been floweriing for weeks now and no sign of flagging.  Impressive so them in a group of 3.  The anemone wild swan too has been flowering for ages.  It's a delightful plant.  Got Berry Smoothy Heuchera in front of it....maybe corny but they look good together

my agastaches are coming into full bloom.....will post pics of them in couple of weeks and see if I can persuade you all to grow them......


Good morning everyone .

yesterday I managed to get my little finger stung whilst weeding. I then dropped the freezer lid on my hand and gashed the thumb.  My right hand is now covered in plasters and covered over with a blue  plastic glove to keep it all clean.

Typing may be rubbish so apologies in advance.

I have friends 19 yr old rugby playing son coming today to shift the rock pile into position for other half to make dryish stone wall around the raised area under the oak. I can then plant it up properly.  I've laid in lots of diet coke.

Meanwhile I'm going to supervise, and pot some plants on into bigger pots.  Multitasking at its best.

Morning all just dropped son off at work in Glasgow he was at the Bon Jovi concert last night and a drink so had to drive him to work. Very heavy rain here this morning sowed some basil,coriander,salad leaf and carrots last night today got dentist at 3.00. Great to hear Brumbull is fine and well no doubt he will be back on here soon as he can keeping us all right with his advice have a good day all.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good moaning everyone...sorry, couldn't resist as have just seen pics of BizLiz's garden in la belle....

Verd. When I was at Chelsea a white plant on one of the show gardens took my eye in particulsr. I asked and was told it was white swan. V. nice. Might try it next year.

Dove, what's wrong with plain ol' strawberries, with cream on the side for those who want it. They tell me the taste of strawberries is very nice but most people seem to mask it with other stuff. 


Oh forgot many happy returns to your daughter today Fairygirl hope she has a great day only thing is the older they get the older we are getting with them . Only as old as you feel and your only 27 hope this rain goes off to let me go into the garden soon.

Here's pictures of the flower bed i changed at the back garden.





Morning everyone,

Suffering effects of bad cold for last couple of days ,caught from OHbest friends at the moment box of tisues and box of aspirin.Typical,no cold throughout winter and now catch one when there is so much to do outside,hope to be better before hot weather at weekend.

Lovely picture Andy,......what an improvement

Strawberries and cream,wonderful,Tesco giving away free cream with their strawberries,hope the offer lasts afew more days until I feel like going out.


Oh dear Fidgetbones, you are in the wars, hope it heals quickly.

Was hoping to buy anmone White Swan in England, but didn't find it, bought a double pink one instead.

That looks heaps better Andy.

Went to the Doc, have pulled muscle in back, nuisance have lots I wanted to do outside. He said too much gardening!


Thanks Andy - I was extremely young when I had her of course...Cash and a ticket for Russell Howard in March. Out for tea later and a cake so  she's happy enough! Got her an extra present for helping me, and will let her off 'fencing duty' today. I'm all heart 

Your bed looks great- what a difference a bit of hard work makes to an area. What's the little tree you've put in?

Hope you're better soon Gilly and fidget. Accidents come in threes fidget- I wouldn't go outside for the next few months if I was you!

Dried up now so off outside.