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Stacey Docherty

Morning all star I thought I would be first this morning but lost connection so couldnt post!!!! I miss my garden I could hardly get my head off the bed what with lurgy and lack of sleep.... Been at work since 5 another fun day at the office!!!! Laters people enjoy your gardens today 


I was woken by a dawn raid-------those dustbin men make a hell of a racket with the wheelybins.    Suppose  I better get up then. 


Morning all- especially those who've had lousy sleeps- I had a good one for a change!

Damp here so glad I got a few things done yesterday. I believe it's to get very cold in the next few days, snow to come up here on hills on Wednesday night. Will have to cut last of the sweet peas I think. 

Work for me. Hope all who have lurgies/snotty noses and all, are feeling a bit more perky today  


 Radio 4 just said we'll need to get our coats out tonight!!!  What a shame, I was hoping summer would last well into November   

Take care folks!  see you later 

star gaze lily

Morning again! Yes dove went back to bed just after 5 after watching rubbish tv. Got a few hours sleep, just glad i'm at home today. Where do you liv fairy for to perhaps get snow weds eve?  Think i'll have my brekkie and a cuppa. See you later


Morning all!  Just about to leave for work but have taken propogator out the summerhouse and put it in cold frame to get some more light.  Promises to be sunny with highs of 19° so should be ok.  Will put back in summerhouse tonight to keep warmer.  Only droped to 14° in there last night.  

If you are lucky enought to be in gardens, have a great day.  I am off to shuffle bits of paper, such fun!!!

H,mm.  Don't like the sound of northerly winds.  Not ready for summer to end 

Its looking and feeling good,out there right now so I think the weather guys have got it wrong. Think heatwave .....relatively...will continue until December.  

Good morning folks.  

(this STiHL ad is so annoying.  It pops up across my messages to post.  Come on gardeners world tech guys get this sorted) 

All my "tender" plants have their cuttings/divisions etc all growing away now.  Maybe come the spring we can all compare what plants we might have to swap.?

Busy morn....lots ro sort....and foodbank later.  

Keep healthy everyone

(oh, would,like to know what plants you received from crocus punkdoc.  And woody, which alpines did you get ?  Will they go,in a special house ?)






David, that's almost as worrying as the amount of time spent in front of a TV


Morning all.

Crikey, some people must spend a lot more than that on line to allow for the ones that spend less, then there is sleep, and meals.

My new long handled bulb planter arrived this morning. Hope it works, got a blister last week.

When the farrier arrived at 9am (French time) it was only 3°. It poured end of last week. Sunny but only up to 16° at it's hottest yesterday. Cloudy now. Think we better move to Norfolk.

star gaze lily

Morning Verdun,  glad its not just me, that STiHL is getting on my nerves too, takes ages to do a thread. When you click on the clear x it comes on not goes away!!!! Maybe i'll go on the something up with the forum.  Must clear the veg patch today and pot the chillies and try to keep them over winter. My first year of trying these. See you later


Morning all.  Had alarm set for 8 as it is granddaughter's birthday and I always phone and sing HB to her - and everyone else.  I bet they sit rolling their eyes and grimacing.

Don't like the sound of that weather forecast.  Best make the most of today then.  Birthday party later with cakes and all that jazz.

Think I must spend more time than that David but am I bovered?  No. More interested in who funded the statistic gatherers.

Nut, I am a couch potato for about 6 months of the year and don't find it worrying at all. Feel I deserve to do what I like and not feel guilty about not doing anything.  It''s 'being good to yourself'. 


\Verdun and Lily, meant to add that I'm not getting that ad, fortunately.

star gaze lily

Lucky you TT, its driving me nuts, just can't get rid of it. Have a lovely time with your granddaughter,  don't forget your goodie bag! 


Oh, yes.  Forgot about that!  Wonder what I will get?

I'm not technically minded Lily but is it anything to do with what you are using?  I am on a laptop.  Where's Blackest when you need him?  He's the whizz kid.

star gaze lily

I've got a Samsung tablet, not sure whats wrong but Verdun has mentioned it and also Petere17 on  whats wrong on forum. 



Hi all, just a quick catch up,

Decision made - bulb planter better arrive prompt on my b-day (that's birthday NOT bottom washer!)

monarda runners 'arranged' and covered with an inch of soil.

lavender finally cut back, but left the remaining flowers on, weel you just cant can you!

pack of aquilegea seeds (free in Garden Answers) to go back of newly done bit.

Dove, hope you treasure your Daniel Deronda and it reminds you how special YOU are.

Ggirl, love the Dome on Tv but no idea what is going on, drive OH mad as I keep asking and he doesnt know either.

Off work today, beef slow cooker on, mum for tea.

Step son's 16th birthday on present as yet, he's not allowed the new phone he wants as still in 18month contract he promised his dad he'd keep to! Not allowed computer etc games as spending too long on them and being quite defiant when asked to do something else....shot ourselves in the foot there then !         What else could a 'wanna be adult' want ?? No seriously, anyone got any ideas??

star gaze lily

Could be a bit painful if that was used as a bottom washer!! 

Re other b'day pressie, do you know what clothes he likes, maybe a gift voucher? Or would cd be a no no too. Does he have any hobbies sports wise, maybe golf etc My two sons are into sports especially golf so  gloves, balls, golf bag or shoes are always welcome. Or if footie perhaps football boots or trainers. Does he read and likes a particular author?  Hope this helps. Best of luck

star gaze lily

Fingers crossed Verdun but I think the STiHL gremlin has gone