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Morning forkers

Dull,misty but warm.

Not too,sure about cake right now but porridge and the last of my blueberries went down nicely

Helping a friend with her garden today but hope to get grass cut and dead heading to prolong flowering 

...does anyone else find these STIHL ads a nuisance?  Difficult to finish my post then......


Morning, quick as at work in 1 min and counting

What's sthil?

Hope todqys good panda

Keep meaning to look at gardengirls photos esp colours but so far only seen onphone

Stacey Docherty

Morning all.... Busy busy here forgot to make scones last night so 8.40 and cheese scones out the oven...


Although lo has declared she doesn't want to go...... Can't eat any as it's a 500cal day!!! So will try to get more bulbs planted 



Stacey Docherty

Oh and have to cut Black Russian toms down as they have blight!!!!! They have been such a disappointment we had about 20 of the beauties I reckon I have binned about 70!!!! Ber really hit them hard.... Won't be growing them next year mmmm what to grow next year any recommendations?


ad blocker deals with the stihl ad, and all the other, very nicely.

Good morning all.


You must have strong willpower ,Stacey, to resist those.


It doesn't work on the kindle. My operating system is not supported.

Thanks all. So far so good

Stacey, they look delish!
Nut, do you know if the ad blocking works on ipads?
Stacey Docherty

They smelt delish as well... Lo had one for snack time and wanted another and got texts from people at toddlers saying yummy more next week!!! I cook every Monday for the group to bring in extra money and next to gardening baking is my other obsession.... I will cook a cake over and over until I get it right ( Boston cream pie !!! Did 6 till I got it perfect!

will take a look at that link thank you v much

those buns of Stacey's...........they look deeeeeeeeelishush.  What is it with women?  My niece regularly sends pics of food she's cooked, buns she's made, etc.  what's the point of pictures?  Buns are for eating not photographing.

Gomna make Cornish ice cream topped with  Cornish cream soon.  It's difficult ...loads of skill required.


Dont forget the flake, Verdun.



Hate to say it folks but the 'latest posts' button isn't working again! If you press 'hot threads' it brings them up though 



Instant update - it's not doing that now either...!! 

I'm,not...I'm fine.