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Lemon drizzle then, and the ginger cake   Darjeeling for me please, very weak, just a dash of skimmed milk (I know, I'm fussy about tea ) - it's not raining here but it probably will be by the time he's cycling home - remember that song Why does it always rain on me?  He says it was written for him 


Am getting very hungry with all this cake talk. Its a great shame my profession has not recognised the true healing powers of cake.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Sorry some aren't feeling well. Get better soon.

All this talk of cake is making me feel hungry. Can't wait 'til 4.30. will have to make something. Rock buns maybe.

Pottie Pam

My chicken has been sitting on duck eggs for nearly four weeks and yesterday and overnight all six eggs hatched. She is so proud. My daughter said she's thinking ' I can't remember that night, I must have been p****d'.


 Aw, it makes your heart glad doesn't it?  Can't remember, have you got a pond?  If so you're going to have a very anxious step-mum 


Punkdoc - rockbuns for lunch would be good 


star gaze lily

Could he attach an umbrella to the handlebar s with a clamp like a golfers  one, would hate him to get man flu after being so kind getting cakes! Still pouring here and the wind is picking up. 

    Mmmmm  rock buns haven't had one of those for ages  


He has to come past the golf course on the way home, maybe he could dodge from umbrella to umbrella 

Still dry and warm, but overcast here now.  OH hung washing out before he went to work - hopefully it'll stay dry.

star gaze lily

Perhaps he could borrow a golf buggy instead!  Would be quicker,  a place to put purchases and undercover too!


You've taken that too far lily....

Still damp here - and no cake on offer 

I've had to resort to doing some h****work.

star gaze lily

Yes I should start doing that too, but its lunchtime so perhaps I'll eat first. Do the hovering etc and then it will  time for tea and cake!!  



Been swimming and OH drove me to a garden which has the National Collection of Michaelmas Daisies - too some photos which I will post later.

So lovely to see so much colour, they also have a lot of Acers and some perennials to break it up. Obviously a couple of plants asked me to take them home  There were a couple more I would like so may return in a  week or 2. The one, I placed pot where I had planned and it made an amazing difference - planting on Sunday.


Cake would go down well here as well. Particularly fond of fruit cake 

star gaze lily

THE SUNS COME OUT!!!!!  Done some housework had a spot of lunch, just going to risk it and put washing out. Do a bit more of my chores and then it should be time for tea and cake! Tho I haven't any cake so I hope doves man can find his way here, otherwise its just biscuits


We used one of these once before to distribute cake across the Board 

where's that map we had showing where everyone is?  Someone will have to move Alan4711 'cos he's over this side of the UK now .... 


star gaze lily

Ha ha, you could get a pie in your face! Or should I say cake?

Stacey Docherty

Aaagghhhh pottie pam congrats..... Love the cake distribution system lol.... Fairy girl I will bake you a bday cake 


star gaze lily

Tea time! I'll put the kettle on. Still sunny what a lovely afternoon its turned out to be


I'm afraid OH only brought the Ginger cake (with added crystallised ginger) - I can vouch for it's deliciousness, a second slice is being eaten

So stand back and hold your hands out, seige machine has been loaded and cake is being fired in your direction .... 

star gaze lily

Thanks just about caught it! Yum yum many thinks


Have made fruit cake and lemon drizzle cake and a loaf of brown bread with seeds in it. Going to adorable granddaughter's Baptism this weekend, 4 hours drive, South East of Orleans. All my 4 children & spouses and 6 grandchildren will be there and DIL's family.

Had email notifucations this morning, except for "Morning Forkers", then it didn't say last unread post.