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The potty gardener

Morning Dove and all those yet to come.

Weather just like Dove- have a wonderful day all



Hurrumph!  Someone's stolen my sunshine - sea fret and chill wind appeared suddenly - need my woolly now 

See you all later .............


Morning all. Cooler here today and I think it's to be like that which is a bit of a relief after yesterday. Too hot for me to do much outdoors. Glad you're getting the sun now Dove.

Bev- I miss seeing your  lovely name on the posts! I always picture you as a lovely grand duchess with slightly faded grandeur - a bit Jane Austen....hard when you're just 27....

the heat's starting to affect me..

I  go on 'followed threads' but sometimes they don't work properly either, so I just go down the current ones and take a look. I think the site simply doesn't work very well sometimes - bit like most of us!

Good morning everybody.

Sweltering already.  81 forecast today. Could be more!!!  No sign of it changing for next 5 days at least

Very warm last night....

Did woody announce that Cormwll beat Wiltshire in the cricket?  It's only a game.  But we did win, did I say that?

On my travels today I will be passing a little nursery so will stop off.  We are driven I think to add more plants even though maybe we don't need them....yet!

Wont be gardening today.....maybe cut lawns this evening



Morning all, been out watering, won't have time tonight - going to OH's choir's party. Making salmon salad for it. Going out to do some more weeding and planting a couple more plants that I bought when in England.



Morning all,

Thanks Addict for yur response yesterday.

Still no notifications ,am now getting trouble seeing my own posts,so am only using this thread and evening forkers until it is sorted.

Really hot this morning,OH got up at 5.o.clock,temp in front room 22.9 degrees.

Can,t do much in the garden,may also cut lawns this evening,meanwhile a bit of deadheading is about as much as I will do.

May pop over to Mum,s later to help her pick raspberries and black and red currants,she usually makes some of the fruit into jelly,lovely on a scone with cream.

.Oh.dear did I mention cake this early. 

Have a good day all.



Good morning. Shopping today  but at least it's a bit cooler. So might make my lazy self do something in the garden later. Chillies need re-potting, toms & cumbers topping up, and some deadheading. Not exactly back breaking

Have a good day all.


p.s. I'm getting some notifications.


Morning all. Brief visit whilst having coffee at the Wifi cafe. Noticed I was already on line before I entered the code today. Now wondering if I'll get away with a brief stop in the carpark tomorrow. But the coffee's not bad. 


Morning everyone. Already done a bit of bed changing before it heats up. Been awake since 4 so will probably flag in a while.

Gilly, don't want to appear as if I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, but if you click on your very lovely avatar and forum posts, they are there. Don't seem to be able to go back that far any more though.

Daniel has pm'd me that the Profiles problem has been fixed and be operational on Thursday.  We will see.  May I suggest, if you have not already done so, that you pm Daniel with your problems. He will then pass these on to the techie bods.  Apologies if you have already done so.

FG, I agree with you about Bev. I think her new name sounds rather sad. She's like that lonely little petunia.

Gardening Grandma

A belated good morning!  Have been gardening in the early cool, determined to finish weeding and planting and clear up that patio before we go  away on Friday morning. I'm now much clearer on what needs to happen to my existing borders, which are very crowded with the wrong things. I'm letting the pink geraniums and lamiums and a couple of other things flower before I dig them out. They are rampant and messy! I also took my courage in both hands and pruned the acer, cutting off a couple of low branches. I hated doing it, but it is that or take it out. When everything has died back and I can see its shape, I may find I have mutilated it so much that I have no choice but to take it out anyway, but at least I have given it a chance. It is too big to move to a pot, too close to the house and casting other plants into too much shade. But it is beautiful.

OH has gone to get paint for sitting room, then we are off to the GC for more potting compost and topsoil. I am deterined to get the rest of the plants in today and clear that patio. Did I say that before? Smallest seedlings will go into the shade of the house wall, as will the hellebores, to grow on.

Starvation day today (lots of coffee) since the bad news at Fat Club yesterday!!

Have a happy and well-fed day, everyone!


Gilly -don't mention cake- and definitely not scones with nice fruity stuff and cream....!

GG -it's ok - we won't mention Fat Club.... Know what you mean about pink geraniums- I have quite a lot of them here and I don't like them but the bees do, so they can stay for now, as they're serving a purpose, before I yank them out !

Tina- I just realised when looking for something else that I actually replied to a post by Bev under her new name, because GG had done so, but I completely forgot I'd done it.  I'm definitely losing the plot.  I think she should call herself The Dowager. Shall we suggest it??

Woody - assume you'll be watching the Test Match- are they going to win? Aussies are a bit poor just now aren't they?

Verd- if you're on here later, thanks for your reply last night re the Hellebores.'s sooooooooooooooo HOT. So indoors to sort stuff and check the forum.

couldn't resist buying a couple of coreopsis plants when passing a nursery today.  Had to...eem!  The owner looked like she needed a sale so couldn't disappoint her could I?  Have perfect spot for them....after removing something to agastache blue boa and in front of echinacea marmalade.  Bit corny but it look's nice ESP with agastache black adder just beyond it.  They will all flower now to the autumn


Miss Marples reporting.  FG, I liked Bev as Bev.  I have a picture of Bev. I have a sad picture of The Lone Gardener. All on her own, no friends, no-one to talk to. The Dowager reminds me of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.  That's not how I imagine Bev.

Just checked as a poster has said spell check now not working and it's not. Blooming nuisance.

No sun now but still warm.  Think grandchildren will be here in a mo but, there again they might not.  Not in the mood for kids today. Miserable whatsit.


Gardening Grandma

Progress report - patio half cleared, 3 bags of JI no 3 bought. Potting and planting to continue until it is time to visit my friend and do a bit in her garden (she's disabled and newly widowed). Then a cup of tea and a really good gas.( From, of course, the body orifice situated just under the nose...  )



Wrong time of day soz..but I think Lone Gardener sounds sad &  think Bev should be Pot Princess..maybe not ..dun't want Drug Squad around..I'll keep thinking or get my coat..

Good morning all well it's back to work for me but only till 30th July then off for 2 weeks before kids go back to school on the 14th Aug. FG never got to that nursery but will be going soon looked it up on the net really big and looks nice that will be a day out for me and the Mrs. Just going out to water the garden but it's a little bit cooler this morning than it's been lately in the mornings have a good day all.


Good morning all   A bit overcast here too Andy, but apparently it's going to brighten up for the weekend 

Heading to the office early this morning to meet Ofsted ................


Hi all, sorry not been around for a while...real life tends to get in the way of planting, pruning ... and posting. Life calmer and happier now, long may it last.

Got loads of pics to post too but techno bits are proving a bit beyond me but will get there by October.

Loads of questions too, pruning salvia hot lips, pruning phylladelphus, what to grow together...

Hi puncdoc and other sheffields n Yorkshire folk ... I'll be going to Wentworth Woodhouse plant show on Sunday

Sounds great. anyone else going?

ps- yup its a pain without spell check.

Have a good day all,