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morning all looks like i will be re-potting my money plant today

yes busy busy today. Gas guy coming out to boiler for the 4th time as it still is leaking water. MAYBE today it'll finally be fixed, well here's to hoping anyways. Trying not to let the weather get me down, with my soil if it isn't dry for a few days it's unworkable. The whole raised beds plot was supposed to be finished last year, but well, you folks know how often it rained :/

So I shall content myself with revving up my propagator and sowing my toms, cucs and courgettes. Some of my birdeye chili have decided to come up. (I got the seed from some from supermarket and experimented!) They are incredibly tiny, smaller than cress, is this normal? (Never grown them before)

Hope everyone else has a productive day.


Morning everyone  I think I'll take a visit to the garden centre (1st visit of the year) so see what in & what's not! Then sow some more seeds before I take my daughter to the dentist.

I'm contemplating should or shouldn't I re sow sweetpeas...I'm a relative novice to garening and someone suggested I sow sweetpeas in toliet roll holders but when I checked them yesterday I saw the cardboard is going mouldy and don't think it will do the plants much good. Shame really because I can just see the little plants beginning to emerge 


no, they all been different, however if you have a ferroli boiler that is less than 10 years old, I'd strongly suggest you take out the homecare policy at £11 a month, these boilers are cheap tat.

Those sweet peas should be fine, if you are worried, push the compost up from the bottom or 'unroll' the cardboard and repot as gently as you can, they'll have two choices, still no harm in trying.

Lavender Lady

Good morning everyone.  Cold here today and more snow forecast for tomorrow here in Suffolk.  Come on spring.  This is my first year with a greenhouse so at least I have somewhere to go when it is cold and snowy.

Have been holding off sowing seeds just yet cos the weather is so unpreditable to say the least and I do not have any heating in greenhouse (yet).

Have a good day


Planning to put my 3 newly acquired and painted freebie raised beds into position. Hope to sow some more seeds too, one lot of tomatoes showing no sign of life. Shall start hardening off broad beans and mange tout.

Off into Worthing town as i need to go the library and then buy some more wool. I have to do something when its too cold or wet to be outside, Taught myself to knit over the winter. Think i best go whilst the sun is out and guess what rain is forcast again. Such fun

Morning all as I look out my window in Perth I can see two inchs of snow!!!  and its still going,  so back to the gardening books and looking  at seed packets not yet planted as its  too cold ... apart from that it looks lovely

Woooohoooo!  I have some sunshine!  Still cold, although the sun does have a little power in it, just dropped biggest little one at school, it was nice walking in the sunshine for a change.

It's one of OH's late days at college, so no gardening for me yet, once it gets warmer will think about setting up the playpen outside so I can potter for a bit.  Can't WAIT for the clocks to spring forward, will have a bit of light to do an hour or so's pottering when OH gets in.

So today is normal for me, dog and little one fed & watered, fed dishwasher, will feed washing machine and then think what to feed the little monsters that will actually get eaten.  Baby is fine, she'll eat anything offered (but especially likes onanges (oranges) and 'nanas (bananas)).  Big one is VERY fussy, and what he ate yesterday will be a no-no today.  Heigh ho the joys of being a mummy paws.

Oh, and we've snow forecast for tomorrow, makes a change from the frosts we've been getting I suppose.  Still no playing outdoors for me!


Goodmorning everyonel.  I have the unenviable task of doing accounts, otherwise all the paperwork will carry on sitting on table.  Much too cold and wet to do anything else.  I should be grateful really that at least I don't have snow.


Nice bright looking morning out there, but frozen solid - so not much likelihood of doing anything gardenwise.  Lots of plans though, and hopefully at the weekend, some seed trays too. 

Brumbull you should now start a Goodnight Forkers thread your first one is brilliant Keep at it. Brian.


I am confused????

Aren't we all Forkers?  Or am I just talking Billhooks?



As I said the term was coined by people on that thread-not making a big thing of it-just saying-if people want to start a new thread there is nothing to stop them


Gee, thanks Geoff. Just needed the seal of approval.

Gardening Grandma

Forkers of the world, unite! There's room for us all! I had to forego the mulching  - torrential rain. I must say that I love the idea of the Goodnight Forkers thread, too, reporting back on the day.


Not saying there isn't just use another name-what happened to original thinking?-or why not just join in over there?

And there is March in Your Garden ,Rants,Weather-cannot really see the need for another thread duplicating what is already here .