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Morning all

Tina hope your arm heals quickly. 

Weather Here is glorious.  Yesterday was boiling from early morning to dusk.  Put out my underpants on the line....they set off my agapanthus and grasses perfectly.  Just one of those ideas that comes to one in moments of inspiration!

Forecasting another heatwave next week.......


Just a quick hi all, going to try n get a post in about passiflora before work. Seen some in also but not sure if  an manage over winter n may be waste of money. £4.99.

Have a good day all, pretty warm here.


Morning all.

Crickey a lot went off yesterday on here. Congrats' to little fairy, sympathies to Tina..what are you like ? hope it's not too bad today. Kevlar arm shields needed, Mum has some, lightweigh but protect her arms well. Or full body armour.  Stacey, poorly chicken..when I first read it I thought it said children and was wondering what that ailment was, but now understand.

Chicky my outdoor toms are ripening better than the ones in the GH, but am picking both.

Woken this morning at 6.18am  by a magpie squawking, it was on the windowsill sticking it's head in the tilt & turn window..not nice. H shouldn't have cleaned the windows I think it was admiring itself.

What to do today ? or where to start? Weeding, shed painting, beans to pick and freeze. Bet the shed gets left yet again.

Have a good day all.  No comment about underpants.


Off to London today - or would be if i wasn't sat on a station platform staring at a board  saying "train cancelled".  Shame it isn't Gardengirl's station, as then i could go and admire her planting!

toms are in GH - but not a very sunny one - project to move it this winter


As long as greenhouse is warm the toms will ripen, they don't need lots of direct sun - could do more harm than good - you'll have to do the greenhouse shading thing 

Some varieties take longer to ripen than others - mine are heirloom varieties with different ripening times - anyway, we like green tomato chutney 



tomatos' are getting frustrating here also some are getting to a shade of yellow so maybe I will have some soon. I have loads of Tomato plants so I am boycotting the supermarket ones. I really want to eat my own.


Morning all. Much cooler today, may get some gardening done. OH is off to England today to see his family. I'm staying here with dog and horses.

GH tomatoes been cropping for about 4 weeks, but usually I start picking in June from a couple of early plants, not this year - too cold and wet. Outdoor ones only starting from the last week. Some got damaged in recent hailstorm.

Stacey Docherty

Wooohoooo to heat wave verdun but not sure about the pants complimenting your agapanthus...... Lmao Or should that be the variety agapantus giganticus? ( sorry,,)


Morning all.

Thanks for your good wishes re my arm.  It sounds so pathetic I know but I still have scars from when I did the same thing much earlier in the year. Must get things in perspective.

Kef, did look into those gloves earlier this year and then forgot all about them.  Going to google them in a minute.

Just phoned local woodyard as thought I could buy some wood and make my own trellis, but very helpful assistant said he thought what they had would be too thick. So back to the drawing board.  Your suggestion to get 2 pieces FG had occurred to me but they cost £19 each, big one £21!! Don't understand that. I will think of something. Can't justify £20 delivery.

I hear we are in for another heatwave soon, so I best get on with my shifting plants before I'm back to sitting on sofa all day.


Any spare old underpants to be parcelled up and sent to Tea drinker.

Bakwewell Show day 2 and the sun is still shining. It must be a record.

Gardening Grandma

Morning everyone.

Haven't been reading the forum for a day or so and did not know about your arm, TT. Hope it is better today.

Wedding today. No, not mine!  

Have a good day, everyone.


TT can you not put a roofrack on your car and tie the trellis on that?


Don't drive Sue and no roof rack for either of sons' cars. Good idea though. Have decided we are going to make our own. 6ft lengths of wood will be OK in a hatchback - I think! Best get the measure.

I'll have you know my pants on the line are impressively small Stacey

Busiest,morning yet at the foodbank.  Amd we have just.opened a warehouse to supply all the local Foodbanks. Demand is increasimg alarmingly

Beautiful day here...stunning.  Might just venture down for a swim

Stacey Docherty

Sooo jealous verdun..... I have sneaked into the house for 5 mins peace from the marauding toddlers..... One tried to pull my pumpkin off they got a stern no! Don't care about the pen on the carpet! Phoaaar it's warm can't match a nice swim but I may be indulging in a little paddling pool action later lmao..... 



Verd- I was just going to take Stacey to task about' pants size' but you beat me to it - I'm sure yours are all very modest...

I'm assuming they were clean though......

Tina- was going to suggest that if the area you want  to put trellis on will be disguised most of the time with plants, you could have done a couple of battens and some wire or mesh attached. Not so attractive if it's a bit you see all the time or if it's not evergreen planting, but it would be cheaper and simpler.


Just saw your post there stacey- agapantus- very good!

He may have colour co- ordinated them...we'll find out later 

Hope GG behaves herself at that wedding- you know what these 27 yr olds are like when they get going!

Think I may have to cut my grass- it's looking very long and lush.


The trouble with the food bank is its free. Like the NHS it will expand for evermore, because there will always be a queue for freebies.  Like the 80 year old who picked up a pack from the bin aimed at 20 year olds. Free chlamydia test. I'll have one of these she said. When I gently asked if she thought it would be necessary, on the basis you don't see that many 80 yr olds with STD's, she said ' but its free so I'll have one'

 Ote for Note and there's a big queue.

I had a cousin helping the rough sleepers in Nottingham. He spent five years distributing blankets and food. He  gave up at the finish, because 5 years down the line, he was still giving handouts to the same people, who were spending  any money they got on  alcohol and drugs. He wasn't helping them, he was enabling them to live their alternative lifestyle.


fidget- that's exactly the problem. Enabling when you think you're helping. It's such a shame. The food banks will get their share of scroungers just like every other 'charity'. They're taking from the mouths of people who genuinely need it as Verd witnessed  the other day. 


There are always going to be those that work the system. It's trying to wheedle them out that's the problem.  I'm sure we all know people that think it's clever to get things they're not entitled to but they do so 'because they can'. Never 'shopped' anyone myself, but know people who have tried it, to no avail. 

Verdun, how do people have to prove they are worthy of the handouts. I don't mean this in a nasty way.  I am genuinely interested. 

I'm still waiting to get on my local school's OAP list for goodies at Harvest Festival!!  Joke.

I'll have you know my pants on the line are impressively small.  

Well Verdun, you can't win 'em all.