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She could be lurking in one of the non-updating threads MrsG.

Am very disappointed that there appears to be no response to our pm's to Daniel.

Agree with you Tina, not sure if anything I write is posted or seen by anyone.

Daniel must be aware .....hiya Daniel, let us know what's going on


Unlike you dear Verd who is full of information and suggestions, I offer nothing but chat so rarely stray from those threads. However, I do go through them and read whatever I think will be of interest to me. I like doing that. At the moment, it's such a mess you don't know who's asked what or who's replied.  I can only think Daniel's on his hols, but does this mean that his pm's remain unanswered.  Not good. Unhappy


I can see you Verdun.  Daniel has posted on forum up the creek thread


Web editor.

MrsG. Found that Artjak was fed up with not receiving e-mail notifications as she relied on these to use the forum, so that's perhaps why she hasn't bothered to post.

Just received this from Daniel:

Apologies for the delayed response - I was away from my desk all day yesterday.

Are you still experiencing this problem? I've just tested, but can't replicate it. It could be that were some server issues at the time you accessed the site. Do let me know if you're still having trouble and I'll submit a support ticket.

Have chased the other issues again, so am hopeful for some tech time this week.



My reply

Hi Daniel

Has been nonfunctional since Friday.  You must have more pm's than mine!! None of the threads are updating, unless you press refresh or F5 key. They are not showing in order of sequence, ie, I have just posted on Morning Forkers but it is still showing that Potty Gardener was the last poster at 09.41.  There is a thread I started 'Forum up the Creek', no idea where it is now but if you can find and read it you will see what's wrong.  Can't believe that we are not seeing the same things.  Please keep us up to date as we feel we have been abandoned.




I've finally got my very own apprentice gardener (even if he is headless)



Looks like my photos MrsG. They are either headless, legless or look as if they are trying to get into the picture.  That's why I gave up and leave it to others.

Should be outside doing something now that the sun's disappeared. Was so hot, had to come in.


we have had  a good day at 'Sheffield by the Seaside' today, not so hot but at least dry (unless you are in the fountains of course).

Not the same heat as you've had Tina - is it you that has the original apprentice, I couldn't remember?

Cuttings Day has been delayed until tomorrow, hope its ok and the weather is kind to them, and me. Preparation done today with son's help, ready to take cuttings first thing as one of you advised.



Not me MrsG. Think you are thinking about Fairygirl and her eldest daughter. My son does help when he thinks fit. Wish I didn't have to rely on him but some things I can't do anymore.


Its mid-week !

Good luck to mini-FG when that envelope arrives today - remember it well myself - stressful experience.  We will be going through the same in a fortnight - although my daughter has to go and get the results from school, which means the whole thing gets played out in a public gallery, rather than in the privacy of your own kitchen/bedroom/downstairs loo/wherever else you choose to hide!

Plants watered (sunset caught up on me last night).  I have finally succumbed to the temptation of a iPhone - hence last night's appalling spelling and grammar.  Back on a proper keyboard this morning, so all should pass muster from any English teachers out there.


or should that be an iPhone.  Must try harder.....


Good morning all - fresh and bright here this morning (the weather that is, not necessarily the gardener ).

I love my iPhone Chicky - it took me a bit of time to get used to it - it was DIL's old one when she upgraded - now I love it - mine just reminded me I've got tomorrow off to go to the Hermitage exhibition at Houghton Hall 


I love Houghton Hall - will you go in the walled garden whilst you are there?  Also meant to ask you whether you go to East Ruston at all?  I have relatives in Kings Lynn, and have often visited both.


Morning Chicky & Dove, and all.

iPhone I'm wanting one but not taken the plunge as yet. Think it might have to be a bad weather project, it's only been since joining the forum that I've learned how to use our camera.

Dove I can also remember exam results, very worrying opening that envelope. Hope daugther gets what grades she is expecting. Your turn in a fortnight Chicky, same applies to your daughter.

My last exams were at 18 and parents were away, I nearly ran away  I didn't put in the effort so didn't get the grades I needed for Uni..parents not pleased with me. I had to get a job

Today is Autumnal, heavy dew and only 10C. Newly planted things are okay, but I did put pellets down. Fairy has guarded blue poppy that needs sorting today, along with the Agastache. Thanks Verdun for guidance on care.

Have a good day all, off to have a look at other threads.


Morning all. Daughter's results didn't arrive yesterday...talked to postman and he was going to check with his boss back at depot. If they don't appear today she'll have to go and get them in school tomorrpw when thay do the timetable changes if you don't get the grades  you need. Nothing's ever simple is it! She got some chocolate anyway to keep her spirirts up....

Cool cloudy and damp here. Some parts of Northumberland apparently only 3degrees last night!

Have a lovely day Dove.

MrsG the headless UGs are cheaper because you don't have to  feed them....

Hoping it stays dry later as I've got concreting to do.

Have a good day everyone. 



Morning all, feeling like a proper gardener this morning as I have already been in the garden. I've finally got around to taking cuttings and now keeping  fingers crossed for a year. Mini apprentice looked , complained I was using his pencil and marched back off to tv, perhaps I need some management training...

Have a good day.


Not my daughter waiting on tenterhooks KEF, thank goodness - she graduated last year.  I think it's FG's daughter we've got our fingers crossed for today.

Haven't been to East Ruston for years - must do go there again - problem is having to cram everything into weekends -next summer will be different - my time will be my oyster  or something like that.

Anyone feel like planning a trip next year to East Ruston/Mannington Hall/Bressingham or somewhere like that in East Anglia?  

Cake might be involved 

Good morning folks.

Beautiful here......oops! Looking in the mirror again.  Sunny and warm and calm

The rain has made the grass lush amd dark green and the garden is thriving....more grasses flowering now.

Enjoying brekkie whilst under pressure to take my dog to the beach

Have good day


Dove it's your world that'll be your lobster....have you got a three wheeled van and a market stall by any chance? 

Trip would be nice especially if cake's on offer. Will we have to get there early to beat Verd? 

Work beckons so off I go 


Thanks for the tip FG, but he seems to eat through his legs!

Good luck with the iPhone, I nearly always post and view on my windows phone, a bit if a pain, if iPhone works for you I may be tempted to change. Can you put photos straight from phone to forum, mine won't.

nice day here, sunny, warm, not sure about forcast.

Sounds like a lovely day out for chocky today, enjoy.

Dove, im opposite to you, my days off are tues/wed.