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It's still bone dry underfoot FG, but I think not for much longer 

Have a good day folks - see you later 


Morning all. 

Not looking forward to the rain  Reminding myself that it's good for the garden  but wish it wouldn't do it at weekends though as that is my gardening time, and I need to continue The Great Bulb Plant!

Stacey, I hope you feel better soon 

Dove, that's the kind of thing I've done to skoot them out of the garden! My nemesis is a big ginger cat! Have gone out dressed in all sorts to get him gone!

Just dropped step son at school, other side of city to us. On the way the sky changed over every hill. Night grey, brighter grey, yellow tinges, grey and blue, bit more blue, blue with pink clouds (lovely) and then so sunny a search for sunglasses needed! Yep that's all 7 of our hills accounted for. Lovely morning. Stopped of at GC then off for eye test.
star gaze lily

Morning all, got up late today, but no work so thats ok. This is the 6th go of trying to send a message!! The ad for STIHL is back!!!! Lol dove great image of you in your pjs. Tidying garage today and putting away table chairs etc. Sun shining looks like a lovely day again. Hope all you poorly people get better soon. Time for brekkie and a cuppa then will make a start on garage please sort the STIHL out please still having trouble sending this one!!!! See you all later 


I'm going to try and get the rest of the bulbs in today before winter sets in tomorrow.

OH filling the wood shed this week, then we'll be ready 



SGL, 8.56 is not late! I was very late this morning and need to get myself motivated as I want to get grass cut.  Sun was shining but it's clouding up now. 

SGL, have you mentioned your problem to Daniel Haynes?  I don't have any problems with ads, as mentioned a couple of days ago, so he may be able to steer you in the right direction.  I know several posters have tried to assist so don't want to upset anyone being as I'm a know-nothing where techie problems are concerned.

Daughter just phoned to say she has decided on a suitable school for granddaughter, if she can get in.  Still awaiting results off 11+ which are due out tomorrow.  She has been to view so many schools.  Such a difference from when mine were moving on.  If you passed your 11+ you went to the local Grammar or Technical school and, if not, nearest Secondary.  Simples peeps. 

Well, this won't get the grass cut. Best be off.


Good day All

Such a busy day yesterday - did I post any where - can't remember

Cleaned GH and me in process, cab't believe how much clearer it is but didn't seem unclear to start with. 

Took dog to vets as well - much improved but will have to be on meds indefinately. He has a bad back - don't we all!

Then today he fell trying to get in back of car so OH thinks we need some sort of ramp for him

Think I have managed to put all lants into GH that need witer tlc - I think that includes Foxglove 'Illumnation'

Should I do it to some young lavender?

back later nice to chat but have given up on catching up 

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YesTT have put a note on 'something up with the forum' so I'm sure it will get sorted. Just having lunch after spending the morning trying to find the end of the garage! Why do we keep so much crap? A trip to the tip (wella few probably! ) then a bit more sorting!! See you later---- it looks like rain soon best get on!!

Yes Matty,,I would put your young lavender plants in the GH

My thoughts too about illumination foxgloves.   It's mild here but I'm so tempted to pot them, or couple of them anyway. It's  the wet for me down here that may damage them


Cold and wet here in Sheffield. No gardening for me today as I have been working! Strange feeling not working for money but just because you believe in what the organisation does. Very empowering although, how long I can continue without earning Im not sure.

Hope everyone has had a good day. Mrs G what GCs do you use in Sheffield?


punkdoc, it's been good weather in my sheffield pocket todat, apart from 1.30 for about an hour of pretty torrential (ok just heavy) rain.

I mainly go to Wentworth GC, also one near work in Wakefield and near step's ferndale (not over keen) and new leaf. Also one in  walking distance but very small, hugely convenient. What about you?


Got 3x eremurus bulbs but in unknown colours, still in car but something hybrid. A bit risky for me because I like orange but dont like yellow and chances are they will be yellow!

Found a spot for coldframe, layered bottom with polystyrene sheets (is that the right word even if spelt wrong), then put a few bits in.

3 bin liners of fallen apples in black bin (sorry, naughty but...)

Later guys



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Phew!!!! We have worked hard, cleared the garage of all the crap--- mostly empty cardboard boxes and other rubbish! Why do keep so much rubbish? Still after several trips to the tip we now have a garage again. Wonder how long it will take to fill it up again? Lol!


You could compost those apples - drunken worms (hic)- I do myNDN

Feeling low, been to vet again, Oscar had a fall this mornng and is a great deal of pain. He has been given a strong pain killer and have to see how he is tomorrow. they didn't want to keep him there as he is so distressed by vets. Lying here by me now - another sleepless night 

Oh Matty, I do compost apples! Must be 4 times as many in compost heap (as bin fell over, long story). Just can't keep up. Fallen ones now fall on slate and paving so no use to try and salvage. I don't do cooking, so forget about them on the tree but 3x aged parents come and take them, then return them transdformed into pies and crumbles. But just too many to keep up with. My plan would be a bad trim where they don't fruit (harsh?), next plan cut em down n plant pretty trees, acers... Ah I can but dream.

Hi Mrs G. I do use New Leaf and also one in Stannington. Nowadays though I like to buy most stuff online. Get a much better choice and often much cheaper.


Yeah, I've not quite got into online gardening yet, find I need a list rather than bit by bit as I see seems expensive too, albeit better value. Often in stannington but forget about GC , is it the one up the hill where you used to be able to dig up your own Xmas tree? If you recommend ill start going there.
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Sorry to hear about your dog Matty2 hope he gets well soon.


Thanks, he is asleep now, another restless night I think

Thoughts with you Matty

Agree with punkdoc.  ESP in the dormant sason, buying online is excellent value.  Smaller pots is ok now.  Avoid bare root plants though.   Usually they are rubbish, small or destined to flower a full season or even two later.  Plants in 1 litre pots will make 3 litre size by mid spring.  Those in 9 cm will make surprising growth next spring.  However, my local GC has a good range of herbaceous perennials in 9 cm pots ....lupins, delphiniums, malvas, etc. etc. ....that quickly make large plants for the garden next summer