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Mrs garden.,  looks great 

How about putting carex testacea among your Heucheras?  It's lovely olive colour, evergreen and contrast with those plants? Grasses/sedges look great with solar lights!   I know not everyone likes grasses tho! 

good evening one and all ..last night of work for 4 days then straight down the allotment for some burning and clearing ....happy days


Hi Danny, burning and clearing - knew I'd forgotten to do something - that and weeding! Off to the evening thread now.


Good day

Bit late I know for this thread - sorry

Had alovely day yesterday where we used to live meeting old friends and catching up on all the Goss - also lovely food a raspberry and hazelnut roulade to die for

Spent today mostly sieving compost - never done it before - what a time consuming boring job. Am now considering one of those sieves with a handle to speed it up.

Have planted plants, planted bulbs - packet of mixed white daffs from Morrisons for £2, will get some more as really good sized bulbs.

Planted up a container for the front - new departure for me - used daffs Rip Van Winkle (they look fun), Mixed iris reticulate (never ever grown before) and topped the pot with dark blue violas (again new as I grew them from seed)

Planted a glorious Aster - Marie Ballard just in front of lilac- just one plant and it haslifted the whole of that area, well pleased

Cooking dinner now . gammon with chutney sauce, own runner beans and potatoes followed by cup cake brought home from the do yesterday.


See you 


Forgot to say - last night was the first ininterrupted night for quite a while - hopefully it means dog is sorted as well


star gaze lily

You've had a busy day! Roulade sounds yummy.So nice to catch up with friends.  So glad to hear about the dog


Good morning all - glad you posted late - meant I could find this thread without scrolling back too far 

Kitchen Spam has been reported 

Still a bit snotty and coughy but I shall have to go back to work today, I've got Thursday and Friday booked as leave, and if I don't go in to the office soon I won't be there long enough to clear my desk 

The potty gardener

Dove have a good day and hope you soon feel 100%.

Have a good day all

star gaze lily

Morning all, off to work yuk! Sounds like count down time for you dove, what a lovely thought staying at home. Glad you feel better and a short week for you too.  Bit misty this morning. Oh well better start getting ready or I'll be late!! See you later

I saw that kitchen ad, thought I was seeing things as then disappeared! 


Morning all. Wet here as forecast so will do other things if I can't get outside later. Can always get some bulbs into pots if I turn the kitchen back into a potting shed.

Hope work is ok today Dove. The kitchen spammers don't give up do they? It's been quite good recently too!

Work for me too 


Morning all,

So foggy I cannot see the end of the garden   ,but sunshine promised later   

How many days left Dove?....its a wonderful feeling when you leave for the last time,My ten year anniversay of leaving was at the end of September,never regretted it.Looking back I don,t know how I ever found the time to go to work 

Did loads of clearing up in the garden yesterday,pulled up the runner beans and sweet peas,the french beans which look a bit tatty are still cropping so may last another couple of weeks.Cleared all the remaining tomatoes and peppers out of the greenhouse ready for overwintering plants.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Good moaning everyone, fog here but plan to have a go at the green/alpine house today. New plan to dedicate more to alpines in future as I get a bit better at growing them. Have loads of new miniature bulbs to plant, and my "new" antique pots to put them in, so am keen to get going. Needs a good cleanup to start with, so will be doing that today.


Hi Woody - the pots sound lovely. You'll need to give us some photos of the alpines once you get them all going.It would be lovely to see them.  Little gems aren't they - especially in the dark wintery days when you're desperate for spring to come. I'm going to keep a group near the gate and also at the door so that I see them every time I go out.

Off to work now. Bye everyone.


Morning anyone? Very quiet this morning. Need more retirees.  Like you Gilly, on my last day, having worried about the financial side of things, I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I walked out of work for the last time.  Been wonderful to have all day doing just what I want and as for the money bit, I get by. Especially good on those cold, wet, windy mornings!

Woody, I would love to see pics of your alpines as I have never had much luck in keeping them alive or even faring well.

Have to pop down the road to the little Tescos today to pick up two pressies for Granddaughter's 11th birthday tomorrow.  Might pop in to see baby granddaughter if they are there.  If not, will carry on clearing up outside, weather permitting.  Sunshine at moment so hopefully it continues.

Must get moving.



Afternoon all. Dont you just love a bargain? Went up to the garden centre to buy some large plastic pots that I use to overwinter cannas in and what should I see but all the past their best dahlias for sale £1 each. Well you have to dont you?

Busy day yesterday. Started dividing some perennials and making spaces for next years ideas and the plants that arrived from Crocus last week.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and Tina you are right retirement is great even if you dont have as much money as you did.


Good day

Retiree here 

Lovely warm sunny day.

Been busy tryinng to cold weather proof things. Have to clean and sort GH but can't until the garden waste bin has been emptied - should have been done by now but I think bin men have their own rules.

Just planted up a hanging basket with violas and some tete a tete bulbs - not sure if it will work but the fences always look so bald in winter.

WW that Picton Garden is beginning to specialise in alpines as well and had a GH full of them for sale


The old gatehouse next door is being renovated. The workmen are burning  lots, but the stink is awful. So no outside work today. I'm making chutney instead with plums, apples, amd onions.  I think its going to be pretty sweet/sour so I added a bit of chilli to give it a kick.  Its just got to boil down now, I've done all the chopping/weighing. Jars are sterilising.

star gaze lily


Moning to all! Yes I know its very early, I have been to bed but just can't sleep for some reason. But at least when you all get up at a reasonable hour you won't have far to look for this thread!!  


Good morning all   Thanks Stargaze lily - that's certainly made life easier this morning   Hope you got some sleep eventually!  Or put the time to good use - rubbish tv and ironing ???